The CF Guide to Writing a College Blog

Writing can be hard. This makes it easier.

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Blogs are essential for anyone who wants to share their daily thoughts or passions with the world. Much like keeping a journal, a blog provides a place for you to hone your writing skills and develop your thoughts. Plus, it has the added bonus of letting you connect with others.

For some people, it’s a fashion blog where they spill all of their opinions on the latest trends or post their gorgeous outfits. For others, it’s sharing their thoughts on their campus’s local events.  

Whatever the topic, your college blog has the potential to be amazing!

But writing blog posts that people will read can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re starting up your own website.

Where Do I Start?

If you want tips on starting a personal style blog, CF has a post to help.

If you’re stuck on what to blog about, don’t worry. You’re not alone — read on for some blog topic ideas.  

Even further, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your blog going and make it awesome, even with a full schedule. Those are down below as well.

Blog Topic Ideas: College Life

Ideas: how you like campus, the best places there are in your college town to eat or hang out, tips you have for upcoming freshmen or soon-to-graduate seniors, or the stresses that college puts on you.

Why write about your life at university?

You’ll get to know yourself better. Writing about your daily life will make you aware of what you really care about, and focusing on what you have to share will make it clear how valuable you and your experiences are!

There’s always going to be someone who needs advice or wants to know what college is like. You can be the person to provide it for them.

Blog Topic Ideas: Fashion

Ideas: outfits of the day, opinion pieces on current trends, pictures of your shopping hauls, how you shop, tips for beginners

If you’re scrolling through College Fashion, there’s a good chance that fashion matters to you. Maybe you’re drawn to the way that fashion can be used to express your personality or to send a message. 

Maybe you just love the way that certain clothes look.

Whatever it is, share your voice! 

For more information on writing a fashion blog in college, check out College Fashion’s interview with student fashion blogger Emma Walker.

Blog Topic Ideas: Career

Ideas: Reflections on class projects, volunteer opportunities, and work experiences.

You’re in college, which means that you’re finally attending classes on things that you’re interested in and picking up internships that are building up your resume!

Use your blog to talk about these experiences! Your blog can act as a work portfolio, and it doesn’t hurt that all of your experiences will pop up when your future employers search your name. (Just keep your blog professional if you want to go this route!)

Think of it as a LinkedIn account, except you have a lot more freedom to talk about what you’ve done.

“But Writing Seems Impossible When I’m Already Juggling College And A Social Life!”

Blogging consistently isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when it gets late in the semester and you have three finals and two huge projects all due at once.  

Finding the time to write when you’re already so busy can be hard, but we have tips to help you with that!

1. Plan out Articles in Advance

If you have your blog posts thought out, it takes a huge load off of your shoulders when it actually comes time for you to  sit down and write.  

This also gives you time to think about what you want to say, and how you plan to say it. 

You could try creating a content calendar to do this. For advice on making pretty calendars, click here.

2. Share Your Rants

We don’t mean rants aimed at your boss or parents. In fact, we strongly encourage your not to post those rants online where they might see it (yikes!).

We mean the rants you have in your head or that you share with your friends over the things you’re passionate about. The excited conversation over what you love or hate — and if you’re that emotional over it, it’s probably what you should be blogging about.

Ranting is easy! Get your thoughts out through the keyboard. Tell the world why they should care about whatever it is, just like you would tell your friends.

3. Think About Why You’re Writing

Are you writing to get something off your chest? To educate the world about something? To know yourself better?  

Think about it, and write that down. This is your purpose for blogging.

There’s something that made you start this blog, and that something is going to be the reason why you don’t quit it. Look at your reason when you want to give up, and keep going!

End Note

It’s your blog. Maybe you don’t want to write about our suggestions, and that’s okay!  

Whether it’s a broad topic like fashion or super niche like electro-medieval-punk, you should write about whatever you’re passionate about.

You do you! Experiment with what you like, and toss out what you don’t.  

In the end, this is your platform to talk about the things you love (or hate), and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

Share Your Blogs With Us!

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    • I love WordPress, personally. I know it’s such a mainstream platform to suggest, but I’m a huge fan of all the free templates available. No matter what kind of blog I’m trying to set up or what mood I’m in, I can find a template I like.

      (Also, at this point, I realize that I sound like I’m getting paid to hype up WP, so let me assure you: I’m broke and in no way getting paid for this lol)


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