Here’s Exactly How We’re Styling the Tie-Dye Trend This Season

The tie dye trend is a unique way to add a splash of color to any outfit.

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Topshop tie dye jacket
Topshop jacket via Nordstrom

Tie-dye is a recent trend that I am loving. It’s unique, colorful and can truly be one of a kind.

This trend reminds me of the days in middle school when my friends and I would make tie-dye shirts during sleepovers. It was always so fun to see what design I ended up with.

Because of this trend, I got inspired to come up with some outfits I would wear for different occasions.

Here are four ways I would style the tie-dye trend:

Outfit One: School Day

Tie dye outfit for a school day with simple jeans, tie dye tee shirt, white backpack, white sneakers

Products: Shirt – ASOS, Jeans – American Eagle, Backpack – ASOS, Shoes – ASOS

This outfit is one I would totally wear to class. It’s super casual and comfortable.

I love this yellow tie-dye shirt (see more tie dye shirt outfits here!) because the color is so vibrant. It really brings to mind the spring and summer seasons.

I paired these jeans with the shirt because I think the white ties on the front of the jeans are super cute. Plus, they match with the white sneakers and backpack.

Outfit Two: Brunch with Friends

How to wear tie dye: Outfit for a summer day with tie dye dress, white chunky sneakers, woven bag, layered necklaces

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Shoes – ASOS, Bag – ASOS, Necklace – ASOS, Earrings – ASOS

This is my favorite outfit of the four because it’s comfortable and chic at the same time.

This dress has the perfect tie-dye combination and I think the tie on the side is such a great detail.

The chunky sneakers are a great way to make this outfit casual and cute for daytime. I picked these sneakers in particular because they have the tan soles. These soles make the accessories match perfectly.

With these sneakers, you can wear gold jewelry and a woven purse (another hot spring trend)!

Outfit Three: Chill Time

Tie dye loungewear outfit with tie dye sweats, white button-front bodysuit and slides

Products: Sweats – Urban Outfitters, Top – Forever 21, Shoes – ASOS

There’s nothing like lounging around in a pair of super comfortable sweats and who said those sweats can’t also happen to be super stylish?

I found these tie-dye sweats and fell in love. They make me want to cuddle up in my bed and watch my favorite show on Netflix.

For this outfit, I paired them with a casual and simple long sleeve shirt and some slides.

Outfit Four: Date Night

How to wear tie dye trend for a night out: Outfit idea with pink tie dye bodysuit, black ripped jeans, black grommet detailed jacket, red strappy heels

Products: Bodysuit – Missguided, Jeans – American Eagle, Jacket – Forever 21, Heels – ASOS

Ever thought of wearing tie-dye to a date? If not, you should give it a shot! Here’s a perfect outfit for that occasion.

Bodysuits are a great article of clothing because they accentuate your figure and come in so many different styles. Plus, you just throw them on and go — no worries about tucking in your top perfectly.

For this look, I paired a pink tie-dye bodysuit with black denim and plum colored heels.

I think the black jeans adds a perfect hint of clash to the bright pink and white tie-dye. Then to finish off the outfit with a different color (that still matches seamlessly), I added the heels.

How do you feel about the tie-dye trend?

All in all, I love this trend and will definitely be strutting some tie-dye in the near future. With tie-dye you can get super creative and add so much color to your outfit!

Would you wear any of these outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

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