Hautelinks: Internet Nostalgia Fashion, “Midnights” Easter Eggs, Beauty Gifts Under $25, & More

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Close-up of friendship bracelets with smiley face beads

Can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift’s Midnights? Here are all the Easter eggs, hidden meanings, and more.

Speaking of Taylor, here’s a full guide to her style evolution over the years.

I’m honestly obsessed with the “internet nostalgia” fashion trend. Fashionista breaks down exactly what this is and why it’s such a thing right now.

Also from Fashionista, a great list of beauty gifts for $25 and under.

Here’s a look at everything that’s coming to Netflix this month.

Got a winter wedding coming up? Here are some awesome plus-size wedding guest outfit options.

If you, like me, are looking to make the most of your budget while still having a cute wardrobe, here’s everything you need to know about shopping seasonally while saving money.

Cupcakes & Cashmere just dropped a fab men’s gift guide, perfect for preparing your shopping for the guys in your life.

Check out the best looks from the 2022 CFDA Awards red carpet, via Teen Vogue.

The Everygirl explains why you should start creating holiday traditions with your friends, plus fun ideas to try.

Here are all the best fall/winter 2022 fashion campaigns to obsess over.

And here are the hottest fashion drops you need to know about in November.

Obsessed with Anya Taylor-Joy’s cobalt leather dress from the premiere of The Menu. This is definitely her color!

If you want to put a fragrance on your holiday wishlist, Cosmo has ranked the best perfumes of ALL TIME, so you’re sure to find a good one.

17 thoughts on “Hautelinks: Internet Nostalgia Fashion, “Midnights” Easter Eggs, Beauty Gifts Under $25, & More”

  1. very disheartening to see you guys posting and praising about something that would give JK Rowling money when she is transphobic.

    • I think it’s more complicated than that. I don’t agree with any of JK’s transphobic rhetoric and don’t want to support anyone who is anti-trans, but the article explains that it’s not clear if she would even be involved. The TV and movie companies already bought the rights from her — so to me at least, it’s unclear if she’d directly benefit at this stage.

      • Even if she isn’t involved, it’s her intellectual property and she therefore profits off of it. It’s really not that complicated. It’s actually fairly easy to look into how much she gets with the rights being sold. She profits off of any media as well as the theme parks.

        • That’s disappointing; if they can’t find a way to divorce her from this, I definitely won’t be tuning in. Related, now Twitter is saying there never was any series in development so we likely won’t get to that point.

  2. Your text is a bit misleading– Nia Dacosta will be the first Black woman to direct a Marvel movie, but not the first woman. Please don’t erase the strides women like Chloe Zhao, Cate Shortland, and Anna Boden have made 🙂

  3. Addison Rae is currently trying to steal from a smaller designer – who she’d previously worn merch from – for her beauty company so no one should be excited for it.

      • https://www.seventeen.com/beauty/celeb-beauty/a33564442/addison-rae-accused-of-stealing-from-small-business-makeup-brand-item-beauty/

        They say that they’re ‘just’ going to use it on makeup items, not apparel like the other brand sells but at the end of the day if people keep searching “I love you, say it back” and the majority of links are back to Item beauty or Addison Rae, it’s going to tank the other brand’s SEO ratings and make it much harder for people to find them and buy their merch.

  4. The Reclaim Her Name project is good in theory but they missed the mark by a lot, especially when it came to erasing the Asian identity of one of the authors by using her Christian given name instead of her chosen Chinese name: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/aug/15/baileys-reclaim-her-name-wrong-black-abolitionist-frances-rollin-whipper-martin-r-delany

    • Wow, thanks for this! That’s so disappointing; it’s such a great idea but they have to get it right.

  5. Kamala Harris is Black AND South Asian-American. So there are TWO major firsts. Her mother is Indian, and her father is Jamaican.

  6. I love this week’s recommendations! I was nervous about the “ideal woman” one, but it was actually an uplifting read.

    • We posted about this last week — you can find last week’s Hautelinks on our Tumblr now! http://collegefashion.tumblr.com

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