Mrs. Maisel Fashion: How to Get Midge Maisel’s ’50s Style

She’s fun, confident, and, above all, stylish. Who wouldn’t want to be as marvelous as Mrs. Maisel?

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Mrs Maisel fashion: Photo of Midge Maisel from The Marvelous Mrs Maisel wearing a black dress and gloves while performing
Official promotional photo

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been a hit comedy series for the past three years, and there is no wonder why it is such a hit. It is full of witty dialogue, hilariously awkward moments, complex characters, and, most importantly for our purposes, astounding ’50s style.

As far as I’m concerned, Mrs. Maisel is one of the most stylish women not only on the show but in TV history.

Midge Maisel’s wardrobe is full-on ’50s, but with quite a bit of variety. By day she is the ideal ’50s housewife, wearing her head-to-toe matching patterned ensembles. But by night, she is a hilarious comedian who wears some of the greatest party dresses ever put on screen.

If you are intrigued by Midge’s marvelous style, keep reading for our full Mrs. Maisel fashion guide. It’s easier than you think to make her ’50s look work for today!

Mrs. Maisel Fashion: The Housewife

Mrs Maisel fashion: Photo of Mrs Maisel's 50s housewife outfits

The Essentials: Swing dresses, OTT hats, small bags, & swing coats

Mrs. Maisel’s fashion sense is quintessential wealthy 1950s housewife. Though she does leave her husband at the beginning of season 1, Midge keeps up her housewife persona through her lifestyle and her wardrobe.

She is often sporting the latest 1950s trends, and makes sure to be the most fashionable person in the room.

Mrs Maisel fashion: Outfit inspired by Midge Maisel's all red outfit with red dress, cream coat, pearl earrings, black sandal heels, printed hat and mini bag

Products: Dress – Lindy Bop, Coat – H&M, Hat – ASOS, Bag – Unique Vintage, Heels – Modcloth, Earrings – ASOS

For this modern take on a ’50s housewife look, I was inspired by Midge’s season 1 all red ensemble.

To get it, grab an a-line silhouette dress in red and bring it into 2020 with some modern accessories. I choose a modern coat that has vintage elements to it, and a patterned beret that makes a serious statement. Add a little more ’50s style with a small bag and simple heels.

Mrs. Maisel Fashion: The Performer

Mrs Maisel performance outfits

The Essentials: Little Black Dress, kitten heels, bows, gloves, sequins, & a pop of color

On stage, Mrs. Maisel prefers classic black dresses with fun, quirky features, such as bows, fringe, or ruffle detailing. One notable exception is her now-iconic pink glitter dress from the season 3 finale.

Midge’s performance style allows her to command the audience’s attention and make a fashion statement. The great thing about all of these dresses is that they can easily be translated into sophisticated 2020 party looks.

Mrs Maisel fashion: Outfit inspired by Midge Maisel's performance looks with little black dress, gingham heels, pearl accessories and pink lipstick

Products: Shoes – ASOS, Dress – H&M, Hair Clip – & Other Stories, Bag – ZARA, Lipstick – H&M

This LBD-centric look is inspired by Mrs. Maisel’s performance fashion choices.

To get it, start with a black dress that is both classic and perfectly suited for 2020. Next, add a pair of standout heels (gingham is so ’50s but is still trending today!) and a pearl hair clip (another ’50s inspired piece that’s hot right now).

In this cute look, you’ll be ready to stun at any party.

Casual Midge

Mrs Maisel casual outfits

The Essentials: Knit sweaters, swing skirts, cigarette trousers, blouses, & ballet flats

Though Mrs. Maisel is not known for subtle wardrobe choices, she does happen to pull off some great off-duty looks throughout the series.

Her casual look consists of wearable fashion staples that you could easily throw on today. From knit sweaters to high waisted pants to ballet flats, these ’50s pieces all still work today.

Outfit inspired by Mrs Maisel's style: Gingham pants, pearl belt, pink sweater, patent ballet flats, pink purse and bandana headband

Products: Pants – Unique Vintage, Top – H&M, Shoes – ASOS, Belt – H&M, Bag – Mango, Headband – ASOS

This ’50s inspired look could be dressed up or down, depending on your plans for the day.

Start with some statement gingham cigarette pants that look like they stepped out of the ’50s. Add a sleek pink sweater and black flats to make the look more casual. For accessories, have fun with a pink purse, a pearl belt, and a retro headband.

If you wanted to dress this up, you could certainly add a modern boyfriend blazer and a pair of heels for nighttime!

Vacation Time

Mrs Maisel vacation outfits

The Essentials: High waisted shorts, cat-eye sunglasses, straw hats, & vibrant colors.

In the show we see Midge sport many vacay looks while away in the Catskills and while touring America with Shy Baldwin. And, I must admit, the vacation episodes are some of my favorites, simply because of the fashion.

If you ask me, the vacation looks on the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are some of the most draw-dropping looks put on television. The pastel colors and ’50s swimwear are to die for, and the cat-eye sunglasses are simply awe-inspiring. All of these styles are the perfect inspiration for your upcoming Spring vacations.

Products: Shorts – & Other Stories, Hat – ASOS, Top – Zara, Sandals – Unique Vintage, Bag – H&M, Sunglasses – Forever 21

For this vacation look, I wanted to go for bright colors and spring essentials to make the look spring break-appropriate while still having a ’50s vibe.

To get it, rock a bright yellow halter top along with pastel pink high waisted shorts. To accessorize, add a straw hat, a wicker bag, and a pair of sandals. Finish the ensemble with cat-eye sunglasses that make the look suited for 2020.

What do you think of our Mrs. Maisel fashion guide?

Are you inspired to incorporate the 1950s into your style? How would you style Mrs. Maisel’s looks? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I think I’ve found the vacation romper dress! Or it’s very, very close…

  2. The fashions are fabulous, be it whatever era Midge is whirling through. My son’s wedding is Leap Day so I picked up a Mrs. Maisel inspired look of a long dark blue Mother Of the Groom dress with a v neck lace bodice with some sparkle and 3/4rds length sleeves to the elbows with a fitted waist and a satin top pleated flare out attached skirt with side pockets. I will wear it for some future special comedy performances as I have great new material surviving another wedding of my grown kids. I have been uninvited and reinvited to both of my kids weddings over wanting my only teenage nephews to attend. The stress put me in the ER yesterday at my art gallery job. The ambulance driver asked me to take off my bra for the EKG and I made him laugh when I replied ‘it’s been awhile since someone asked me that!’ ‘ #TitsUp

    • Since it’s their wedding, isn’t it okay that they’re the one making
      the decisions? Let them plan (and stress over!) their day and focus on
      having fun 🙂

    • Hi Lorraine – this is an old post, but I was wondering where you purchased your dress. My daughter’s wedding is coming up and I’m looking for a dress. Yours sounds perfect!

      Thank you,

      Lori Harris


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