Plus Size Fashion: How to Find the Perfect Bra

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Plus size bras

(L to R) 1. Nordstrom, 2. Avenue, 3. Lane Bryant

Although (wrongly) left off many must-have lists, the number one wardrobe staple for every season is a perfect bra.

Never underestimate the value of a really good bra, a.k.a. one that fits you like a glove and makes any outfit look superb. In my opinion, it’s worth splurging on a few great sturdy, comfortable bras that you count on, no matter where you’re headed.

I know that finding just the right size can be a little difficult to do for a number of reasons. Maybe you’ve been wearing the wrong size all your life and have no idea. Maybe you’re afraid to ask the staff member to measure you because hello, awkward. Maybe the store you’re buying your bras from doesn’t offer your correct size so you’re wearing the size they do offer.

Personally, I have fallen victim to all three of the aforementioned scenarios, but let me tell you: that awkward situation of a stranger measuring you for a bra? Yeah, it’s so worth it.

Below, I’ll share some of my best tips and tricks for finding that perfect bra, as well as the best places to find plus-size bras:

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips I’ve learned in the past few years about bra shopping and how to find the perfect one:

  • If you’re even a little unsure about your bra size, ask to be measured. If you’ve never been measured for a bra before, ask to be measured. If you’ve never bought a bra from this particular store, ask to be measured. I cannot stress this enough!
  • Always look for a wide elastic band that will offer you more support. Not only will this be much more comfortable (since the band won’t be digging into your skin), but it will also make the back of your shirt or dress that much smoother and in turn, that much cuter.
  • Make sure that the cup of the bra you’re buying does the job you want it to. Do you want a little extra cleavage? Opt for a lower cut cup. Do you want full coverage? Opt for a full cup. Keep in mind that brands almost always have different size cups for all your needs! Find out your size and then try on as many types as you need until you find the one for you.
  • Don’t forget that the staff members are there to help you! All you have to do is ask.

The Best Stores to Find Plus-Size Bras

Specialty Stores

Lane bryant and avenue plus size bras

1. Avenue, 2. Lane Bryant, 3. Avenue, 4. Lane Bryant

The number one store I’ve found that offers the best quality bras for the price is Lane Bryant. They offer a wide range of sizes and almost all of their bras have a wide elastic band which makes them perfect for smoothing out the back of an outfit! Yes, their prices are rather steep, but the way I see it is: invest in a couple of sturdy, neutral-colored bras and you won’t have to buy any more for quite some time (LB bras last forever!).

Also, always check the clearance section and keep an eye out for sales. LB has frequent sales, with promotions like “BOGO 50% off” “buy two get one free”, and even (rarely) “buy two get two free”. Right now, they actually have a ‘BOGO 50% off’ promotion going on!

My second favorite store for bras is definitely Avenue. They’re slightly cheaper than LB, but they’re just as sturdy and have just as many sales. Right now, Avenue is running a promotion where you buy two bras and get the third for 1¢. They also offer a variety of styles and most, if not all, of their offerings have that wide elastic band in the back I mentioned earlier!

The one thing some may not like about Avenue is that their bras, like their clothes, are targeted for an older audience, so the colors and styles are, for the most part, standard and neutral, while LB has a wider variety of colors and designs.

Department Stores

Department store plus size bras

(L to R) 1. Nordstrom, 2. Macy’s, 3. Macy’s, 4. JCPenney

Although they don’t specialize in plus-size clothing, you may be able to find plus-size bras at some department stores, like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and JCPenney.

At department stores, you can find a number of name brand bras, which means you can try on a variety of styles and fits until you find that perfect match. The downside is that they may not carry a large stock of plus-size bras in-store, but it’s always worth it to go check.

Prices vary depending on where you shop. JCP and Macy’s bras are usually on par price-wise with LB and Avenue, while Nordstrom bras are more expensive.

However, as I mentioned above, splurge now and save later! You won’t be needing new bras for at least a few months or even a year, plus it’s always worth investing in undergarments that are comfortable and support you properly.

What do you think?

What are your go-to stores for bras in extended sizes? Do you have any tips for bra shopping? Do you think splurging on a bra is worth it? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Fashion: How to Find the Perfect Bra”

  1. Hi there

    I am very impressed with your bras and how they look do u do shipping to Zimbabwe and may I please have a catalogue.

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m in the D’s and I can’t find any at least comfortable bras in all the stores available to me, even Target.

  3. I completely agree with Meghan. After measuring myself with this method, bras have never fit better, and I haven’t had any of the pain associated with bras at all since.

  4. while i applaud CF’s effort to inform its readers about proper foundational garments, the old statistic that 80% of women wear the wrong size is unfortunately very true. i would highly recommend heading over to, measuring yourself is the only way to get an accurate measurement, department store fitters and Victoria’s Secret measure incorrectly in order to fit more women in a small range of sizes. most women wear a bra size that is too large in the band and too small in the cup, causing back pain, neck pain and numerous other problems. i spent more than a decade wearing improperly fitted bras (in sizes ranging from 32A to 36C) never understanding why i was so uncomfortable. now, i correctly wear and size 28FF and my back pain has vanished. please do yourself a favor and at least try the r/abrathatfits method, your clothes will fit better, and your body will thank you.

    TLDR: measure yourself, you’ll be surprised.

  5. I’d recommend measuring yourself! That way you’re empowered to shop for your size anywhere, including online. Lane Bryant, Victoria’s Secret, and other US retailers offer such an extremely limited size range. Half the time fitters will just tell you a size that they carry and not give you your real measurements. If a shop doesn’t offer bands below 32 and cups above DDD, that is a red flag. : long but great self-measuring guide 🙂


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