DollsKill Has My Alt-Fashion Heart, But These Stores Are Just as Cool

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Feeling like your style’s stuck in a rut? Tired of seeing the same stuff on everyone? If you crave something edgier, something that truly expresses YOU… you’re in the right place. And the good news – you don’t have to limit yourself to Dolls Kill to find that alt fashion fix.

Let’s see what kind of hidden gems we can find! Stores with that same alternative edge but maybe take it bolder, thriftier, or even with a totally different twist.

Why Branch out from Dolls Kill?

Variety is the spice of life  

Dolls Kill is great, but sometimes you want to try something NEW. Branching out lets you discover different takes on alt fashion – maybe a little sweeter, a lot spookier, or with an unexpected streetwear twist.

Affordable alt  

Let’s face it, Dolls Kill can be pricey.  Good news – there are stores out there with that same edgy vibe, but way easier on your wallet.  Finding those is a seriously satisfying score.

Plus-size friendly  

Inclusivity matters! Not every store caters to all body types. Finding shops that DO is a freakin’ win, letting you rock alt fashion that fits your curves perfectly.

Festival fashion, but make it unique  

Hitting up Coachella or EDC? Get looks that’ll stand out from the usual Dolls Kill crowd. Think bolder festival styles, or even awesome vintage finds that make your outfit one of a kind.

Your style, YOUR way 

Maybe Dolls Kill’s aesthetic is a starting point, not your whole vibe. Exploring other stores lets you cherry-pick what you love – a bit of goth here, a touch of punk there– to create an alt look that’s 100% authentically YOU.

Top Stores Like Dolls Kill

Ready to ditch the basics and find clothes that make you feel like a total badass? Let’s go!

Hot Topic

Thorn & Fable Ghost Sunflower Babydoll Dress - stores like dollskill

The OG of alt! They’ve got it all band tees galore (from classics to current faves), goth dresses and skirts, spooky jewelry,  pop culture goodies, and even some K-pop merch.  Basically, if you can slap a band logo or a skull on it, Hot Topic probably has it.


EXTRA CELESTIAL BABY TEE  - stores like dollskill

This is for bold babes who aren’t afraid to stand out. Envision oversized everything– jackets, hoodies, tees with loud graphics.  Their platform boots are iconic, and they’ve always got those crazy-cool accessories that make people do a double-take.

Nasty Gal

Floral Corset Lace Trim Skater Dress - stores like fashion nova

Clubwear meets alt-girl.  If you want edgy dresses, slinky bodysuits, killer heels, and faux leather everything, this is your place. They’ve also got a surprisingly good selection of vintage-inspired pieces for when you’re feeling a little retro.

Kreepsville 666

Spiderweb White Skater Dress  - stores like dollskill

Horror fans, rejoice!  This store is all about goth, punk, and rockabilly vibes. Their skeleton hand hair clips, coffin-shaped purses, graphic tees with your fave horror icons, and spooky jewelry are enough to make Wednesday Addams jealous.

Princess Polly

CAPRANI MINI DRESS CHOCOLATE - stores like fashion nova

This Aussie brand is perfect for edgy fashion with a feminine twist.  They’ve got flirty dresses with cutouts, chunky boots, trendy jewelry, and the cutest bags. It’s a great place to find that balance between sweet and fierce.


SLANDER x iHR Lightning Thrust Reflective Ultra Crop Top  - stores like dollskill

If you’re hitting up a festival, this is your one-stop shop! Neon everything (fluffy leg warmers, bodysuits, and crop tops), holographic platforms, trippy sunglasses, and all the accessories you need for a rave-ready look.


Jeans from Amazon  - stores like dollskill

Chill streetwear vibes with an alt twist.  This is where you’ll find those classic graphic tees, comfy hoodies, and distressed denim that are perfect for a laid-back look. Plus, they collab with bands and artists for some unique finds.


Monki tie waist midi shirt dress in green meadow print - stores like fashion nova

This UK-based store is massive, so it’s all about the hunt.  They mix trendy stuff with classic pieces, but you can definitely find that Dolls Kill vibe if you dig. Picture edgy dresses, faux fur coats, chunky boots, and all sorts of statement accessories.


Slither Relaxed Midi Dress

Goth to the max! Oversized hoodies with creepy graphics, platform boots with crazy buckles, and enough black lipstick to last a lifetime.  They’re also known for streetwear-inspired stuff with an edgy twist.

Urban Outfitters

BDG Logan Buckle Baggy Boyfriend Jean - stores like windsor - stores like nasty gal

This one can be hit or miss, depending on the location. They mix mainstream stuff with those hidden alt gems. It’s great for statement pieces like a faux leather moto jacket, a funky printed mini dress, or those weird-but-cool shoes you won’t find anywhere else.


Topshop Hourglass Jamie jeans in bleach - stores like windsor

They’re a British brand with a mix of on-trend pieces and edgier stuff. Think ripped denim, faux fur jackets, band tees with a twist, and unexpected accessories that’ll add that cool-girl edge to your look.

American Apparel

Heavyweight Cotton Women's Garment Dyed Muscle T-Shirt

This one’s all about basics with an edge. Their hoodies, tees, and leggings come in a ton of colors, and they’re perfect for layering. Plus, they’ve got some surprisingly edgy pieces like sheer bodysuits and fishnet stockings.



Surf, skate, and streetwear collide! They’ve got lots of comfy basics, but it’s the graphic tees, distressed jeans, and accessories that give that alt vibe. Great for when you want a relaxed look with a bit of attitude.

Fashion Nova

Party Rhinestone Mini Dress - Light Blue

If you’re after curve-hugging dresses, bodysuits, and all the clubwear, this is it. They specialize in those ultra-trendy pieces, perfect for when you wanna channel your inner baddie with a dash of edge.

Stylin’ Tips for Your Alt ‘Fits

Your alt style should be as unique as you are! Forget boring outfits and let’s play with some fun combos. Here’s how to break the rules and make those alt pieces truly yours:

Mix n’ Match is your BFF  

Alt fashion is about breaking the rules. Pair a frilly vintage dress with chunky combat boots, a band tee with a pleated skirt, or a goth top with ripped jeans. The unexpected contrast is what makes it magic.

Shoes make the outfit 

A killer pair of shoes takes a basic look to the next level. Think Docs, creepers, platforms –  whatever gives you that edgy boost. Don’t be afraid to go bold with color or a funky style!

Hit the thrift stores  

This is where you find true gems! Cheap vintage band tees, one-of-a-kind jackets, and accessories no one else will have. Plus, upcycling thrifted stuff into your own DIY creations? Alt queen status.

Lingerie ain’t just for under there  

Layer a lacy bralette under a sheer top, rock a harness over a simple dress, or even add some fishnet stockings peeking out from your ripped jeans. It’s unexpected and adds a seriously edgy touch.

Accessorize like a pro 

Pile on the necklaces, stack rings, rock funky earrings –  little details make your look unique.  Scour flea markets and online shops for those weird-but-cool pieces that nobody else has.

Comfy AND edgy is a thing  

Oversized graphic tee + biker shorts + chunky sneakers = effortless cool-girl vibes. Or try layering a mesh top over a crop, joggers, and your fave combat boots for a streetwear edge.

Own your look, flaws and all 

Got a stain on your fave skirt? Who cares! Ripped your tights? Even better!  Alt fashion isn’t about perfection, it’s about attitude.

Do you love the Dolls Kill look but crave something different?  What kind of alternative fashion stores would you like to see?  

Drop a comment below, let’s keep this alt-fashion convo going!

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