Going Out With a Bang: Fashion Resolutions for 2018

Here are my achievable and fun fashion goals for the new year.

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So this is it! We’ve made it to the end of the year! 

Now that the Christmas holidays are over, society shoves New Year’s preparatory celebrations in our faces. Cue the invites to NYE parties, outfit inspiration videos on YouTube, and deluge of emails from brands we like on deals for the new year – as if the post-Christmas sales weren’t enough. I can relate if you feel overwhelmed just from reading that paragraph. 

So what are we to do about this melodrama? Well, I know many people like to make resolutions for the new year. Truth be told, though, I am not the biggest fan of them. 

I just don’t like the word “resolution.” To me, “resolution” usually means a difficult, all-or-nothing goal. As in, by saying I want to do ____ by the end of 2018, I am ALSO saying that if I do NOT do this by the end of 2018, I will have failed myself. See what I mean? It is very much an all or nothing thing, with your happiness and sadness hanging onto a tiny, easily broken thread.

My Alternative: Goals Instead of Resolutions

Now that I have critiqued the idea of resolutions, it would make sense for me to propose a solution: what if we said “goals” instead of “resolutions”? I like to set goals, because then I feel like I can take steps and work towards them. “Resolutions” seem like far off places I want to reach, theoretically, someday. 

So let’s talk 2018 goals. Below, I’ll share a few of mine, but with a fashion-forward twist — this is CF, after all. Why not challenge ourselves to evolve our styles this upcoming year?

Below are some fashion resolution ideas I have for myself. Feel free to use some of these for your personal lists!

1. Wear a matching set – but in a funky print! 

For this first one, my idea was based on the houndstooth blazers that popped up on everyone from Negin Mirsalehi to Jenn Im (pictured above). I immediately fell in love with the matchy matchy-ness of the set, but also liked the idea of it being an easy outfit idea that’s classy with heels and pearl studs, or punk with a studded belt and smudged liner. 

2. Find a new way to wear an old accessory, like a bag. 

This photo is not super obvious, but notice how Negin in this photo is wearing her side-bag like a cross-body bag, and how initially bizarre it looks. And yet, it still works because she is confident and stylish. 

My goal is to wear something in this unexpected way – like a scrunchie on my wrist, or one of my scarves as a belt. This is not something crazy-out-of-the-box, but it is something that would take any outfit to the next level. It is also pretty ethical to take an old item and rework it, because it shows a great level of style (bonus points to you, girlfriend), and it feels satisfying to get your money’s worth out of an item. 

3. Make every moment a red carpet moment.

This moment is a bit of an abstract goal, so let me elaborate. You might remember the confidence piece I did earlier this semester. In that piece I reference strutting about campus in an outfit that makes you burst with excitement. I still stand by that idea 110%. 

This new year, you might make it a goal to prioritize your self-love and put yourself first. This includes fashion! I for one want to build self confidence until I reach that sweet spot where I can step out in my otk boots and say to myself, “Wow, I DID that.” That is why we are looking at Zendaya – because if there is anyone who exudes confidence without being cocky, it is her. If I had a pink gown on with coordinating pumps, I would definitely join her confidence party.

4. Find a style posse. 

Okay, this one is also a bit vague. What I mean here is that I want to really sit back and evaluate the people I surround myself with

Part of putting yourself first is making sure that the people around you are also fans of yours and are pushing you up and forward. I mean, that is why people love the idea of having a #squad. Every girl could use a group of other girls to have her back. Ditch the ones who don’t love and support you — those aren’t true friends.

And if you find a squad, hopefully you will make an epic squad shot like Donatella did earlier this year with the ’90s supermodel queens.

5. Take inspiration from a film. 

I love movies and my favorites all have stellar wardrobes behind them. This year, I want to see if I can incorporate some of the styling techniques from my favorite films and apply them to my own outfits. Hello, mood board!

A Few More Reminders:

Those were just a few ideas for the new year, but before I go, I wanted to remind you guys of a few things are easily forgotten:

Firstly, being stylish does not mean having the money to buy a trendy item every season. That is not sustainable for you or the environment. True style comes when you convince someone that does not dress like you that they should dress like you (sounds like a circular argument, but if you say it out loud it makes more sense I swear). If you are able to rework things, find items that work for you, and stick to them, and have people recognize you for your unique vibe, then you have won, my friend. 

Secondly, you set your own goals in life. Do not take what other people tell you and try to please people by following that. This applies to trends – just because Vogue magazine has women wearing humongous and impractical hats, that does not mean that you should go out and spend an atrocious amount of money on the same hat. And so forth.

Lastly, remember that if you get looks when you go out, it’s because you dared to make a statement. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Same goes for when you raise your hand and say the wrong thing in class and you feel eyes on you: Remember that you’re brave, and remember the head on your shoulders and the brain you have, and continue. 

Let’s make the new year just a continuation of our perpetual striving for improvement and growth. 

P.S. Thank you for reading my stuff all semester! I hope you all come out of this with a renewed sense of confidence, ideas for mood-boards, ethical fashion inspiration, and a reminder that you come first. 

Thanks for reading, it has been grand! Now, take this as my dramatic digital exit since you guys cannot see me:  

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