I Tried it… The Bump-It

Does the bump-it really work? A Bump-It review is the focus, with tips on how to use the bump-it and our honest thoughts on the product.

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Hey guys! I’m Elizabeth from the University of Missouri and I’m your new beauty columnist! I’m obsessed with everything beauty related from volumizing shampoo to coral toenail polish. When I’m not trying the 78th newest mascara on the market, I’m working out, watching the Real Housewives or jamming to Lil Wayne in the car.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the infomercial at 2 in the morning that features girls of different hair types all rocking the same voluminous bump in the back of their hair.

The premise is great: a fuller head of hair without the pain or breakage that comes with teasing hair. After all, who doesn’t want to look like Brigitte Bardot in five minutes? On the other hand, is this look too much for real life? I’m not sure how I really feel about girls with four-inch high hair during 8 AM Psychology 101.

Of course, as with all as-seen-on-TV products, I was always skeptical as to whether Bump-Its actually worked. This year, my Halloween costume required the inserts and I bought myself a pack at Walmart.

My Results:



What I Loved About Them:

The packaging:
Bump-Its come in a pink and black box that also has an easy to follow instruction pamphlet and a teasing comb. The packaging is cute and I liked the fact that they included a comb.


Their staying power:
Since I have dark brown hair, I bought the black Bump-Its, which never showed through my hair. After minimal teasing, a lot of extra-hold hairspray and a dozen bobby pins, my hair stayed put all night long, even after an extreme Backstreet Boys dance party and two rounds of karaoke.

What I Wasn’t Sold On:

The look:
I have a lot of long, thick hair, which made wearing a Bump-It easy. But my roommate, who has medium-length fine blonde hair, looked ridiculous with one in her hair. If you have hair like hers, I’m not sure if this would work without a lot of teasing. And if you’re going to tease your hair anyway, you probably don’t need a Bump-It for volume.

The shape:
The kit comes with three different bumps: a small one the size of a pink pearl eraser that’s supposed to be for bangs, a medium one that’s six inches long and 3/4 of an inch high and a larger one that’s five inches long and an inch and a half high. Basically, when I put the largest one in, I looked like a cone-head. Not so cute.

My Verdict:

Although the Bump-It might work for some girls with the right hair type and head shape, they didn’t work for me. I think the look is much too extreme for daytime but could work with an up-do. But for now, my Bump-Its are staying put in the back of my dresser.

What do you guys think? Would you try a Bump-It? Let me know with a comment.

43 thoughts on “I Tried it… The Bump-It”

  1. These days there isn’t really such a thing as “dated” when it comes to hair styles anymore, as everyone kind of seems to have their own style. ( which is how it should be ) There definitely is a such thing as overdoing though…..for example most of us won’t walk around with a bee hive hair do! There is nothing wrong with wanting to have volume, or hair that’s a little bit more full, after all flat and just hanging there is kind of boring, and really isn’t a flattering look on everyone, and I’m one of those people it definitely does NOT compliment! Unfortunately this bump it didn’t work well for me either when I tried it though….it kept sliding out of my hair just as quick as I thought i had it secured down properly! I tried it several different times, and several different ways and each time I had no success with it! I think they need to make something similar that is maybe a bit smaller, and actually has a clip or something on it to secure it down to stay in place,

  2. @Nina lol that’s exactly what i was thinking!
    and the commercials always make me laugh.
    i wouldn’t try them just cause they seem like too much of a hassle. and people do tend to look ridiculous when they have them in at school so early in the morning. i think the little ones are better though.

  3. im very glad you wrote about these… because I honestly had no idea what a bump-it was, and I kept hearing about them!

    Although… I don’t think I will be using one.

  4. i agree with others, the style bump-it creates is a little dated for me. reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s souther beauty queens…no thanks
    thanks for testing it out though, i love when CF tests out products and gives honest reviews!
    i’d love to see something on that smooth away nonsense

  5. I second Lalalina. Can you cover other popular products nowadays. And it would be great if you can do articles on the best type of mascara or eyeliner (it always smear off!) etc? Thanks, and great review!! Please do more!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the review! I have incredibly flat hair, and, though I’ve always wished for more volume, this post confirmed what I already suspected – the Bumpit is just too much. Why the huge, tacky volume bump in the back of the hair, anyway? If you can’t get pretty, allover volume, leave the style alone, girls; that’s my take on the matter.

  7. This thing scares me…. A LOT. Probably teased hair would be ok in some ocasions, but would be very disturbing to bump into people at school with their hair like that…

  8. One of my friends bought it two weeks ago, fixed her hair, and came out to show her mother. Her mom’s response?

    “You look like you have a tumor.”

    I think that says it all. Great post though!

  9. I think the whole look is ridiculous, bumpit or not. My boyfriend and I have named teased-up hair, especially when it is just the bangs, the dinosaur poof, because it makes girls look like they have some sort of dinosaur-like bone growth on top of their head.

  10. I don’t find the Bumpits hair inserts useful for day ware. Also I have fine red hair. While the brownish ones don’t show color through my hair you can see the teeth through my hair. My daughter has thick long brown/blond hair and the Bumpits are perfect for her. She adores them for any time and gets mad when I refuse to let her wear them to school. She’s 6!! 😛 They are excellent for dance performance or dressing up for pictures or a special evening. I’m a photographer and borrowed my daughter’s medium sized insert for my niece’s pictures 4 months ago, she’s still not given it back! She says she keeps forgetting but I keep seeing new pictures on her Facebook with some pretty big hair. I have to buy a whole new set for my daughter! Again, thick hair loves them, special occasions, performance, portraits a plus, day to day – not so much. Just to reinforce the original post.


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