K-Pop Fashion Inspiration: April’s “April Story” Music Video

I can’t get the chorus out of my head.

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April is a six-member K-Pop girl group that made its debut in 2015. (The group is composed of members Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol.)

The recently-released song and music video, “April Story”, is a cutesy, catchy track about unrequited love. The story goes like this: a girl who lives in the land of spring falls in love with a boy who lives in the land of ice, but he loves a girl from the land of winter. 

Check out the music video below: 

APRIL - "봄의 나라 이야기(April Story)" Music Video

I thought the theme of unrequited love was portrayed well in the music video; the girls are dolls and figurines who have fallen in love with a human. (Although, in the end, one of them seems to have become human…does this mean it’s a happy ending?) 

The girls have two outfit changes in the music video, and I thought it would be fun to recreate those looks! 

Look 1

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Blouse – H&M, Shoes – Nike, Socks – ASOS, Earrings – J.Crew 

One of the outfits the girls all wear is a lace dress, styled with heeled sneakers and red lips. (The point of wearing the same outfit is to make it blatantly obvious that the girls are one group, but I know it gets confusing as to who is who, especially for K-pop newbies.)

Instead of going for the exact same look, I decided to switch it up with a blouse and dress combination. I opted for two different colors and patterns of lace with the dress and socks, and added crystal studs as a reference to the lands of ice and winter in the music video. 

Look 2

Products: Jacket – Forever 21, Shirt – Urban Outfitters, Jeans – H&M, Shoes – Zappos, Socks – Target 

As I was watching the music video, I thought anyone could pull off the denim dress that Chaekyung wears. (Besides, denim has been “in” for a while.) However, a denim dress would be a little too predictable, so I chose to go with denim on denim (double denim, if you will.)

I started with a long denim jacket to mimic the denim dress and styled it with a lace top similar to the detailing on Chaekyung’s dress. I specifically chose cropped jeans so that you could see the fun, striped socks around the ankles. 

Look 3 

Products: Shirt – H&M, Blazer – Old Navy, Pants – Old Navy, Shoes – Zara 

The girls are also shown in different outfits, which are fun to look at. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the navy, polka-dotted dress on the left or the red-and-white ruffled dress on the right. I ended up going with the navy dress because the red dress reminded me too much of Minnie Mouse. While I love Minnie, I didn’t want the outfit to look too costumey.

Again, I modified the outfit by swapping out the dress for a polka-dotted blouse and the red belt/socks for red pixie pants. I styled the look with a blazer and loafers to make it effortlessly chic and complete. 

What do you think? 

Did you enjoy the music video? Which look did you like the best? Leave your comments below! 

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