The Summer 2019 Bag Trends We’re Loving the Most

Finish off any summer outfit with one of these of-the-moment bags.

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The right handbag can really complete your outfit, and it’s safe to say that this upcoming summer we are lucking out with the trends! Wondering what’s in style? Let’s get into the summer 2019 bag trends you need to know about!

Belt Bags

Khloe Kardashian wearing a Louis Vuitton belt bag.

Belt bag: silver belt bag, blue belt bag, snakeskin belt bag, pink quilt belt bag, green quilt belt bag, black and gold belt bag

From left to right: Silver Belt Bag – Asos, Blue Leather Belt Bag – DSW, Snakeskin Belt Bag – Asos, Pink Quilted Belt Bag – DSW, Green Quilted Belt Bag – Forever 21, Black and Gold Belt Bag – Urban Outfitters

These may look like reinvented fanny packs but that’s because… they basically are.

You can wear belt bags through your belt loops, as the name suggests, or on top just like a fanny pack. These bags actually go with everything including more formal outfits, like Khloe’s blazer dress.

Give one of these a try this summer for an easy bag you can throw small items, like your keys and phone, in! Less is more when it comes to hauling stuff around, tbh.


Becca Tilley carrying a straw, circle bag on the beach.

Circle Bags: brown fringe circle bag, large black circle bag, straw circle bag, quilted round crossbody, rainbow straw circle bag, beaded circle bag

From left to right: Brown Fringe Circle Bag – Asos, Large Round Bag – Asos, Straw Circle Bag – Forever 21, White Quilted Circle Bag – Forever 21, Rainbow Straw Circle Bag – Forever 21, Beaded Round Bag – Asos

The circle shape of these bags sets them apart from boxier or typical square shaped bags that are so common.

These bags, especially the straw ones, are so cute for summer. You can find them in a variety of patterns to make your look even more unique. Pair them with everything from dresses and sandals to jumpsuits and heels.


Netted Bags: purple beach bag, red handbag, netted shopper bag, braided net bag, yellow handbag, green fringe bag

From left to right: Large Purple Netted Bag – Urban Outfitters, Red Crochet Netted Bag – Forever 21, Neutral Netted Shopper Bag – Asos, Braided Net Bag – Mango, Yellow Netted Bag – Forever 21, Fringe Green Shopper Bag – Asos

If these netted bags look like perfect beach bags, you’re not wrong! These bags scream “summer!”

Not only do these bags pair great with swim outfits, but they can also be worn with your everyday casual looks. If you prefer a little more coverage in your bag, try one with a liner like the bag on the top right.


Summer 2019 bag trends -- Clear bags: Cream crossbody, white boxy crossbody, clear handbag, blue transparent crossbody, clear backpack, clear bucket bag

From left to right: Cream Clear Crossbody Bag – Asos, White Box Crossbody Bag – DSW, Beaded Clear Clutch Bag – Asos, Blue Transparent Shoulder Bag – DSW, Pink Clear Mini Backpack – Urban Outfitters, Clear Bucket Tote – Forever 21

These clear, plastic bags are so cool but they are also extremely practical. Did you know that the majority of stadiums only allow you to bring in clear bags now?

You’ll probably need one of these bags in the future, so you might as well get one now while there are so many cute ones to choose from!

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Vanessa Hudgens looking casual with a small, beaded tote.

Beaded Bag: brown crossbody, orange crossbody, white crossbody, floral handbag, pink beaded handbag, striped crossbody bag

From left to right: Brown Beaded Shoulder Bag – Asos, Orange Beaded Crossbody Bag – Asos, White Beaded Crossbody Bag – Urban Outfitters, Floral Beaded Hand Bag – Urban Outfitters, Pink Beaded Tote Bag – Forever 21, Striped Beaded Bag – Forever 21

We are picking up major ’90s vibes from these beaded bags. They are super lightweight and come in a variety of sizes, so they’re perfect for pairing with breezy summer looks. Why not give this trend a try?

Wicker and Wood

Summer 2019 bag trends -- Wicker bag: Wood clutch, wood picnic bag, white picnic crossbody, wicker crossbody, wicker striped crossbody, wood crossbody

From left to right: Wooden Clutch Bag – Nasty Gal, Wooden Basket Bag – Asos, Wooden Picnic Crossbody Bag – Urban Outfitters, Wicker Crossbody Bag – Forever 21, Striped Wicker Crossbody Bag – Forever 21, Wooden Circle Bag – Asos

Wicker and wood bags made a big statement last year. Now, they are back and come with a bigger variety.

While you can find these bags in certain colors, they are most commonly made in these neutral tones. No picnic needed for these bags, they go well with any occasion!

Which style of handbag is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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