5 Health and Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To in the New Year

A few easy things to do in 2018 that will change your life for the better.

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We all know the saying “new year, new me”, right? Which means we also all know how improbable it is to do a personality 180 in a matter of a single night.

Too many times I see overly optimistic (and unrealistic) New Years resolutions that are quickly discarded not even a month into the new year. (We blogged about this last week in fact!)

This is why it’s best to start small, with baby steps that don’t drastically alter your day-to-day activities, but rather get you in the habit of doing smaller, everyday rituals that will leave a lasting impact on your quality of life.

Here, I’ve compiled a cheat sheet of beauty/health related resolutions that should be incorporated into everyone’s lives, regardless of age or gender.

In 2018, it’s time to start being kinder to your body and mind, even if that only means you adopt just one of these small lifestyle tweaks.

Mindful Meditation

Without further ado (being that we’re already 4 days into the new year), here are a couple beauty/health resolutions you’ll actually be able to keep:

1. Never Sleep With Makeup On

Woman Asleep Face Down

It’s been said over and over again, yet I still see people prancing around sporting yesterday’s makeup like it’s still fresh.

Do. Not. Do. This.

Not only does sleeping in your makeup lead to premature wrinkling of your sensitive facial skin, but there are so many complex chemicals in makeup that I wouldn’t dare leaving a face full of that stuff on for more than 10 hours. There just haven’t been enough studies on wearing makeup for that long to deem it totally safe for your skin.

Pro tip: if you know you’re going to be having a late night out, leave some makeup wipes on your bed before you head out. That way you can swipe and hit the sheets in two seconds flat. No excuses!

2. Cleansing: Both Morning and Night

Clarisonic Bundle

I have extremely dry skin, so I always thought cleansing my face twice a day was overkill and would dry out my skin even more. How wrong I was…

Using a gentle cleanser in the am and pm will remove dirt and grime that collects in your face and in your pores while you go about your day and even while you sleep.

I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of breakouts I’ve had since starting this new face routine, and my skin no longer feels dull or tired.

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser

No matter your skin type, find a cleanser that works for you and follow it up with a nice moisturizer that hydrates without greasing up your skin.

If you already do this, I salute you. Some of us just aren’t yet up to snuff when it comes to skincare routines.

3. Drinking More Water

Pouring Water

Yet again, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times before, but that doesn’t mean you’ve listened in the past.

I too am sick of hearing people suggesting that water is a cure-all elixir that turns your skin into glowing perfection and amps your energy levels way up, even though they’re completely right.

I noticed that when I drink a lot of water my skin is always less dry and my feelings of lethargy seem to slip away. So why don’t we drink water more? Beats me!

Find a system that works for you in 2018 that forces you to notice how much water you are drinking versus how much you should be. I love water bottle tricks like this one and that one, that are easy to replicate yet are extremely effective. There are also some great apps like Plant Nanny that turn drinking water into a fun game!

May your 2018 be hydrated!

4. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone More

Girl Breaking Free

We all fall into ruts. Fashions ruts, food ruts, routine ruts, etc. that make life feel a little less exciting.

My challenge to you in the new year is to try more new stuff with beauty and makeup. Try your hand at a cut crease, or whip out some electric blue eyeliner on a Tuesday. You have no idea the impact that small changes in your routine have on your overall life.

And this doesn’t just have to apply to makeup, it can apply to really anything. Try a new dish at your favorite restaurant, or try a new dish at a new restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

Step out of your comfort zone in 2018 and I guarantee you’ll have more stories to tell the grandkids. You might even discover a new favorite beauty look.

5. Realizing Your True Beauty More Often

Woman Smiling Carefree

Aaaand here’s the part where we get sappy. Yes, it’s important to drink water and take care of your health and skin, but what’s equally important (if not more important) is to take care of your mind and soul.

Remind yourself every day that with or without makeup, you’re exquisitely unique and positively gorgeous.

Recall your myriad of strengths more and dwell less on your weaknesses.

Compliment yourself and others, not because you have to for some silly New Years resolution, but because it’s the truth.

Vow to put yourself down less in 2018, even as a joke.

Do all these things, and happiness and beauty will radiate out of you like you’re the sun and the stars combined.

Here’s to 2018 being the best year yet! Cheers!

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