Splurge vs Save: Nude Heels

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Splurge VS Save: Nude Heels

There are some classic fashion pieces every girl needs to own. These classics not only keep you looking chic on campus, but will also help to expand your wardrobe post-grad! Each week I’ll feature one classic investment piece and teach you how to incorporate it with inexpensive items you already own. Your money matters, so I’ll give you options– you decide where to save and where to splurge!

This week, the focus is on nude heels – such a classic, but should you splurge or save on them?

Why Buy?

You probably already own a killer pair (or four!) of black pumps. Black is classy, goes with everything, and is easy to dress up or down. While black is great, sometimes you just need a little something extra.

That’s where nude heels come in. They transition well from season to season, they’re phenomenally flattering, and, most importantly, they’re different. If you don’t have a pair of nude heels of your own, they are a style you must invest in. You’ll be able to integrate your new pumps into your wardrobe seamlessly, and may even find yourself picking them instead of your basic black when you’re getting ready to go out!

As with all footwear, you get what you pay for, so purchase a pair that are of good quality and your shoes will last you. Buy your trendy, one-time-use party shoes from Wet Seal, but plan to spend a bit more on a pair you’ll wear often.

Tips for Buying

  • Nude heels can work for every skin tone, but they have to match! Like makeup, you just have to find a shade that works for you. Don’t be afraid to try on many different colors to find the best hue–nude isn’t one size fits all! If you have darker skin, opt for a chocolate, camel, or tan pair instead of basic beige for a complementary match.
  • The nude you pick should be close to your skin color, but not match exactly as this can look a little creepy/old lady-ish. Textures such as animal prints and patent also help spice up a basic pump.

Tips for Wearing

  • While they may seem difficult to wear with things you already own, they’re not. Because nude (like black) is a neutral, nude heels go with almost everything. Try a pair with black cigarette pants, your favorite skinny jeans, or even super-trendy bright white, shredded denim. You can even wear them with shorts!
  • Nude heels will lengthen your legs like no other! For this reason, they look fabulous paired with your dresses and skirts.
  • Post-grad, or if you ever have an internship or job where you need to dress more formally, pair your pumps with a skirt/suit combo. They’ll spice up your more conservative outfit and showcase your awesome sense of style while still being office-appropriate.

Get Your Own!


Nude Pumps

Product Information: online studded stilettos, Aldo. Dolce Vita Madison in Biscuit Crinkle Patent, Zappos.com. Nine West Rocha in Light Natural, Zappos.com.


Inexpensive Nude Pumps

Product Information: Qupid Valtina Platform Pumps, cutesygirl.com, Taupe Faux Leather Crinkle Patent Round Pump Heels, amiclubwear.com, Tan Closed Toe Leatherette Pump, GoJane.com.

What do you think?

Do you own a pair of nude heels yet, or are you fine sticking with traditional black? Would you rather splurge or save on this item?

Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

11 thoughts on “Splurge vs Save: Nude Heels”

  1. I just bought the PERFECT pair of nude heels at Charolette Russe, they were only $25, 4.5′ heel, perfect shade, the had them a little darker too. they are a matte leather, comfy and beautiful. i def didnt have to splurgre and i got my perfect heel (-:

  2. @Giselle I went a little darker, so when I do get a tan in the summer it matches more. I think if you did lighter it would look kind of strange honestly. Like the reason you wear white is to look more tan, it would kind of do the same thing. I went just a couple shades darker.

  3. I’ve been wanting nude heels so a while now. I think this post is going to motivate me to look for some great ones. But since you said a nude heel shouldn’t be exactly the same as your skin tone..I’m wondering, should they be a little darker or a little lighter?

  4. Wanted these for a while, found one that complimented my skin tone PERFECTLY from Steve Madden and wore them for New Years with a slim-fitting black dress. Loved it!! I can’t wait to wear these with my highwaisted gray mini with pockets and a white shirt. Love my neutrals!

  5. I purchased a pair of Mary Jane’s in nude from forever 21 and my skin is a little darker than them and I know what to do because I purchased them online to wear with my dress for this Saturday and I don’t know what to do.

  6. I need shoes for my Yr 12 formal – should i go for black or nude? I’m tall and have fairly long legs anyway, but it’s so tempting to wear nude to make them look even longer 😉 and if i go for nude, should they be slightly lighter or darker than my skin tone?
    on a slightly related note… I wanted to buy just simple pumps, but they always seem to slip off my feet a little when I walk – is there any way to fix this, or if not then would nude heels with an ankle strap or something similar look a bit strange?

  7. just ordered some nude heels from newlook.co.uk, wanted nude heels for a while, and can’t wait for them to come. they were £25 and have a corsage-type flower on the front. i think black heels for cooler months, nude for summer!

  8. Oo I like these a lot! Nudes are great for autumn! Here are some more nude pumps I found: http://glammed.blogspot.com/2009/10/nudes-for-autumn.html

  9. @bo the best thing about them is that they can go with ANYTHING. They’re a neutral, so anything you’d wear a black shoe with, you can wear a nude shoe with. Endless possibilities!

    P.S. Yes I have no life today and am responding to comments since I’m avoiding writing a paper XD

  10. I love nude pumps! But I’m too coward to use heels… it hurts so much!! Besides, in my country, when you wear heels at the university, people look at you very weird. Does that happen to you too? I’m 18 years old, maybe that’s the thing… :/


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