K-Pop Fashion Inspiration: Somi ‘Birthday’

If you like glitter, bright colors, and killer looks, our Somi style guide is for you.

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Somi (born Ennik Somi Douma and also known as Jeon Somi) is an 18 year old Canadian-Korean K-pop idol. Somi made her solo debut on June 13th with Birthday, an upbeat bubblegum pop track produced by acclaimed rapper Teddy.

Having been immersed in the K-pop world for a number of years, I can honestly say that Birthday is one of my favorite K-pop debut songs ever. Therefore, the track (and its colorful, high-fashion music video) are the subject of this week’s K-pop Inspiration post.

Oops, You’re Not Invited

Somi – Birthday

This music video is the perfect blend of outrageous fashion, slick choreography and colorful aesthetics that encapsulates the K-pop genre. Let’s get into it and get inspired by the styling in Somi’s first solo MV! Here’s our Somi style guide for the Birthday video.

Somi Style Look 1 – Hey Boy, How Ya Doin’

Somi birthday music video style
Somi style - somi wearing a patterned skirt, black top, and silver boots

For this opening outfit, I decided to take elements of Somi’s edgy first look which featured a slit midi skirt and a cropped black t-shirt. To make the look more wearable for a college student, I combined a graphic tee with a ruched-slit skirt and some red snakeskin heels (to reflect the pattern in Jeon Somi’s skirt).

To me, this look is all about effective mixing of patterns, so I added a zebra-print jacket to represent the monochromatic faux-fur coat Somi pulls off effortlessly in the MV. It’s better to stick to one neutral color-palette when exploring pattern-mixing in this way. Shades of black in different textures (the satin skirt, the cotton tee) with just one pop of color make for a more cohesive aesthetic.

Somi style outfit with black slit skirt, Sunday graphic tee, patterned black and white jacket, red heels, black handbag

Products: Blazer – River Island, T-Shirt – Pretty Little Thing, Skirt – Nasty Gal, Bag – Nasty Gal, Shoes – Pretty Little Thing

Look 2 – Birthday Land

Jeon Somi in her Birthday music video wearing green jacket, black tie, white oxford shirt
Jeon Somi in schoolgirl outfit

This second look is an ode to the cute schoolgirl aesthetic of many K-pop debuts. Here, Somi clashes patterns and colors in a way that’s interesting but not overbearing.

I found this green jacket on ASOS (fun fact: it’s unisex) and picked up the yellow-plaid of her skirt with this fun Skinnydip fanny pack. Finally, a classic skater skirt complements the preppy schoolgirl vibe perfectly.

Somi style outfit with green jacket, black mini skirt, plaid fanny pack

Products: Jacket – ASOS, Skirt – H&M, Bag – Skinnydip at ASOS.

Look 3 – Oops, You’re Not Invited

Somi style - photo of Jeon Somi in glitter outfit
Somi Birthday music video still -- Jeon Somi wearing star glitter jumper

While this look was my favorite from the MV, it was most definitely the most difficult to replicate. Somi’s Dolce & Gabbana dress from the video’s opening shot is the stuff that dreams are made of, but naturally such an item isn’t exactly college-budget friendly. So, here’s a gorgeous shirt from Nasty Gal in a similar, intergalactical print.

Paired with an on-trend mini-skirt, some navy sandals and gemstone-inspired jewellery, this look is the perfect day-to-night transition outfit. Just add star-print earrings and swap the sandals out for dressier heels for a post-work cocktail date with your girlfriends!

Outfit inspired by Somi's style in the Birthday music video with rust wrap skirt, patterned blouse, strappy heels, hair clips

Products: Top – Nasty Gal, Skirt – River Island, Shoes – Lulu’s, Earrings – ASOS Design, Hair Slides – Missguided.

Look 4 – Every Day is My Birthday

Somi style in the Birthday music video - Jeon Somi wearing plaid blazer, pink over the knee boots, nike tee, belt
Somi fashion in her Birthday music video - shot of Jeon Somi wearing pink plaid dress

Equal parts formal and casual, this athleisure-inspired final look is fun, sporty and flirty. Tied up in her own big red ribbon, Somi struts about in a bright pink blazer, Nike tee and black belt combo that shouldn’t work, but somehow does.

This look is relatively easy to recreate for yourself. I found this fuchsia blazer on Pretty Little Thing and this Amore belt on the consistently trend-conscious Fashion Nova. Because this look is a little more out there for everyday, why not consider wearing it to your next K-pop concert? Somi’s fans will easily spot you in the crowd!

Outfit inspired by Jeon Somi in the Birthday music video -- pink blazer dress, choker, white Nike dress

Products: Blazer – Pretty Little Thing, Dress – Nike, Belt – Fashion Nova.

What did you think of our Somi style guide?

Did you enjoy Somi’s debut? Are you looking forward to her solo music ventures? What other K-pop artists would you like to see covered here on CF? Let me know in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. I love the music video and all the outfits are great! I especially love the 3rd one. Could you do a post on HAIM’s Summer Girl MV? You could do looks that embody the idea of Hot Girl Summer, or you could make Summer to Fall transition outfits based on layering.


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