A Ranking of Disney Style Icons: Princess Edition

Who was the most stylish of them all?

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Cinderella getting her dress created by the fairy godmother

As a fashion major and Disney lover, it’s practically in my DNA to spot the best dressed among the most popular Disney characters. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that! Although they’re cartoon/animation, these women have wardrobes that we used to dream of as kids.

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I could make a list that travels way farther than you’d like to read, so I’ll spare you. Follow along for a top ten list of true Disney style icons, the princess version. Things are about to get really nostalgic.

10. Snow White

Poor Snow White had to wear that tattered and torn dress in the first bit of the film. (Although I think the clogs were the worst part.) However, she was able to redeem herself with the yellow and blue dress, so all was not lost.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

9. Cinderella

Sure, Cinderella had maybe three outfits in the entire film (one of which she wore for chores around the house), but that scene when the Fairy Godmother transformed her ruined dress into the blue ball gown was so iconic, she definitely gets fashion points. And the choker? How ’90s. She was very progressive.

8. Ariel

Even though she wore a shell bra for most of the film, she did have a few costume changes like the pink dress she wore at Eric’s castle and the blue dress she wore on her day out with Eric. Plus she arguably had the best hair. (Rapunzel could definitely have a competitor.) So voluminous even under the water? What’s her secret?

The Little Mermaid

7. Princess Anna

Her braids were always perfect and the dress she wore for Elsa’s coronation had incredible detailing on it. However, she does rank seven on the list because her winter cloak hid her other dress for much of the movie.

Anna and Hans

6. Rapunzel

To be fair, Rapunzel only had one outfit for the film but the way the purple of the dress complemented her green eyes and shiny blonde hair bumps her up in the rankings. Plus her carefree spirit was too powerful to care about how many dresses she needed to have. Bonus points for that.


5. Jasmine

How chic was Princess Jasmine? Somehow she managed to make a peasant disguise look stylish, so props to her for that. But her usual princess ensemble was always in pristine condition and she never had a hair out of place. No wonder Aladdin looked at her with such adoration.

Jasmine and Aladdin

4. Belle

Belle was the only one in her entire village to wear the color blue so she truly stood out and looked fantastic no matter what anyone said about her. Her gold ballgown also made my heart stop in both the cartoon and live action film. She has always been a style icon for me.


3. Aurora

Was I the only one who loved Aurora’s forest look more than the dress that the fairies made for her? Aurora/Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty pops in at number three on this list because of her forest look, and because when she was dancing with the Prince her gown kept changing colors from blue to pink. We all wished that could happen to us! Also, I was always jealous of her beautiful hair and she knew how to rock a headband.

Princess Aurora

2. Mulan

Whether she was dressed in her father’s warrior clothes or in her usual garb, Mulan was always on point with her outfits. And, she did have more costume changes than most other princesses AND experimented with the menswear-as-womenswear trend. (A disguise totally counts.)


1. Princess Tiana

Anyone who says that Tiana is not the best dressed princess is lying and I am willing to argue my case. She has the most costume changes and each one gets better and better as the film goes on. A personal favorite is her yellow waitress dress but honestly they’re all works of art.


Do you agree with my rankings?

If you had to move any of the princesses around, where would you move them to and why? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “A Ranking of Disney Style Icons: Princess Edition”

  1. Agree with you COMPLETELY. All hail queen Tiana. If Disney doesn’t give us our live action remake with Lupita Nyongo’o and Oscar Issac, I will wail into the void and die.

    • YES! Laura Harrier and Lupita are my top choices for Tiana. And Oscar Isaac I never even thought of him, but I love that!


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