It’s the Fifth Week of the Year, So Here’s Your Reminder to Re-Focus on 5 Healthy Habits

Out with the bad and in with the good! If you’ve slacked on your resolutions already, here are some simple habits to focus on for a better year.

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It’s officially the new year and so far the name of the game has been filling your life with things that spark joy (per Marie Kondo’s expertise) and saying thank you, next to the things that don’t.

Aka: self-love > any and all things that intend to bring you down.

The most important part of self-love is by far self-care. Putting the proper care into your body will not only make you feel good but enhance your overall well-being!

You guys know I don’t make traditional resolutions (I just give myself a goal list for the year), but if you have made resolutions, right now is about the time when you’ve probably kicked them to the curb. So… what next? If you’re in need of motivation or just a reminder to be good to yourself, I’m here to help you out.

Say thank you, next to your bad habits and implement these simple new ones that will make you feel good all year long:

1. Drinking More Water

I’m sure this is something that you have heard over and over again, but water really is the end-all be-all here!

Besides being good for your skin and helping you to stay alert, drinking water also helps curb overeating by answering the age old question: am I really hungry or am I just thirsty? (Our bodies can often misinterpret thirst as hunger.)

So, next time you see a thirsty gal just get her a nice tall glass of water (and get one for yourself too because water is good!).

2. An Effective Skincare Routine

Don’t you just feel good when you’re looking good??

I know I do — so invest in your skin. You’ll wear it forever and its not something you can easily hide!

After years of trying what works for me and establishing new skin care habits, I have broken my skincare routine into these key points:

  • Double cleansing your face at night will help get off the layers of gunk you have obtained throughout the day while also going deeper to actually deep clean.
  • All natural astringents – like witch hazel – are great toners and actually help with breakouts!
  • Moisturizing day and night will help your face feel dewy and clean. SPF moisturizer during the day, non-SPF at night.
  • Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is good for removing dead skin and hard to reach blackheads.
  • Don’t forget to treat your skin too! I love to do a face mask each week, and pairing it with a good wine is always a win!

For more on this, see our post on creating the perfect skincare routine for you, plus our posts on oily skin products, dry skin products, and combination skin products. Be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you!

3. Decreasing Your Screen Time

In the age of the millennial, I think we can all agree that getting off of social media and being more present in life is a good thing.

Looking at a computer or a phone screen for long periods of time, especially before bed, has negative effects on your brain, eyesight, and quality of sleep.

Looking at a screen at night will make you feel more alert while you are trying to wind down and drowsier when you’re trying to wake up. Expert advice (aka something my mom saw on the Today Show) recommends putting your phone away 30 minutes before going to sleep and 30 minutes after waking up.

My main point: put your phone away and invest in an alarm clock.

4. Waking up Your Body

Especially on the chillier mornings, getting your body warmed up and woken up for the day is important!

I like to ~try~ and wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal to quickly stretch my body and just breathe. This quiet time in the morning is a great way to get myself moving and reflect on my intentions for the day.

Start your day right, breathe in positive energy and breathe out your stresses!

5. Adhering to a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Besides turning you into a crabby b*tch and making the simplest of tasks even harder to concentrate on, lack of sleep can also hurt your immune system and make you crave junk food.

Going to bed earlier, getting 7-9 hours, and waking up a little earlier will help your body feel refreshed without the sluggishness of feeling over or under slept.

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

What healthy habits do you adhere to? Which would you add to this list? Have you found any to be especially beneficial?

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