Geek Chic: Where to Find Geeky Swimwear

Bring your fandom pride with you to the beach!

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It’s finally summer! While swimsuit shopping isn’t always the most exciting activity (it seems pretty difficult to find a suit that’s flattering, comfortable, and affordable!), it’ll definitely be a lot more fun if your new swimsuit also doubles as a way to show off your favorite fandoms! 

The market for geeky clothing (especially for women) has really expanded in the last few years. Here’s our roundup of four of the best sources for geeky swimwear

Hot Topic

Products: Joker Bikini, R2D2 Bikini, Little Mermaid Bikini

As someone who was in middle school during the early 2000s, I mostly remember Hot Topic as being the place where the scene and emo kids hung out in their eyeliner and skinny jeans (before skinny jeans were a thing). The store has always specialized in “alternative” cultures, though, so it makes sense that it’s now a go-to source for geeky merchandise that covers just about every fandom!


Products: Swimsuit, Romper, Deanna Troi Cover-up

ThinkGeek has long been one of my favorite sites for fun, geeky gadgets and gifts. Now they’re diving into the world of swimwear with a new line of Star Trek: The Next Generation-inspired one-pieces and cover-ups. While I’m more of a Star Trek: The Original Series girl, I’ve definitely got my eye on the sheer romper! 

Superhero Stuff

Products: Batman Monokini, Harley Quinn Swimsuit, Wonder Woman Swimsuit

If you’re a DC girl, check out Superhero Stuff! While the majority of geek-inspired swimsuits seem to be bikinis, they carry several different one-piece and monokini styles.  


Products: Millennium Falcon Swimsuit, Lilo Bikini, Goku Bikini, Aquaman Bikini

If you’re looking for a suit inspired by a less well-known fandom or character, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on Etsy! These suits are from the Etsy shops Fit2btied Clothing and KawaiianPizzaApparel, which both carry tons of unique geeky swimwear and other clothing.

What did you think?

Would you wear any of these suits? Do you like to wear geeky clothes? What fandom-inspired suits do you wish you could find? Let us know in the comments! 

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