How to Dress Like Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

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Karlie kloss and taylor swift inspired fashion

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift recently made news when they went on a roadtrip together. I was a little bummed out they didn’t invite me, but I was more surprised at the transformation of Taylor Swift’s style.

I was so inspired by their casual yet put-together ensembles that I decided to create several Kloss and Swift-inspired outfits using things I already had in my closet. Scroll down to see the looks:

1. Indigo Blues

Indigo top black highwaisted jeans wedges black watch

I saw some pictures of Karlie Kloss wearing bright blue, and it looked incredible. Indigo is one of my all time favorite colors to wear, and I paired this blouse with black high-waisted jeans and wedges, because there is no way my miniature height can compete with the Kloss. I kept accessories pretty simple with this dented-on-purpose silver bangle and super basic black watch.

2. Stripes for Days

Blue striped top high waisted black shorts black ballet flats

No matter how much her style changes, T. Swizzle always seems to have a plethora of striped tops. Ignoring the mess behind me in that photo (it’s finals week), I love how effortlessly cute striped tops and high-waisted shorts look together.I knew you were not trouble when I put you on.

3. Forever and Always Taylor Swift

Red skirt polka dot top taylor swift inspired outfit

Dressing like Taylor Swift is like wearing a red skirt, polka dots on top, easy cardigan we all know.

This outfit is much more like the classic Swifty. Cute, girly, burning red. I paired basic tights with a red high-waisted skirt, a black polka top collared shirt, and a chunky cardigan.

This outfit is great for hanging out with friends and eating red velvet cupcakes because they match your outfit. I did use that as a reason once to justify eating a red velvet cupcake. But, do you ever need to justify cupcakes? Enjoying life is the reason.

4. Road Tripping Swiftly

Karlie Kloss Taylor Swift outfits

Product info: Jeans—PacSun, Olive Sweater—Target, Boots—Zappos, Striped Top—Aeropostale, Flats—Macy’s, Shorts—Forever 21

These outfits are a closer match to Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss’ personal style. In their Instagram road trip, Karlie wore an olive sweater, and they both had on ankle boots. (Sidenote: Let me know if you liked having an outfit set in addition to my own photos!)

Your turn!

Do you like Taylor Swift’s new style? Would you go on a road trip with Karlie Kloss? Let me know in the comments which of these outfits is your favorite!

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