Looks Based on Planeta: Mercury, Venus, and Mars

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Nasa galaxy photo
Photo via NASA

Everyone looks to the stars. They show up in our art and our hearts; they’re a huge cultural touchstone. But why should the stars get all the attention just because you can see them better?

The planets are famously full of variety. Each one has a different aesthetic and a different personality. We’ve all got a favorite (mine’s Venus). They may be so far away that none of us will ever see them as more than the occasional distant pinprick, but luckily, modern science gives us a change to know what each and every one is like.

Because there’s such a variety in the planets, both aesthetically and in terms of how they function and what they’re made of; they make for some great inspiration! They’re often colorful, and working them into an outfit is the perfect way to pay homage to our beautiful solar system.

Today, I’ll share three outfits inspired by our closest three planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars:


Monochrome mercury work oufit

Products: Dress, Blazer, Heels, Tights

Of all the planets, Mercury is the most laid back and demure stylistically. There are some crazy colorful gas giants out there, but Mercury is not one of them. If you’re looking for a sleek look or a way to be planet-inspired in a business office, look to Mercury. It’s less swirly and tonally varied than its brethren, so it makes a fun monochrome look!


Gold hued venis outfit

Products: Sweater, Cuff, Earrings, Leggings

Venus is associate with all things traditionally feminine, but femininity can mean whatever you want when you channel the planet! Don’t get locked into one idea of what that means and what Venus represents.

Because of Venus’ vibrant yellow color, I think it’s the perfect planet for some warm-hues and metallic pieces! Go crazy with it!


Red fall outfit look

Products: Cardigan, Tights, Flats, Dress

Yes, I know, I forgot a planet! Luckily, we do get to see Earth up close and personal every day, so it doesn’t take as much to use it as inspiration.

We think of Mars as the red planet, but it’s really got a nice range of warm, fiery tones, which makes it the perfect planet to channel heading into fall!

What’s your favorite planet?

Are you a space geek, too? Do you identify with any planet in particular? (Hold the Uranus jokes if you can.) Do you like using the planets for inspiration? Let us know!

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