5 Cute Pieces to Upgrade Your Gym Wardrobe (Minus the Steep Price Tag)

Hard to find workout clothes that don’t leave your wallet in shock? Us too, but it’s not impossible. Here’s a list that will leave you saying “Wait, that’s all it costs?”

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Who doesn’t love a pair of Lululemon yoga pants? The sweat-wicking, instant-leg-toning fabric that comes in 1,001 different colors, while amazing, is followed by a shocking price tag that makes you question, “Do I REALLY need these just to sweat in?”

As college girls on a budget, this feeling is hard to stomach, and can honestly lead us to be less motivated to hit the gym. It’s not just Lululemon either; while we love cute workout outfits, there are a great number of workout brands that give us major sticker shock.

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Never fear, though! Cute workout clothes do not have to be expensive. Below, we have rounded up 5 of the cutest items to sweat in right now (from our favorite stores for cheap workout clothes) that do a great job at keeping the prices low, while also delivering a great product. *Sigh of relief*

1. Electric Pink Yoga Pants

These Lululemon lookalikes — in a super on-trend color — will bring a pop of energy to any workout. These pants provide a great fit while giving you a stylish way to take on the toughest workouts. You can find this pair at Athleta for only $79, a much better deal than Lulu’s $100+.

Pro-tip: New users earn 20% off on their first purchase online, so be sure to sign up for Athleta’s mailing list if you’ve never shopped there before.

2. Color Block Leggings

Who would have thought you could buy a cute workout set where you buy your face wash? It’s true! To some surprise, Target has some of the best workout clothes around (and some of the best prices too), and this is one of our favorite examples! These color block leggings are a perfect way to transition from winter to spring. Pick this pair up at Target for only $34.99. (P.S. These leggings also have a matching sports bra top = perfect set!)

3. Lightweight Jacket

Looking to transition from the gym to brunch? Look no further. This jacket will give you the perfect piece to slip on for a quick change for your busy life! This light color makes it versatile and easy to pair with many different workout ensembles. Find this must have jacket at Fabletics.com for $19.49 (marked down from $84.00)!

4. Fun Floral Shorts

The famous Old Navy is not only known for their perfect basics now, but also their adorable athletic wear! These perfect spring shorts are flattering and have a great fit. Thanks to their colorful pattern, it is easy to make a statement at the gym in these. Find these at Old Navy for $15.00.

5. Lululemon Tank

If you do want some Lulu in your wardrobe, you can sometimes find deals! I found this gem of a tank in the Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” Section. This muted pink classic racerback tank is perfect for layering and for the transition from your morning yoga session to class. Find this piece at Lululemon for $49.00.

What Motivates you?

What inspires you? Is it a new outfit? Or a friend to help push you? Let us know in the comments! Time to get a new outfit and get your sweat on!

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