Stunning Gold Nail Designs for All the Compliments

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If you are looking for a new nail trend to try, I recommend gold nail designs!

This is the perfect kind of nail look for those who want elegant nails for any occasion.

When choosing your gold nail design, there are several factors to consider, such as the level of intricacy you prefer, whether you want to add a touch of sparkle, or if you’re interested in a full-on metallic gold look. It’s essential to consider these choices in order to determine which gold nail design will work best for you.

If you have decided what kind of look you are going for, you might also want to know how to recreate gold nail design looks at home.

This post will show you precisely what you need to know to get gorgeous gold nails at home, with DIY and salon options to try!

From simple and chic to bold and elaborate, this list of stunning gold nail designs will inspire and elevate your nail style.

Gold Sparkly Wedding Nails

STUNNING Wedding Nails

For those of us who are attending a wedding or even having our own wedding, gold nail looks are ideal for this kind of occasion.

And, if you are looking for a specific gold nail look that will look perfect on this particular day, I recommend trying out this sparkly gold nail look!

While you could get this done at a salon if you want extra length added to your nails, it would be simple to achieve at home as well. All you need is a variety of sparkly polishes and, if desired, some rhinestones.

Pink and Gold Floral Nails

Pink and Gold Floral Nails | NailsByErin

If you are interested in doing a gold nail look, but you also want to add some color to your nails, don’t worry because you totally can.

What I love about gold nail polish is that it pairs well with almost any color. So, if you are considering adding some color to your gold nail design, I recommend watching this video tutorial that shows you a super cute example of how you can combine pink and gold nail polish to get a floral nail design!

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Gold Foil Nails

💕🌟HOW TO: Delicate Nails with GOLD LEAF!! 🌟💕

Another excellent option for those of us who want to try out a gold nail design is to use gold foil! Gold foil nails, also known as gold leaf nails, will give you a cool gold nail design that is super easy to recreate at home.

If you have never tried out gold foil nails before, check out this video tutorial, which will show you exactly how to get this look!

Gold French Tip Nails

Gold outline french tip nails from Amazon

For those who want a simple and more elegant gold nail look, I recommend doing gold outline French tips!

This look can also be easily recreated at home with just a base coat color and some gold nail polish. Or, you could also purchase these press-on nails from Amazon to get the look and be able to wear these nails over and over.

Dripping Gold Nails

New Nail Art 2023 ✨ Gorgeous Dripping 24 Karat Gold Nail Design

Dripping gold nails are an example of a cool design that you can do using gold nail polish. However, this look is a little bit tricky to create at home (though doable with practice).

So, I recommend watching this video tutorial to see exactly how to use gold nail polish to get this kind of look! Then hit the salon or attempt a DIY — your choice.

Simple Gold Glitter Designs

5 EASY Glitter Nail Ideas | Part 3-Gold Glitter

If you love the look of gold glitter, there are also a bunch of simple gold glitter designs that you can do that will give you an elegant and fun gold nail look!

Just check out this video tutorial to see a couple of super cute examples of gold nail designs that you can do using gold glitter.

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Gold Chrome Nails

Real 24K 🥕Gold Nails⭐️

If you want a gold nail look that will really make your nails stand out, I recommend trying out this gold chrome nail look.

Chrome nails are definitely back this year thanks in part to Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails, which use chrome powder on top of white nail polish. So gold chrome is a natural next step.

If you want to see exactly how to get the look, just watch this quick video tutorial to get this look at home.

White & Gold Sparkly Nails

Gold foil nails from Amazon

Another color that looks great with gold nail polish is white! You can create whatever kind of look that you want using white and gold nail polish colors, or you could also try out this pretty white and gold sparkle nail look.

And, if you want to save yourself some time, you can also purchase these press-on nails to get the look.

Gold Chrome French Nails

How to do gold chrome french nails. French manicure chrome pigment nail art.

Another great way to use gold chrome nail polish to create a cool gold nail polish look is to use it on the tips of your nails to create French nails.

French nails using gold chrome nail polish will give you a gold nail look that you will love, and it will definitely make your nails stand out!

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Pink & Gold Nails

HOW TO: Pink and Gold Nails ♥︎

For a more intricate nail design using gold, I recommend trying out this pink and gold nail look.

For this look, you will need to use sparkly gold nail polish and a pink base coat. You can even add some rhinestones to make the look more fun!

To see more about how to get this look, watch this quick video tutorial.

Marble Nails with Gold Glitter

Gold marble nails from Amazon

Marble nails will always be a popular nail trend, so why not use some gold nail polish the next time you do a marble nail look?

Combining gold nail polish with a marble nail look will give you a super cool gold nail design that you will be obsessed with. The photo above is actually of a set of press-ons, but you could absolutely attempt these at home as well.

Rose Gold Chrome Nails


Another pretty gold nail look that you should consider is rose gold chrome nails. Gold chrome looks super pretty on nails, especially in a rose gold shade.

So, the next time you are considering trying chrome nails, I would recommend going for this rose gold chrome nail look. It’s one part glam, one part romantic, and super simple to achieve.

Which gold nail design from this list do you love?

Have you ever tried a gold nail design before? What is your go-to elegant nail look?

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