What to Wear to Jurassic World

Because this park is much safer than the original, and you should definitely take your whole family there.

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Back in 1993, the world was teased with the theme park of all theme parks: Jurassic Park. A planned attraction that would combine rides and guests with the ancient world of the dinosaur, the park was a groundbreaking feat in both science and entertainment, and it could have been a dream come true for dino fans everywhere.

Unfortunately, the park made headlines less for its accomplishments and more for how many employees were eaten by the T-Rex before the island could be evacuated. The theme park world was dealt a serious blow, and most thought their chance to meet a real, live dinosaur was over.

Then, after years of relative silence, a new park was opened, and the world finally got the opportunity it was promised decades ago. With the opening of the bigger, bolder and even more dangerous Jurassic World, guests can finally observe dinosaurs in their (not-so natural) habitats. 

Just like a trip to Disney or Six Flags, a day at Jurassic World requires careful planning and packing.

About the Jurassic World Park:

  • Though the original concept of Jurassic Park was a product of the InGen Corporation, Jurassic World is a creation of the Masrani Global Corporation.
  • InGen founder John Hammond‘s dying wish was said to have been a successful, operational dinosaur park, a dream that was carried out by the wealthy Simon Masrani.
  • While the plans for Jurassic World were relatively simplistic as theme parks go, Jurassic World contains numerous attractions and rides. Guests can take scenic, dinosaur-spotting tours by kayak, stroll the park’s elaborate downtown area, or even ride a triceratops (if you’re short enough).

The Mosasaurus Show

A fun outfit for water shows!

Products: Cover-up, Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom, Earrings, Sandals

One of the most impressive creatures at Jurassic World is the Mosasaurus. The aquatic animal’s feeding show is a must see. Though guests can sit anywhere in a large stadium, it’s most fun to be up close and personal. Keep in mind, however, that the closer you sit, the more you’ll be splashed!

Prepare to get soaked by changing into a bathing suit before the show. Since the park probably has a dress code, throw on a bright, jungle-themed cover up. Sandals are a must, unless you want to walk around with wet socks!

The Gyrosphere

Explore the Gyrospheres in style!

Products: Dress, Heels, Necklace, Hat

Anyone who’s vacationed at a large theme park knows that it’s tough on the feet. You don’t want to be walking around all day in uncomfortable shoes. 

Since the glass Gyrosphere attraction is a sit-down ride, it’s the perfect chance to wear heels that won’t otherwise see the light of day. The clear glass of the spheres won’t keep the sun out of your eyes, so wear a wide-brimmed hat for optimal viewing comfort. A nice sundress will keep you cool and cute.

Life, uh, Finds a Way

An outfit for running from Dinosaurs!

Products: Top, Shorts, Button-Down, Sneakers, Watch

Jurassic World may seem stronger than Jurassic Park, but don’t be fooled. It’s still inevitably going to fall apart, because it’s a time-tested fact that people can’t control dinosaurs. Visiting this park means taking your life into your own hands, so make sure to pack an outfit for when the dinosaurs escape and try to eat you.

Your outfit should have layers you can shed if they’re slowing you down or causing you to overheat. Pack a pair of sneakers, because, contrary to popular belief, you cannot outrun a T-Rex in stilettos. Finally, add a quirky dinosaur watch or accessory to remind yourself why it was all worth it.

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