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About Chelsea

Hi I'm Chelsea Cawood, and I'm a recent economics grad from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!!)

I'm a huge film geek, and I also love sushi, leopard print, designer jeans, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Led Zeppelin, the Black Crowes, Kings of Leon, Indian food, Ally McBeal, Glee, My So Called Life, and the Mindy Project. My personal style is all about contrast--I love pairing a leather jacket with a lace skirt, or a floral dress with a military parka. My biggest style inspiration comes from bloggers, especially Rumi Neely of fashiontoast and Jennifer of Native Fox.

I also love meeting new people, so leave me a comment, follow me on twitter (@xcawoodstock), check out my blog at, or find me on Facebook!

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The Chic Chef: Fast and Easy Kitchen Sink Salad


The kitchen sink salad

I want to start this post off by saying that this is not a recipe. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A RECIPE. Rather than listing out specific ingredients needed to make a salad, this post will help you brainstorm and figure out how to assemble the seemingly random items in your house into a cohesive, […]




The Chic Chef: Pantry and Freezer Essentials for College Students



Hey Girls! Last week we covered fresh, perishable items that are staples in a college student’s kitchen, and this week, we’re tackling pantry and freezer staples. For the days when you’re too tired or too short on funds for a planned, fresh-cooked meal, having a few key items in your pantry can save you the […]




The Chic Chef: Fresh Grocery Essentials for College Students


Berries in blender

Hey girls! Many of you have left comments over the last few months asking for grocery list suggestions. To keep from writing a huge, intimidating list (and well, a very, very long CF post) I’ve broken it down into three categories – fresh refrigerator items, pantry staples, and freezer essentials. Today, we’re starting with the […]




The Chic Chef: How to Make an Icebox Cake


Finished ice box cake

Real talk: I’m a slave for desserts. I know this is a terrible habit, but a meal just doesn’t feel complete to me unless I get a little taste of something sweet afterwards, even if it’s just a Hershey’s Kiss or a peppermint. Although I love baking cookies, cakes, and pies, we all know that […]