How to Stay Fresh At the Gym: The Best Deodorants for Your Workout

Kind of an essential, wouldn’t you agree?

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Welcome back to CF’s Gym Bag Essentials series! So far, we’ve covered our top picks for the best gym bagsgym underwearheadphonesblender bottles, and post-workout protein options.

This week, we are going over a staple item for your gym bag, deodorant; but also some more products and ideas for how to stay fresh during and after your workout!

Top Deodorant Picks for 2019

Dry Spray Degree

Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray deodorant is a great option that will keep working throughout your workout and protect your clothing from deodorant marks. (This is important if you like to wear a lot of black to the gym!)

The brand promises to hold up for 48 hours and claims its best stain protection yet. You can get it at Target or most grocery stores!

Clinical Strength Solid

Secret’s Clinical Strength deodorant is a little pricier than most, but is worth the cost! It offers prescription strength when it comes to keeping your underarms dry and therefore, your sleeves dry. If you sweat a lot and need something strong, this is your best pick.

You can purchase this one from Amazon or any other retailer like a grocery store, Target, or WalMart.

The Roll-On Organic Option

Welda prides itself on its organic products. This roll-on deodorant is also vegan friendly. It also contains no aluminum and promises to balance your skin’s detoxification process.

If you prefer natural products, give this option a try. At $8, its totally worth it!

The Aluminum-Free Option

Dove is a long-trusted brand for many fitness girls. This 0% Aluminum line boasts 0% aluminum, 0% alcohol, and Dove’s moisturizers. They also promise that this deodorant will keep you fresh all day, while smoothing and softening your skin.

Of course you can find Dove hygiene products at most grocery stores, but also straight from the Walmart website.

Body Mists and Light Perfumes

Another way to keep you smelling fresh during and after your workouts are body mists and light perfumes. The goal here isn’t to smell so strongly that no one can breathe in the gym around you! But you want a light and pleasant scent, of course.

Spring-Time Scent

Apple Blossom from Bath and Body Works is a light and fruity fragrance that will keep you smelling clean and fresh! The scent is also perfect for spring and can be used again before you start your day. BBW is a trusted brand for its fragrances and body mists!

Paradise Perfume

This is another light perfume mist that’s perfect for spring and summer. Victoria’s Secret has a bunch of great options like Paradise, Heavenly, Love, and more. Since they sell for 2 for $30, it’s a great deal to get two different scents.

Fresh Frangrance

Queen Bee by Good Chemistry is a body mist that has garnered great reviews by its users. The fresh scent has notes of black currant, amber, and peony. Additionally, it’s a vegan-friendly product! You can get yours at Target.

What are your favorite deodorant and body sprays?

How do you stay smelling like new during and after a workout? Let us know in the comments!

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