Tips & Tricks for College Commuting

Being a commuter student can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning. We share our best tips for commuters.
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Have you ever been late to class? I know I have, especially since I commute. When most people talk about college life, commuter students are often overlooked. Of course, it does depend on your campus - some have more commuters than others. But many students that regularly live on campus even commute from time to time. If you commute, you know that it can often be difficult. From unexpected traffic to that one extra hit of the snooze button, so many things can make you late for class!

Whether you travel by bus, car, bike, or some other way, use these tips and tricks to make your commute easier.

Plan Ahead

  • We all know that picking an outfit can take forever. If you lay out your clothes the night before, you don't have to worry about figuring things out in a rush. Be sure to check the weather, too!
  • You're likely to forget planning ahead from time to time, in which case, creating a backup outfit is extremely beneficial. Have at least two go-to ensembles in mind for those busy mornings.
  • Forgot a backup outfit? Create a fast and easy outfit using our tips.
  • Get your books and other things ready in your bag the night before to prevent that last-minute panic when you're in a time crunch.
  • Always keep your supplies and books in the same places in order to prevent confusion.
  • You can even put your bag and keys together by the door.

Wake Up on Time

  • Learn how to time your sleep! Generally, sleep cycles are about 90 minutes long, and include stages of lighter and deeper sleep. Using a tool like bedtime calculator can help you figure out the best time to hit the sheets to wake up refreshed, not groggy.
  • If you're a deep sleeper like me, it takes a lot to wake you up. If so, it's extremely helpful to set multiple alarms.
  • If you still have problems getting out of bed, consider buying an alarm that would force you out of bed, like the Clocky.
  • Make your alarm the most annoying sound ever. You'll want to turn it off then! This especially works if your alarm clock is across the room, which would force you to get up and turn it off.

Quickly Get Ready

  • Consider showering at night to prevent rush in the morning.
  • If you wake up and your hair looks dirty, spray on some dry shampoo!
  • If you're getting short on time and can't spend a ton of time on your makeup, use a quick, multi-use product such as Benetint or Stainiac along with a tinted moisturizer and mascara.
  • Don't have much time to style your hair? Try these easy and fast hairstyles. (Also, try searching Pinterest for "easy hairstyle" - tons of good ones there!)

Beat Traffic

  • Check your local traffic before leaving to make sure which roads to avoid. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam before a test.
  • If you have a smartphone, use an app such as Waze to aid you in finding the quickest and best route.
  • Make sure you also consider the weather. Even rain can interfere with your commute time!

Remember: Safe driving is more important than being on time. Avoid phone calls, texting, and studying while on the road.

What are your thoughts?

Are you a commuter? Have you ever had to commute, even for a day? What's your opinion on commuting? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? I'd love to know!

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