Short Box Braids: Cute Ideas & Care Tips

Short (braided) hair, don’t care.

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Short box braids blend style and practicality with cultural expression. They offer a lighter, more manageable version of traditional braids while shielding natural hair from daily wear and environmental damage.

Perfect for anyone who wants to keep their hair game strong, short box braids start from the roots and go down to whatever length you’re feeling, opening up a world of styling possibilities.

How to Style Short Box Braids?

You can jazz up short box braids with beads, threads, or cuffs, adding that personal touch.

Box braids are super low-maintenance, so they’re perfect for busy people. (Hi, college students!)

Plus, the flexibility of short box braids means you can rock them in any vibe, from laid-back to all dressed up, making them a go-to for any event or style preference.

Classic Styles

Box braids are a go-to protective hairstyle that provides versatility and flair. They range from intricate partings to a spectrum of colors, catering to various tastes and preferences.

1. Classic Short Box Braids

5 short box braids hairstyles | quick and easy!

Classic short-box braids are a timeless option for those seeking a no-nonsense solution for braiding.

The installation involves dividing natural hair into uniform parts and then braiding each section to a short length, typically just past the jawline. They are known for their ease of maintenance and can be a foundation for more complex styles.

2. Knotless Box Braids

How To: Knotless Braids & Beads Tutorial | Very Detailed | Pre-Parting Prep

Knotless box braids represent a modern iteration of the classic style, providing less tension on the scalp.

This technique starts with natural hair and gradually weaves in extensions to create a seamless look. They offer a more natural layer and feel lighter, making them a favored choice for many.

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3. Large Short Box Braids


Large short box braids, often called jumbo box braids, are a bolder and chunkier alternative to their smaller counterparts.

The larger parts in this style reduce installation time and can be a striking choice for those who prefer a statement-making look.

4. Triangle Short Box Braids

Triangle Parts Two Strand Twists

Triangle short box braids have a cool, unique feel with their angular shape.

This variation involves sectioning hair into triangle shapes instead of the conventional squares.

Not only do triangle box braids look cool, but they also distribute tension more evenly across the scalp compared to smaller sections of hair.

5. Colorful Short Box Braids


Colorful short-box braids add a vibrant pop of color to classic braiding.

Incorporating different colors, such as fiery red box braids or deep purple and electric blue, can totally transform your aesthetic.

Whether you opt for highlights or a full head of colorful braids, this style gives you the option of personal expression through hair color while protecting your natural hair.

Creative Coloring

As mentioned above, adding color to short box braids can transform the look to fit your aesthetic. Here are some ideas to get you started:

6. Blonde Box Braids

How to: Knotless Braids w/ Beads | Derastyles

Blonde braids are a fun way to play with contrast, especially if your natural hair is on the darker side. They are ideal for the summer season but can work year-round.

Honey blonde shades are particularly flattering since they work well with most warm skin tones.

Shade Variations:

  • Platinum blonde for a statement
  • Honey blonde for a natural look
  • Caramel blondes for deeper tones

7. Burgundy Short Box Braids

Short Burgundy BoxBraids w/ beads Tutorial😍

Burgundy box braids are striking and flattering on various skin tones. This deep red wine color is popular for those seeking to make a bold statement.

Not feeling burgundy? Short red box braids can also range from bright, fiery shades to more subtle auburn tones.

  • Style Tip: Pairing burgundy braids with an otherwise neutral outfit will really let your hair shine and give you fashion-girl vibes.

Cute Updos for Short Box Braids

While short box braids are ideal for wearing your hair down, they can be put up as well! Here are some ideas:

8. Short Box Braids Half Updo

A half updo is a great option for short box braids as it allows your hair to be out of your face and looks super cute at the same time!

The style above is a great example of a short box braids half updo, where the crown is pulled back, and the sides are left long. You can also accessorize this look with beads or hair accessories in the back for more personality.

9. Short Box Braids Half-Up Topknot

Messy half-up topknots are a great updo option for those with short box braids.

To get this look, just pull two braids out at the front of your face, then section your hair horizontally into two sections. Take the top section and make it into a messy bun at your crown, securing it with a clear or black elastic.

10. Short Box Braids Space Buns

Space buns are always so cute, and they work on most hair lengths!

To get this look, just divide your braids in half as if you were creating two pigtails. Then, instead of pulling hair all the way through the elastic, leave the ends out to create a bun on each side. You can tuck the ends or leave them loose, it’s up to you.

This cute and easy updo keeps hair away from the face and exudes confidence.

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11. Short Box Braids Messy Bun

A short box braided bun is a classic, and it actually works better on shorter braids!

As the tutorial above shows, you can do the messy bun on short braids in seconds with a hair elastic. Pull a couple of braids from the front, then gather your hair into a ponytail. Leave the ends out for a messy bun that looks so cute on box braids.

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Bob Variations

Box braids look so cute in a bob hairstyle! Here are some cool ideas to get your inspiration going:

12. Short Box Braid Bob With Bangs

A short box braid bob with bangs has a fashion-forward and classic vibe, ideal for those seeking a face-framing style. Bangs enhance the bob braids by bringing attention to the eyes and cheekbones — so pretty!

This variation often incorporates layered box braids to add volume and dimension to the style.

  • Style: Face-framing, attention-grabbing
  • Maintenance: Low; regular moisturizing of scalp and edges recommended

13. Short Box Braids Bob

Short box braids crafted into a bob cut create a neat, symmetrical shape around the face. This style is really versatile and easy to wear from day to night.

The box braids bob is perfect for those who like a sophisticated, shoulder-length hairdo that doesn’t require frequent styling.

This style looks especially cute when styled with a deep side part, as seen above!

14. Asymmetrical Bob Cut Short Box Braids

An asymmetrical bob cut is perfect for those who want to put a modern twist on your typical bob, and it’s even cooler when done on box braids!

The asymmetrical cut is fun and unexpected, longer on one side of the face. It’s particularly perfect to try with box braids because you’re cutting extensions, so it’s easy to change if you’re not feeling the look later on.

Trending Styles

Short box braids have seen a resurgence in popularity this year, and they work for tons of aesthetic preferences and maintenance routines. Here are some examples:

15. Lob Short Box Braids

Lob short box braids, also known as long bob, rest just above the shoulders. They allow for a lighter feel than traditional, longer braids and are perfect for those who want a sophisticated, low-maintenance hairstyle.

16. Warm Blonde Short Box Braids

Combining honey blonde and caramel tones, these pretty box braids are so fun for the summer months. Blonde hues work well with various skin tones and exude a sunny, youthful vibe.

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17. Short Senegalese Twist Braids

Short Senegalese twist braids offer a different texture and aesthetic, characterized by their rope-like appearance. This style typically employs twisting rather than the traditional braiding method and rests at bob length for an easy-to-manage look.

18. Short Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are another great protective style with a convenient installation process.

Synthetic braids are looped through natural hair using a crochet hook. Short crochet braids are especially popular for their versatility and reduced strain on the scalp.

19. Blunt Cut Box Braids

Blunt-cut bobs are just like regular bobs, except the ends are completely sharp, with no layering incorporated into the style.

These braids create a sleek, uniform look that’s bold and cool, making them a favorite for fashion girls.

19. Bob-Length Box Braids

Bob-length box braids hang just below the chin, usually featuring a blunt cut to emphasize the shape.

As seen above, you can add to the style with colorful elastics and uniquely colored hair woven in. I love how the bob above features pink elastics and a little hint of white hair in a couple of the braids. So pretty!

Innovative Accessorizing

Accessorizing braids can transform a simple style into an eye-catching statement. Here are a couple of ideas for how to accessorize short box braids:

20. Short Box Braids With Beads

You can always make short box braids more interesting by adding beads. Beading offers a fun and creative way to embellish braids.

  • Variety: Choose from wooden, glass, or plastic beads.
  • Patterns: Alternate colors or sizes to create unique patterns.
  • Placement: Intersperse beads throughout the braids or add them to the ends.

Remember, too much weight from the beads can strain the scalp, so balance is key.

Hair cuffs, available in materials like gold or decorated with jewels, can be used as a lightweight alternative to traditional beads.

21. Box Braid Lace Front Wigs

Finally, box braid lace front wigs are a convenient and protective styling option, especially for those who prefer not to style their natural hair.

  • Materials: They are typically made with synthetic hair extensions that mimic the texture of natural hair.
  • Clip Embellishment: You can easily add clip embellishments to the wig braids for added interest.
  • Cuffs and Bling: Incorporate hair cuffs or gold accessories onto the wig braids to personalize the look.

The versatility of lace front wigs also allows for trying various accessory styles without commitment, perfect if you love changing your aesthetic.

What do you think about these short box braids?

Not only do short box braids offer a chic and versatile look, but they also protect natural hair and require minimal maintenance. They’re all-around amazing and well worth a try this year!

Which of these short box braids looks is your fave? Would you wear any of these? Tell us in the comments.

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