20 Cute and Affordable Laptop Bags Under $100

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If you have summer travel plans that require the use of a computer, you’ve probably looked into ways to transport your laptop from place to place. While there are a bunch of fashionable laptop sleeves and cases out there, finding bags specifically created for your computer that are both cute and affordable can be a difficult task.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you find that perfect way to carry your computer. No matter your style, these three laptop carrying options will meet all of your needs… for under $100 each!

1. If you want… something JUST for your laptop:

Laptop sleeves with straps

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Try… a sleeve with straps!

Sleeves with straps are perfect if you just want to carry your laptop and nothing else because they combine the best of the sleeve and bag worlds: a slim design that’s easily portable. Sleeves with straps are great for flights, since they provide easy access to your computer for security, but can be easily tucked into your carry-on luggage at the gate or in-flight. Sleeves with straps are low maintenance and their simple, classic design generally promises a lower price tag and more styles than other bag options.

2. If you want… something spacious:

Laptop totes

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Try… a laptop tote!

Laptop totes are the perfect fusion of fashion and function. They have a girly silhouette, but also provide laptop protection and extra space for other assets you may need. Totes are easily transportable, and can be slung over a shoulder en route to keep your hands free. The major benefit of a laptop tote is that they look like a normal handbag–they’re not masculine or unattractive, and it’s not obvious to anyone else that you’re carrying your computer. If you want something that’s both stylish and useful, go for a tote.

3. If you want… something substantial:

Laptop backpacks and messenger bags

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Try… a messenger bag or backpack!

Messenger bags and backpacks created specifically for laptops generally provide the best in protection for girls on the go. Like a laptop tote, these bags provide extra space for your other essentials while keeping your computer in place and secure. These backpacks often allow enough room for a notebook, textbook, and school supplies, so you’ll only need to bring one bag for all of your things. As an added bonus, if you bike, or have a long commute to school or work, backpacks and messenger bags allow you to keep your hands free and put the weight of your laptop on your back or side instead of on one shoulder or your wrists.

What do you think?

How do you carry your laptop from place to place? Do you have any suggestions for stores or sites that sell cute laptop bags? Let us know with a comment!

11 thoughts on “20 Cute and Affordable Laptop Bags Under $100”

  1. I love the black and white sleeve on the top.

    I bought a backpack for my laptop when I first bought it but it was too square and it didn’t allow much space for other things, so later I bought a huge messenger bag which fits a lot of stuff but is not good for when I just carry my laptop.

  2. These are cute, and maybe I’m just paranoid (and maybe it’s where my college is located), but I would never walk around school with my laptop in anything that looks like it has a laptop in it – I’d only use a tote or backpack (or maybe a messenger bag), and preferably a discreet one. Waaay too many people get their laptops stolen (by force, at my campus anyway).

  3. Love all of these! (:
    I’ve been looking for a laptop case my self, but I can’t seem to ever find the right one. Of course, Juicy has some cute ones but they’re just a little expensive, especially for a laptop case! :]

    But great post! =D


  4. nice post!! i usually use a regular thin sleeve with a pink pattern without straps or pockets, so i can keep my laptop in my purse

  5. If you’re looking for a cute laptop bag in the UK, Primark are currently selling floral ones for a tenner or less, and they are gorgeous. Check them out!

  6. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m taking a trip to NY and am currently looking for something cute yet functional to carry my laptop in! Great suggestions!


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