My Go-to Trick to Find Gift Ideas for Everyone (Sponsored)

Refinery29’s Holiday Gift Curator is back and better than ever!
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Refinery29 Holiday Gift Curator 2016

The main page of Refinery29's Holiday Gift Curator

If you've been reading CF for a while, you know that I'm not a talented gift-giver. In the past, I resorted to gift cards, but now I have a secret weapon for finding perfect gift ideas.

Last year, I mentioned how Refinery29’s Holiday Gift Curator saved my life. While last year's version was amazing, I'm even more obsessed with the new and improved 2016 Holiday Gift Curator! (That tumblr pink background, swoon!) Read on for the deets.

Refinery29's Holiday Gift Curator 101

In case you aren't familiar with it from last year, Refinery29's Holiday Gift Curator works like a personality quiz

A screenshot of Refinery29's Gift Curator shopping options including Mom, Dad, S.O., BFF, Work Spouse, and Surprise Me

Step 1: Decide who you're shopping for

First you decide who you're shopping for. This year's options include mom, dad, S.O., BFF, and work spouse. Next, you select three traits that describe that person's personality:

A list of traits to select for your BFF's personality on Refinery29's Holiday Gift Curator - includes chill, chic aesthete, emo, type a, early adopter, and fancy

Step 2: What's their personality?

Once you've decided on your three traits, just click "See Gifts" and you'll be presented with a variety of gift ideas - at all different price points! There's sure to be a gift idea you'll love. Just try not to get addicted: I spent way too much time playing with all of the different options.

Now that you get how it works, try it out!

Need a gift idea for your s/o, BFF, mom, dad, or work spouse? Refinery29 has you covered. Click right here to try Refinery29's Holiday Gift Curator yourself.

Let me know how you like the gift curator in the comments! Did it help you out? What gifts from the curator would you most want yourself? (I'm eyeing that marble light-up cell phone case.) Tell us your thoughts below!

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