How to Dress for a Trip Aboard the USS Enterprise

The final frontier of fashion choices.

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Living a life amongst the stars, meeting strange alien species is about as glamorous a life as you can lead, in my opinion. Untold adventures await you! But, like everything in life, there’s a catch. The glamour is somewhat less present in your clothing choices.

Like joining the military or attending certain schools, being a part of Starfleet means wearing a uniform. It’s certainly not the worst one out there, and is unusually colorful for a uniform, but it’s still a bit….blah.

Still, you can hardly pass up the opportunity to save the galaxy, and therefore into uniform you must go. Don’t worry, though. While you might have to grin and bear your day-to-day life, there will actually be plenty of time to show off your mad fashion skills to your crew members. 

Shore Leave

Saving lives is a good time, but in my opinion, that best part of serving on the Enterprise is shore leave on new and exciting planets. Being an officer is a lot of hard work, so it’s important to make the most of your vacation time.

With Starfleet, you’ll have the opportunity to take shore leave on all kinds of fun, vibrant planets. Every culture is different and it’s important to understand and respect a planet’s traditions when you’re choosing your outfit. Therefore, this one might not work everywhere. However, this is a pretty good start for a night on the town on the other side of the galaxy.

Shore leave outfit look

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Starfleet operates centuries into the future, so it’s best to dress futuristic. Go as intense and costume-y as you want. Structured always looks a little more space-age, so try this cape over a sparkly dress. Throw some glowing hair into the mix and you’ll be the envy of every alien in the club!


If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be placed on a new ship with a state-of-the-art holodeck. A holodeck is an entertainment room that can turn into any scene, anywhere, at any time. You can go on a fantasy adventure or explore a lush forest without leaving the Enterprise! 

Be careful, though. There are safeties in place to protect you from violence while you’re on your holodock adventures, but they get turned off a good 90 percent of the time…

Holodeck outfit look modcloth

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One popular “destination” on the holodeck is the murky, film noir world of fictional detective Dixon Hill. It’s an especially stylish choice for a fun afternoon.

This vintage-inspired dress is perfect for solving crime on dark, 1940s streets. The classic pumps, gloves and hat give you air of glamor. Don’t forget your femme fatale red lip!

Day-to-Day Drama

Though there isn’t much flexibility in your day-to-day outfits, you’ll still probably yearn to add a little personality. If your captain is a chill enough person, you can probably get away with it. There are a million ways to accessorize a solid primary colored shirt!

Red shirt uniform outfit

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These earrings are funky and futuristic, but they’re less likely to tear out of your ears than a hoop. A giant cocktail ring might be too distracting, but this simple band set won’t be! I also recommend adding an eye-catching belt your shirt or jumpsuit. After all, you don’t want to just be wearing a red shirt!

Your thoughts?

What do you think of the looks? Are you looking forward to your trip on the Enterprise? Let me know!

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