These 6 Classic Beauty Products Should be On Every College Girl’s Vanity

They’re our forever-favorites.

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Beauty classics: The time tested makeup products every college girl should own

Today, makeup, skincare, and beauty products are released practically every month in an effort to keep up with popular trends. This is all well and good, however trendy products can often be underwhelming in their performance and results. That’s why we need our beauty classics.

Sometimes, it’s really the old favorites that prevail and maintain popularity through the onslaught of new makeup year after year. 

Here are some classic makeup and beauty products that have been among our favorites for years now and will likely continue being favorites in the future.

Maybelline Collection Mascaras

Beauty classics: Maybelline mascaras

Maybelline mascaras have had their share of cult popularity over the last couple years. These are unquestionably some of the most frequently repurchased mascaras from the drugstore. Some would even say they have the best best price-to-performance ratio.

Regardless of the specific product, Maybelline mascaras in general are just good, high quality products, plain and simple. They have consistent wear time, have an opaque, highly pigmented formula, and have the easiest wands to use. It’s not hard to understand why these were a big hit during their initial release and remain among our beauty classics today. 

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Beauty classics: Revlon colorstay foundation

Revlon’s Colorstay foundation range has been out for years, but this foundation continually pops up in blog posts and makeup favorites videos to have it’s time in the limelight. However, there’s a good reason that it’s still popular today: this is one of the best drugstore foundations of all time.

The Colorstay foundation has everything from great pigmentation and coverage, to multiple foundations suited for different skin types (combination/oily or normal/dry skin), to long staying power. 

Many people (myself and our Editor-in-Chief included) continue to love and use this product in their daily makeup routines today. This old favorite will definitely remain popular for many years in the future.

MAC Eyeshadows

Beauty classics: MAC eyeshadows

Talking about makeup without mentioning MAC is impossible. 

This brand has developed a strong presence over the years, and they have an incredibly loyal customer base. Despite the love-hate relationship some people have towards their products (like their lipsticks), MAC is one of the most influential and solid makeup brands on the market today.

MAC’s eyeshadows generate some of the most buzz for the brand. MAC shadows cover a large color selection and range of finishes, offer insane pigmentation, and some come in limited edition or pre-made palettes that are out of this world. 

I also love that MAC sells empty palettes to fit their shadows. When you visit a MAC store, you can basically step into the equivalent of a makeup candy store and pick from an incredible amount of eyeshadows to make your perfect eyeshadow palette. 

BRB, floating on Cloud Nine right now with these shadows.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Beauty classics: Batiste dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is having a big moment now, but Batiste was a leader in the field. It was one of the first – and best – brands to come out with their version years ago. This drugstore favorite, which ranks among our list of best dry shampoos ever, can put the most expensive dry shampoos to shame. 

Batiste’s dry shampoo has an incredibly fine mist that sprays out some of the most effective oil-absorbing product ever. Plus, there’s now more than 5 scented versions of this stuff, so everyone can find a version they enjoy! There’s some real hair-raising magic in these little bottles.

Pantene Color Preserve Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Beauty classics: Pantene volume shampoo and conditioner

Caring for colored hair is a tricky business, and some of the better shampoos and conditioners for the purpose can be insanely expensive. 

However, there’s an easy drugstore dupe for most color-protecting haircare: Pantene! Their classic color preserve hair care line gives you great results for just under $10.

The shampoo in particular is excellent, and keeps hair looking moisturized, smooth, and voluminous and enhances the color. Moreover, it’s fantastic for protecting the texture and tone of bleached hair. The conditioner is stellar, and the two are a winning combination for protecting color-treated hair.

The Body Shop Body Butters 

Beauty classics: The Body Shop body butter
The Body Shop

The Body Shop was the place to be for your bath and skincare needs in the early 2000s. While the brand has changed out their products over the years, one of their products has always been present: their body butters

The Body Shop’s body butters are quite frankly, some of the best body lotions ever. You can have your pick of a wide range of scents (like coconut, green tea, and raspberry, to name a few), but you can feel comfortable knowing that no matter the scent you pick, your skin will feel incredibly moisturized and hydrated

Pro tip: Because these lotions are so thick and moisturizing, they also make great hand creams!

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