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Great Gatsby Fashion

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The 1920s gave way to flapper dresses, dapper men, and of course the quintessential "roaring '20s" novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. If you haven't read this classic already, we highly recommend it: Grab a copy, curl up by the fire with a big cup of hot chocolate and prepare to be transported to a world of glitz, glam, and revelry, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Though this novel is a perpetual favorite of students around the world, The Great Gatsby is perhaps about to have its biggest moment in the spotlight, thanks to the much-anticipated new movie adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio, due in theaters this Christmas. We personally can't wait to see Carey Mulligan tackle the role of Daisy!

Inspired by the book and the buzz surrounding the newest film adaptation, below, I'll show you how to get a modern Gatsby look that you can wear every day... without looking like you're wearing a flapper girl costume.

Outfit 1

Fashion inspired by The Great Gatsby: Outfit 1

{Top}, {Pants}, {Shoes}, {Hat}{Necklace}, {Earrings}, {Bracelet}

Great Gatsby fashion is all about mixing masculine touches with feminine basics and adding a hint of glam, much as they did in the 1920s.

Start with a flowy blouse in a pastel color, like this pretty peach one, then add tailored khakis - these ones are a little dressier for an everyday look, or could easily be worn in an office setting. Throw on some leopard flats for a hint of understated attitude, and get the bolder masculine appeal with a classic fedora. Finish with pretty jewelry for a nod to the excess of the '20s.

Outfit 2

Fashion inspired by The Great Gatsby: Outfit 2

{Top}, {Skirt}, {Headband}, {Belt}, {Necklace}, {Bracelet}

This outfit is another throwback to the '20s, with a modern twist. This sparkly shirt would be perfect for the fab parties Jay Gatsby enjoyed throwing, and its teal hue is another nod to the era - it was a super trendy color back then. The simple black skirt softens the look, while the white and black belt adds character and simplicity. Again, add glitzy jewelry for just enough sparkle. Finish with a flower headband, a nod to the trendy headwear worn by characters like Daisy.

Outfit 3

Fashion inspired by The Great Gatsby: Outfit 3

{Dress}, {Cardigan}, {Shoes}, {Feather}, {Belt}, {Necklace}, {Ring}, {Bracelet}

If you've read The Great Gatsby, you know that the female characters always dressed with many accessories and extravagant layers, and this outfit is all about doing that in a more subtle way.

The feather hair clip, muted colors and teal shoes are key elements of this look - they add a ton of femininity and just a hint of the 1920s vibe. Even if the dress isn't your typical flapper cut, its print is still reminiscent of the 1920s, while the cardigan gives you more of a boyish figure, the silhouette of choice during the era. Add glamor with a single strand of pearls and an Eiffel Tower necklace, an allusion to the fact that F. Scott Fitzgerald finished the novel while living in France.

Your thoughts?

I hope you have fun with this latest inspiration! And let me know what you think about the looks: Are you a fan of The Great Gatsby? Are you excited for the latest movie adaptation? Which look is your favorite? Tell us in a comment.

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