3 Ways College Can Make You Impossibly Lazy (And How to Avoid This)

College can make you extremely lazy — but you can stop this!

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A college campus can be the most lively, entertaining and energetic place on earth. But, as I have learned from experience, college life also has the strange ability to cultivate laziness. Bet you’ve never read that in a college brochure before! The many fantastic services and conveniences available to college students, both in and out of the classroom, can quickly turn anyone into a couch potato.

Here are three of the most tempting ways that college life can make you impossibly lazy and, most importantly, my tips for avoiding this:

1. No Dress Code

Victoria's Secret red plaid pajamas with a gray henley top
Victoria’s Secret

It’s true, literally anything goes, fashion-wise, on a college campus. While your high school might have had a dress code or uniform policy, you can technically wear whatever you want to a college class – pajama pants and ripped, stained old tees included. And when that 8 AM class rolls around, it can sometimes be tempting to jump out of bed and head to class without a second look in the mirror.

While I fully support wearing comfortable clothes, there is a distinct line between being comfortable and being sloppy. And just because anything is allowed doesn’t mean you should wear anything you want. Like we always say here at CF, it really is important to show you care about the way you present yourself. It sends a message to those around you that you respect yourself, and you respect them as well. Plus, you will feel much more confident walking into class knowing that you are putting your best foot forward.

2. Delivery Food

Pizza delivery

In a college town, every corner is home to a different fast food place. In addition, they are all extremely accommodating when it comes to delivery service. Many deliver late into the night, and there are even private companies that will deliver food from restaurants that don’t offer their own service. Even worse, websites like GrubHub allow you to place an order in seconds, without even speaking to a human.

While it may be tempting to forgo the cooking and cleanup, don’t do it! Especially if you have access to your own kitchen, cooking at home is typically healthier and will help save money. If you absolutely cannot resist the temptation (or your live in a kitchenless dorm), get some exercise and skip the delivery costs by going out to get food. If it seems too late to go out to a restaurant, chances are it’s also probably too late to be eating. As amazing as that 1 AM pizza may sound, trust me… the Freshman (and Sophomore and Junior and Senior) 15 does exist!

3. Online Classes

Woman taking online class

A huge benefit to college is the availability of online classes. The prospect of completing a whole course without having to leave the warmth of your own bed is such a thrill. You can take the class at your own pace, and be comfortable while doing so.

With an online class, though, you may quickly lose motivation to ever leave your bed! Taking a class from home can also lead to distractions, which will decrease the quality of your work. And you forgo the social interaction that you would experience in a typical classroom setting.

If you do find yourself in an online course, at least try to switch up the setting in which you complete your work. Whether it’s the coffee shop next door or a library on campus, a change of scenery will lead to more productivity and some healthy socializing. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean!

Sometimes “lazy” is OK!

I could go on and on about the ways in which college could potentially turn you into the laziest person in the world. (Ever heard of grocery delivery service?) But if you can avoid the temptation for the most part, don’t feel guilty about a lazy day every now and then! Everyone deserves time to kick back and relax. I believe that is why Sundays exist.

Your thoughts?

Have you experienced the temptation to chill just a little too much in college? How do you resist the urge? What other college conveniences have made it easy to be lazy? Write us a comment and let us know what you think!

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