Samantha - Kent State University

Hi there! I am a freshman at Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising with minors in Marketing and Fashion Media.

If I'm not doing school work or complaining about the cold weather in Ohio, you can find me binge watching Friends on Netflix, plucking away on my ukulele, scrolling through Pinterest, humming my latest obsession from Taylor Swift's album 1989, online shopping, or reading a good book.

Looking into my closet you will notice only one thing: My clothes are overwhelming black and white with just a hint of burgundy because if it came in black, that's the color I bought it in.

I believe that fashion is a way to express who you are to the world without ever having to say a word. With fashion, each and every day becomes an opportunity for me to experiment with who I want to be that day and reinvent how I present myself to the world.

Every other Sunday, I write "personality quiz" and "ask CF" columns. Feel free to tweet me (@samanthachoi16) ideas! I could always use the help.

Follow me on Instagram (@samanthachoi14) for inspiration or check out my personal blog here.

Happy Reading!

Xx, Samantha