Top 17 Trendy Teenage Halloween Costumes Ideas

Whether you want to dress cute or spooky, here’s all the Halloween inspo you need.

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Have you started looking for your Halloween costume this year? If not, you should start searching — it’s never too early!

I always love to hunt for Halloween costumes early because it gives me more time to really think through what I want to be this year.

There are many different routes you can go on when choosing a Halloween costume, but most of us generally think of these two main categories: Do we want to be spooky or cute this Halloween?

If you need some Halloween costume inspo as a teen, I recommend checking out this list of 17 fun teenage Halloween costumes that are both spooky and cute!

Teenage Halloween Costumes:

1. Teen Titans Costume

If cute superhero vibes are what you want to go for this Halloween. I recommend wearing this Teen Titans costume!

This costume comes in an adorable two-piece set with a mini skirt and high boots so that you will look the part for this Halloween.

Also, to add more to the costume, you can wear a wig like this fun pink wig to complete the look!

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2. Cruella Costume

Who doesn’t know of Cruella de Ville? For those of us going for an iconic Halloween costume, I definitely recommend trying out this Cruella costume!

This costume comes with a gorgeous red dress with a mermaid-style bottom to make you stand out on Halloween.

And don’t forget to wear the iconic black & white Cruella wig to complete the costume. You can also go the extra mile and recreate Cruella’s makeup look with black eyeliner and a red lip! (Here’s a full tutorial for the look.)

3. Mummy Costume

For those going for a more spooky vibe this Halloween, you should be checking out this mummy costume. For this costume, you will be wearing a spooky bodysuit that will make you look like you are wrapped like a mummy!

And, you can even add this fun headpiece to make the costume resemble a mummy even more.

4. Steampunk Girl Costume

Another cute teenage Halloween costumes option that you may not have thought of is a steampunk girl! For this look, you will be resembling a steampunk girl with a cute dress and high boots.

And, don’t forget about the hat and gloves, which are essential to complete the look!

5. Monsters Inc. Onesies

If you are going for cute vibes this Halloween but also want to be super comfy, a onesie is the way to go! And what’s great about wearing onesie costumes is there are so many fun ones to choose from.

For example, if you love Monsters, Inc., you could totally go for these adorable onesie costumes based on the movie! And you could even use these costumes to match your friends.

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6. Ninja Turtle Costume

If you like the superhero vibes but want something a little bit different, you could also always go for this teenage ninja turtle costume!

For this costume, you will get a bright green dress with matching high boots and gloves to complete the look. Also, make sure to wear the matching eyepiece so you definitely look like a ninja turtle this Halloween!

7. Zombie Bride Costume

For those of us looking for something spooky but also cute, this costume is the way to go!

With this costume, you will be dressing up as a zombie bride, and you will be wearing a cute but also spooky dress with zombie-themed detailing.

And, to complete this costume, don’t forget the matching veil to really transform yourself into a zombie bride!

8. Karen Smith Costume

Everyone knows Mean Girls! And, if you have been thinking about wearing a girly costume this year, I am sure this costume idea has crossed your mind.

To transform yourself into Karen Smith, you will need this costume! With this costume, you will get an all-pink outfit with matching pink heels, so that everyone will know who you are dressing up as this year!

And I recommend also wearing a blonde wig so that you achieve her iconic hair look. Tell everyone you “have ESPN or something.”

9. Barbie Halloween Costume

Another cute and girly Halloween costume you have probably also considered is Barbie! This will be an insanely popular Halloween costume this year because of the Barbie movie.

So, if you want to get a Halloween costume based on the movie, I definitely recommend checking out this cowgirl Barbie costume based on one of her outfits in the film!

For this costume, you will be getting her hot pink outfit with a star design and a super cute cowgirl hat to go with it.

10. Elsa Halloween Costume

Another girly option is this adorable Elsa costume based on the movie, Frozen. You will love this costume if you are a fan of the movie!

With this costume, you will get Elsa’s adorable blue dress and a matching blue crown with a white wig to really make you look an ice queen this year.

11. Minecraft Costume

If you are into video games and you are a fan of Minecraft, you might be interested in this unique costume for Halloween!

For this costume, you will be dressing as if you are in the game, so you will have a green outfit based on the game with some matching block-shaped boots to really make you look like a Minecraft creeper.

And you can make the costume look cute with the matching TNT headband that comes with it!

12. Daria Costume

If you are looking for a costume based on an iconic TV show series, I recommend this Daria Morgendorffer costume!

This costume will make you look exactly like the character from the TV Show, Daria, with her green jacket and black skirt. You can also look more like her by wearing this yellow top underneath the jacket with some boots!

So, make sure to check out this costume if a TV Show character is what you want to go for this Halloween. Everyone will love this throwback look.

13. Paris Hilton Costume

If you are a fan of the ’90s or anything Y2K, I am sure you recognize that this is a Paris Hilton-themed Halloween costume.

For this look, you will be getting her iconic velour tracksuit outfit in pink. And, to look even more like her, you can pair this costume with a blonde wig and Y2K sunglasses to complete the look! For the finishing touch, you can grab a little stuffed dog to carry around in your purse.

14. Pennywise Costume

This is the costume for you if you want something super spooky this Halloween! This costume is based on the movie Pennywise, which features a spooky clown.

This costume will give you a dress that closely resembles Pennywise and you will definitely need to wear a wig like this one to really make yourself look like the clown himself.

And you can even add some more to this look by adding a balloon to give an added effect. Or, you can also add makeup that will give you the spooky look of Pennywise — it’s up to you how far you want to take this.

15. Werewolf Costume

If you are into the show Teen Wolf, or you are looking to dress up as an animal this year for Halloween, I recommend checking out this werewolf costume!

For this costume, you will be getting an adorable dress with a werewolf tail. You will also be getting a hood with werewolf ears to make you look like a spooky but also cute werewolf.

And don’t forget to add the furry knee highs to complete the look of this werewolf costume!

16. Laffy Taffy Costume

You may have never seen an outfit like this before for Halloween, but this is also another cute option that I totally recommend you check out!

With this costume, you will be dressing up as Laffy Taffy. If you don’t know what a Laffy Taffy is, it is a classic candy that has been around for many years and comes in various flavors.

So, with this costume, you will be wearing a dress that closely resembles the wrapper of a Laffy Taffy, and it will give you a super cute costume that you can wear this year!

17. Evil Queen Costume

For those of us who are fans of the Disney princess movies but want to dress up as a villain this year, you definitely can! All you need is an outfit like this one to give you a super cute teenage Halloween costumes that you will love this year.

This costume is based on the Disney movie, Snow White, so you will be dressing up as the Evil Queen.

For this costume, you will get a dress that looks exactly like the dress that the Evil Queen wears in the movie, but it will be short to make the costume even cuter! You will also love the puffy sleeves that come with the dress to make your costume stand out even more.

You will also get a crown to wear similar to the queen’s so that everyone will know who you are dressing up as this year.

Which teenage Halloween costumes will you be trying this Halloween?

Which costume do you think is the most fun? Are you going for a cute or spooky look this Halloween?

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