TV Fashion Inspiration: Scandal

Only one week till the Gladiators (and their fierce fashion) return!

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Every Thursday, Olivia Pope and her associates grace our screens in their perfectly assembled outfits. Full of drama, love, and emotion, Scandal offers a variety of characters with differing personalities and styles. Since the show takes place in the nation’s capital, its characters can often be seen wearing polished, professional clothes fit for the political atmosphere.

From Olivia to Mellie, every character displays an individual fashion perspective. So, in honor of the upcoming Winter premiere (February 11th!), let’s take a look at some of the amazing style icons Scandal has gifted us.

Olivia Pope

The infamous Olivia Pope has become one of the most talked about characters on TV. Her classic, professional DC style remains fierce as always and never fails to impress. From fixing national crises to relaxing on the couch with popcorn and wine in hand, Ms. Pope is always serving sophisticated style (and a fabulous coat).


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Abby Whelan 

With so much focus put on Olivia’s remarkable fashion, Abby‘s style is often overlooked. However, Abby’s wardrobe is just as amazing. Similar to Olivia, her style is polished and professional. Abby is the queen of the pencil skirt, a staple in any business environment.


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Quinn Perkins

Quinn‘s style perfectly reflects her bada** attitude. Since she isn’t walking the halls of the White House, Quinn’s style is more casual with just the right amount of edge. As the muscle of Olivia Pope and Associates, Quinn rocks a more practical look.


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Mellie Grant

As the FLOTUS, Mellie Grant has the most elegant, dressy wardrobe of all of the characters. Often she can be seen in a classy dress with a fitted blazer and nice heels. Oh, and she never forgets to put on (all of) her pearls.


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What do you think?

Are you as excited as I am for the season premiere? Who is your Scandal style icon? Let’s discuss in the comments! 

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