5 Accessories You Need for Fall 2018 (Plus, How to Style Them)

Make any outfit look stylish with these cute finds!

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Upgrade your fall look with a chic accessory.

Fall is fast approaching, and with the new season comes new clothes. But, no outfit would be complete without the right accessories, and Fall 2018 has certainly given us a plethora of options that are sure to boost the cool factor of any ensemble.

Want to learn more about these trendy pieces? Just keep scrolling to see five of my accessory picks and a selection of my top five pieces for each–along with some tips on how to style them for Fall 2018.  

1. Baker Boy Caps

Products: (Top row, L-R) H&M, Urban Outfitters, Mango (Bottom row, L-R) Urban Outfitters, ModCloth

Fall 2018 has brought with it a hat trend that we haven’t seen in quite a while: baker boy caps. This fun accessory is available in various colors and multiple variations in style, from minimal to more ornate, and will definitely jazz up any cold-weather ensemble. 

Personally, I associate baker boy caps with a more artsy style, but they can also be more subdued-looking, depending on the specific cap you choose and what you decide to wear it with.

How to Wear Baker Boy Caps: 

There are so many ways to wear these cute caps, but I’m partial to the idea of wearing one with a cable-knit sweater, flared jeans, a cozy wool peacoat, a simple scarf, and mittens for a cute, early-2000s-esque preppy look

Alternately, you could wear a baker boy cap with a turtleneck, a maxi skirt, combat boots, a long fringed scarf, and a hobo bag for a seriously boho vibe.    

2. Artsy Statement Earrings

Products: (Top row, L-R) Revolve, Mango, Mango (Bottom row, L-R) COS, & Other Stories

Artsy statement earrings started popping up on my fashion radar over the summer, but they have definitely continued into fall in a major way! And, while they might not seem like the most wearable trend, there are so many different variations that you’re sure to find a pair that works for your lifestyle (and doesn’t hurt your ears!). 

What’s more, this chic trend can elevate almost any look, so don’t be shy to put on a pair, whether your outfit is laid-back or dressy.

How to Wear Artsy Statement Earrings:   

I love the idea of wearing a pair of these bold earrings for day with a simple outfit consisting of a fitted, solid-colored top and dark-wash jeans, and your hair down and in its natural texture. 

For a glam evening look, don your favorite LBD, put your hair back in a sleek ponytail, and swipe on a bright lipstick or shiny lipgloss; you’re sure to turn heads all night long! 

3. Hair Bows

Products: (Top row, L-R) Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters (Bottom row, L-R) Old Navy, Forever 21

Hair bows will always be in style, but this fall has brought us so many different variations on this cute accessory that they definitely feel brand-new! 

If you already love the trend, feel free to go experiment with a printed or colored version. However, if you’re a little more uncertain–or just prefer a more classic look–you really can’t go wrong with timeless black.  

How to Wear Hair Bows:

Hair bows go well with pretty much anything you can think of, so they’re nearly impossible to mess up! Whether you choose to put your hair in a half-ponytail with a thinner, satiny version for a timelessly feminine look, or choose a velvety texture for a luxe, glam vibe, there’s a hair bow out there for every style and budget! 

Keep in mind that if you choose a bow attached to a hair elastic and have thicker hair, it’s a good idea to first tie your hair back the way you normally would using a plain black elastic, and then very loosely wrap the bow elastic on top of it. This will prevent the bow elastic from getting stretched out (which is important when you consider that they’re usually more expensive than plain styles). 

4. Fanny Packs

Products: (Top row, L-R) Mango, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom (Bottom row, L-R) Nordstrom, Nordstrom

While fanny packs have been “in” for a while now, this trend definitely shows no signs of slowing down! What’s more, they’re perfect for days when you’re wearing bulky outerwear and want to avoid the ever-annoying ordeal of having your bag slip down your shoulder again

Whether you go with a super-trendy snake-print style or a seasonally appropriate faux-shearling iteration, there’s no shortage of fanny packs to choose from this fall.

How to Wear Fanny Packs:

Fanny packs look great worn either at the waist or at the hip, so it really depends on the specific one you choose and which parts of your body you’d like to accentuate. Moreover, many people like wearing them cross-body, which is a great option if you’re not quite on board with the trend, but don’t want to opt out altogether. 

For a sporty, logo-maina look that you can wear to class, go for a fanny pack and sweatsuit from the same brand that each prominently feature that brand’s logo. If a dressier, tailored aesthetic is more up your alley, wear a simpler fanny pack in place of a belt, either at the hips with jeans or at the waist with a classic blazer (and a matching skirt or pants for extra style points).  

5. Claw Clips

Products: (Top row, L-R) Anthropologie, H&M, H&M (Bottom row, L-R) Nordstrom, Nordstrom

While you may have previously filed claw clips under the “basic, everyday” category of hair accessories, the ones offered up by retailers for Fall 2018 are truly anything but. 

Not only is this trend super in-style right now, it’s also really, really low-maintenance–just twist your hair up into a bun or pin it back into a ponytail or half-ponytail and forget about it for the rest of the day, as the “teeth” of the clip will keep everything in place!

How to Wear Claw Clips:

Claw clips tend to work best with casual outfits; however, there are plenty of options that come in fun colors and/or with embellishments that are a little less informal, and will work with slightly more dressed-up outfits. 

If you have an embellished or more intricate style of claw clip, try contrasting it with simpler pieces, such as track pants, a t-shirt, and sneakers for a ’90s-inspired look. Alternatively, if you have a solid or color-blocked version, wear it with a fun printed blouse and a dark-colored pencil skirt for a quirky-yet-preppy look.

What do you think?

Which of these accessory trends is your favorite? Are there any other accessory trends for fall 2018 that you think should be on this list? What are some of your go-to sources for cute accessories?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m cringing at the baker caps (flashbacks to terrible 2000s outfits…eugh), but I’m psyched about the clips and hair bows! I just started wearing a clip recently because those hairstyles don’t leave ponytail lines in my curly hair


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