2024 Nail Trend: Step Up Your Mani Game with Ballerina Nails

Here’s everything you need to know about this chic nail trend.

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Have you been considering changing your nail shape? Then you might want to consider trying out ballerina nails, which are trending like crazy this year.

If you’ve never heard of ballerina nails before, they are essentially a mix of almond and coffin nails. The shape is rounded on the edges, similar to almond nails, but instead of a rounded tip, ballet nails are more square at the end, like coffin nails.

Think of them as emulating the shape of a ballet slipper.

If you want to try this trendy nail shape this season, I’ve rounded up 17 super cute ballerina nail ideas you should definitely try.

Ballerina Nails: 17 Design Ideas to Try

1. French

Let’s start with the basics. You can do a classic French nail look on ballerina-shaped nails.

If you want to make your French tips stand out a bit more, I recommend trying the trendy rounded French nail style seen above.

2. Multicolored Nails

You can also add some color to your ballerina-shaped nails with a multicolored nail design like this one.

To create this multicolored nail look all you need to do is paint each of your nails a different color to make them stand out.

So, pick a bunch of your favorite colors to try this yourself. Or, purchase these press-on nails, which would be perfect for Easter!

3. Boho Chic


If you want a nail design that is different and fun, I recommend trying this boho chic take on ballerina nails.

You could do this detailed look on any nail color, but I love the dusty purple base used here. For the details, you just need a color that pops, like the white and red combo listed here.

To see exactly how to get a boho chic look like this one, watch this video tutorial!

4. Classic Red

What’s also great about the ballerina nail shape is it looks even more elegant and classy when painted with solid colors like this red shade.

So, if you have a favorite shade of red or another nail color you would like to use to create a solid colored nail look, the ballerina nail shape will make it look even better.

5. 3D Nail Art

3D Acrylic Strawberries - Fresh Summer Fruits 3D Nail Art - Nail Tutorial Video

If you really want your ballerina nail look to stand out, I recommend trying a 3D nail art look!

For example, you could try out this super cool 3D strawberry nail look that incorporates a design that looks like you actually have strawberries on your nails.

6. French Shadow

Extreme Ballerina French Shadow Effect | Worst Client Ever

You might also be interested in doing a blinged-out French nail look! And, of course, it looks extra amazing o ballerina nails.

A French shadow nail look is a different type of French manicure. Instead of the round tips at the end of your nails, the French tips are slanted.

Also, you can add some rhinestones to this look to give your nails some sparkle!

7. Smokey Marble

Long Ballerina Smokey Marble Effect Acrylic Nail

For a really fun and creative look using ballerina-shaped nails, try this smokey marble nail look!

This nail look will give the illusion that your nails are really made out of marble.

This look is definitely more of an advanced type of nail design, but if you are dying to try this look, definitely check out this video tutorial to see how it’s done.

8. Little Ballerina Nail Design

For a super cute and girly nail design that you can try on ballerina-shaped nails, I love this literal take on ballerina nails.

This look will give you a cute nail design using pink and white with ballerina-themed designs like a ballet shoe and bows.

And, to make your life easier, you can purchase these press-on nails to get this exact look yourself.

9. Accent Nail Design

Another fun but subtle design you can do with ballerina-shaped nails is an accent nail look.

For this kind of look, you will be painting your nails all the same color except for your accent nail. The accent nail can be used to add cute designs of your choice.

For example, I love this adorable heart outline design for an accent nail, which could be done in any color of your choice.

10. Chrome

Chrome is also another type of nail look that looks cute when paired with ballerina-shaped nails!

For example, you could try out this super pretty pink shade for a bright and girly chrome nail look.

11. Rose Gold Design


This rose gold nail look is another fun design you can do on ballerina-shaped nails to make them stand out.

For this look, you will use sparkly rose gold nail polish and rose gold chrome to create an extra-sparkly rose gold nail look.

You can also make this look more fun by adding a rose gold drip design in chrome!

12. Sparkly Ombre Tips

Another type of nail look that looks perfect on ballerina-shaped nails is ombre! But, if you are looking for a way to change your usual ombre nail look or make it have something different, I recommend adding sparkle to the tips of your nails.

This can be done on the classic nude-to-white ombre look or even on ombre looks with more color!

13. Colorful French Design

If you can’t decide between a solid color nail look and a French nail look, you can do both with these nails!

These press-on nails from Etsy use a super cute purple shade to create a nail look with French tips.

This look is pretty easy to recreate at home with your favorite nail polish color, or you can purchase these press-on nails to get this ballerina-shaped nail look.

14. Neutral Nails

Neutral nails like these also look great with the ballerina nail shape. So, if you want a subtle nail look that is elegant and classy, I recommend trying out this look.

For this look, you will want to find your favorite neutral or glossy nail polish to paint your ballerina-shaped nails.

And what you will love about this look is that it will work for longer or shorter nails.

15. Rhinestone Nails

Ballerina rhinestone nails / Coffin nail design / Nail tips / Professional gel extension techniques

On the opposite side of the style spectrum, you can also do glam looks with the ballerina-nail shape!

For example, this nail look combines rhinestones and sparkle nail polish to create a glam and sparkly design on ballerina-shaped nails.

So, if this is the kind of nail vibe you are going for, check out this video, which will show you exactly how to get this rhinestone nail look.

16. Lilac Nails

Acrylic Nails Coffin Ballerina Style | Lilac & Grey with Glitter | Glitter Planet

You can also use other fun colors to create cool designs like this lilac nail look!

This nail look combines grey and lilac nail polish with some added sparkle to give you a glittery nail design that you will love.

Just check out this video tutorial for some inspo and details on how to get this look at home!

17. Baby Boomer Nails

Finally, baby boomer nails are another type of nail look that looks great on ballerina-shaped nails.

Baby boomer nails are basically just your classic ombre nail design, with a neutral base that fades into white at the tips.

These press-ons from Etsy are the perfect choice if you want a subtle and elegant design to complement ballerina-shaped nails.

Which ballerina nail look from this list do you love?

What kind of nail shape is your favorite? Which ballerina nails will you be trying for your next nail look?

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