Outfits Under $100: 4 Dinner Date Looks

Got plans? Getting dressed can be as simple at throwing on, well, a dress.

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This post may be a bit wistful and aspirational because let’s face it, as overworked college students leading hectic lives, dinner tends to stop being a formal affair. When you’ve resorted to piling your entire meal in one bowl to cut down on dishes or scavenging in your kitchen mid-study-break, the thought of a great conversation over a real meal approaches heavenly dimensions. Which is why planning to catch a meal with someone, be it a friend or someone special, should be a fun moment to toss on a cute outfit. 

I created four dinner outfit ideas, inadvertently all featuring dresses, for exactly this reason. If you don’t mind wearing them and you’re in a rush, dresses will help you out on the style end. The first look features plus-size items, but don’t worry, all ring in at under $100.

Dinner Outfit 1 – $88.59

Read dress with gemstone drop earrings, tan booties, and black clutch

Products: Dress, Booties, Clutch, Earrings

Red can be a divisive color (this dress also comes in black if you’re not a fan), but brings drama without too much work. The soft knit and swing silhouette pair well with drop gemstone earrings and a metal-accented clutch for a sophisticated look. For shoes, go neutral with blush peeptoe booties.

Dinner Outfit 2 – $99.99

Bodycon black dress, gray cardigan, charcoal booties, tan crossbody

Products: Dress, Cardigan, Booties, Crossbody

I like to think that in an alternate universe, I’d not only have time for dinner plans but be lucky enough to catch up with a friend in a vibrant downtown area. In that case I’d toss on a black bodycon dress, wrap a cozy marled cardigan around me, and top off the look with a foldover crossbody bag and charcoal ankle boots.

Dinner Outfit 3 – $99.69

Sweater dress with black booties, knit headband, knit scarf, and gray crossbody satchel

Products: Sweater dress, CrossbodyBooties, Knit headband, Scarf

If you’re heading straight from classes to dinner, this look works for both occasions. Play up the utilitarian edge of this chunky knit sweater dress with a zip-detail crossbody and black ankle boots. Keep hair back with a cute knit headband to get you through a long day of classes. Optional: Wind a cozy scarf around your neck to ward off a chill.

Dinner Outfit 4 – $79.89

Burgundy dress with tan crossbody, lace up black booties, and gold necklace

Products: Dress, Booties, Crossbody, Necklace

A cranberry shift dress is a lovely staple for dates. Dress it up with lace-up black heels, and stow away your wallet, keys, and phone in a compact cognac crossbody. For accessories, all you need is a gold tassel necklace.

Your thoughts?

What did you think of these looks? What are your go-to staples for dates? 

2 thoughts on “Outfits Under $100: 4 Dinner Date Looks”

  1. I wouldn’t have minded seeing more variety. An outfit with pants or flats. Even a patterned dress would have been nice to see since the headline for the article isn’t: dinner date uniform.

  2. I like this as an outfit formula: dress, heeled boots/booties, and a crossbody bag. Coat/sweater optional and a standout accessory. BOOM.


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