17 Long Braid Hairstyles You Have to Try in 2024

We’re talking braids longer than your to-do list ✌️

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Looking for a cute new hairstyle but don’t know what to try? We are loving long braids for 2024.

If you want to try long braids this year, we’ve rounded up 17 beautiful ideas to get your inspiration going. Whether you have natural curls or straight hair, there’s something here for every hair texture.

Read on for long, braided hairstyle ideas!

Hairstyles with Long Braids: Ideas & Inspo:

Braided Styles for Natural & Relaxed Hair

1. Box Braids

How To: Box Braids 🔥

Box braids are a type of braid created by sectioning the hair into small, square-shaped parts before braiding. They are typically long (done with braiding hair) and can be styled in various ways.

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles out there, and they’re amazing for women who want to protect their natural hair while rocking a cute look.

2. Ghana Braids Into A Bun

Stitch Bun | How to do a stitch bun/ ponytail

Ghana braids are braids created by weaving hair into a pattern resembling tiny French braids across your head. The tutorial above shows how they are achieved.

Ghana braids are very popular among West African women (hence their name), but you can wear them no matter where you’re from.

In particular, we love the look of Ghana braids pulled into a bun (aka a “stitch bun”), as seen above.

3. Microbraids


Micro braids are just what they sound like — very small braids that almost resemble strands of hair from a distance.

They’re a great option if you want the look of long hair but still like having the protection of braids on your scalp.

In addition, micro braids are a great hairstyle option because you can style them into most of the looks you’d do with regular straight hair. This makes them very versatile and worth the long installation time.

4. Six Thick Feed-In Braids

FEEDIN BRAID STYLES #naturalhair #feedinbraids #knotlessbraids #protectivestyles #hairgrowthoil

Feed-in braids are braids where the stylist “feeds in” braiding hair gradually to add length and fullness to natural hair. Many of the styles above can be considered feed-in braids as it’s a catch-all term that encompasses multiple braid styles.

The feed-in braids hairstyle above features six medium-width braids, three on each side of the head. It’s simple but stunning, perfect if you want a style that doesn’t take a ton of time.

This method also allows for a customizable look depending on the hair color you use. You could stick a natural shade that blends seamlessly with your hair or switch things up with bold colors to make your braids pop.

5. Goddess Braids

Styling Goddess Braids - 6 WAYS!

Goddess braids are a beautiful bohemian protective style.

With goddess braids, some strands are braided while others are left out in a natural wave pattern. Many of the braids are undone at the ends as well, adding to the perfectly messy bohemian hair vibe.

Goddess braids are another example of a braided hairstyle that can be worn in many different ways. As seen above, they can be styled into buns, ponytails, space buns, and more. They’re super versatile and perfect if you have an earthy boho aesthetic.

6. Long Cornrows

How To: Cornrow Your Own Hair | For Beginners

Cornrows are a classic protective style that can be customized to fit your look. The tutorial above shows thick cornrows instead of the thinner ones we usually see.

This is another example of a versatile style that you can make your own using different colors of braiding hair or varying widths of cornrows.

7. Senegalese Twists

How To: DIY SENEGALESE TWISTS for BEGINNERS /Protective Style /Tupo1

Senegalese twists are so beautiful! As opposed to your typical braids, these have a twisted rope look to them that’s so stunning and unexpected.

The video above shows how Senegalese twists can be DIYed at home. Once you get the hang of it, the style is easy to achieve. It’s really only tricky at the root, and the rest of the strand is simply two pieces twisted around one another.

These are a great example of a protective style that’s fast and easy to do, not to mention customizable — the tutorial above uses a caramel shade of hair for some of the twists.

8. Ombré Long Braids

How To: Create A Custom Ombre| Medium Knotless

Ombre long braids can be done with any of the braided styles already mentioned.

The key is to use two shades of braiding hair for the ombre look. In the tutorial above, the stylist uses burgundy and rose gold hair for the ombre ends and black for the roots.

This is another customizable style that you can do with your favorite colors. It would look amazing with different shades of brown, blonde, purple, or even blue.

Also, for a shortcut, you can pre-purchase ombre hair if you don’t want to go the custom route.

9. Extra Long Boho Goddess Braids


We talked about goddess braids above, and here’s an extra-long variation for those who want to add drama to their look.

The tutorial above uses 52″ braiding hair combined with 20″ wavy hair for the curly strands that are left out. It’s a great style to DIY because the boho look means it doesn’t have to be perfect.

10. Curly Braids

How To Style Curly braids

Curly Braids are another variation of classic braids. The difference is that the ends are left completely out, and curly hair is used for the bottom portion of each braid. This creates natural volume at the ends of the hair.

Curly braids look amazing in claw clips and ponytails since the curly ends can really shine.

11. Mermaid-Inspired Braided Waves

How to do Mermaid braids

Mermaid braids are another fun variation on traditional knotless braids. Much like goddess braids, pieces of hair are left out.

With mermaid braids, more hair is left out to create a fuller look. Then, the pieces that have been left out are cut at an angle to create a natural look.

Finally, to create the mermaid waves, all of the finished braids are braided together into four large braids. Then, the hair is dipped in boiling water to set the style. The braids are taken out and voila — mermaid waves!

12. Braided Sleek Ponytail

Braided Sleek Ponytail

The Braided Ponytail is a simple and sleek style perfect for any occasion.

This style can be applied to any hair type, though the tutorial above shows it on hair that has been silk-pressed.

To get this look, start by gathering all of your hair into a slicked-back low ponytail and securing with an elastic. Then, braid in your hair extensions, leaving a piece out to wrap around the elastic at the end. Pull out sections of the braid for volume, then spray and pin in place.

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Long Braided Hairstyles for Caucasian Hair

13. Double Dutch Fishtail Braids

Double Dutch Fishtail Braids | Missy Sue

Double Dutch Fishtail Braids put a fun twist on the classic fishtail braid.

This style features two Dutch braids created on either side of the head, then secured at the nape of the neck into two pigtails. The ends are left out and then curled for an extra wave.

Watch the tutorial above to see how this style can be achieved on long hair.

14. Waterfall Braid With Curls

How to do a Waterfall Braid | Tutorial HAIRSTYLE

The Waterfall Braid With Curls is a romantic, bohemian style perfect for a special occasion.

This style features a waterfall braid paired with loose, wavy ends. The braid is woven around the head, creating a beautiful cascading effect.

Though this hairstyle looks complicated, it’s way simpler than it looks! Check out the tutorial to see how you can get this look at home.

15. Crown Braided Updo

EASY Milkmaid/Crown Braided Updo | Perfect for long hair - medium hair lengths

Searching for the perfect wedding or occasion hairstyle? Look no further than this crown braided updo. It sounds tricky but once you watch the tutorial, you’ll find it’s simple!

To get this look, grab a section from the crown of your head, leaving your front and side pieces out. Then, dutch braid the front section of your hair, going all the way down around your head.

Then, pull out pieces of hair and secure them by three-strand braiding at the bottom. Repeat on the other side. Once you have your two braids, pull them up to create a milkmaid braid and pin them in place.

This style looks extra cute with floral accents!

16. Viking-Inspired Braided Pony


The Viking-inspired braided Pony is a bold and powerful style perfect for those who want to make a statement. It’s edgy and cool and looks great on long hair.

To get this look, start with two ponytails. Then, split the front one and secure it behind the second ponytail with elastic. Repeat, creating split ponytails all the way down until you get to the back of your head. Secure with an elastic.

To finish the look, lightly pull out sections of the ponytail to create volume and texture.

17. Braided Crown With Flowers

Flower Crown Braid | Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles

The Braided Crown With Flowers is a romantic and whimsical style for a summer wedding or festival. This style is essentially a bunch of small braids done around the head and pinned into place to look like roses.

If you want something fun and girly to try, this one couldn’t be cuter!

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What do you think of long braids?

These are just a few of the long, braided styles we’re seeing everywhere this year. Hopefully, this got your inspiration going and helped you decide on a new style to try.

What type of braids are your favorite? Do you rock natural hair or protective styles? Would you wear any of these styles?

Tell us in the comments section below, and let’s discuss!

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