Disney Princess-Inspired Workout Outfits

You can feel like a princess even as you break a sweat.

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Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella

I love Disney Princesses, don’t you? At CF, we are fans of all things Disney, so naturally that extends to our fave Disney heroines.

Today, I’m allowing our fave Disney princesses to dictate my next workout outfit. Before you shake your head in disbelief, I promise you: It is possible to take inspiration from princesses for an outfit meant for doing yoga or walking on the treadmill. And you won’t look ultra costumey, either.

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Below, you will see 11 practical and stylish workout looks, each inspired by each Disney Princess. Are you eager to see them? Let’s go!

Snow White

Workout outfit inspired by Snow White - royal blue tank top, red sports bra, red bandana, royal blue shoes, yellow sweat pants

Products: Tank Top – Kohl’s, Sports Bra – Forever 21, Pants – Abercrombie, Bandana – Urban Outfitters, Sneakers – Nike

Look as sweet as Snow White in this inspired workout look. Start off with a red sports bra that matches Snow White’s bow and the red details on her dress. Put on a tank that’s the color of the top half of Snow White’s dress. Add some yellow joggers to match her skirt.

Next, add a nod to Snow White’s bow by tying a bandana around your head and knotting it at the top. Finish with cobalt blue sneakers and you’ll be the fairest of them all at the gym.


Ariel inspired workout outfit - teal leggings, red sports bra, purple tank, Dinglehopper hair don't care hat, mint green Adidas sneakers - disney princess workout outfits

Products: Tank Top – Kohl’s, Sports Bra – Nordstrom, Leggings – Macy’s, Hat – Disney Store, Sneakers – Zappos

Feel like a mermaid in purple tank top that matches Ariel’s seashell bra and a red sports bra that matches her hair.

Teal leggings match Ariel’s tail while running shoes while running shoes in a mint color have the subtle appearance of scales. Finish off your look with a hat that hides greasy roots while paying homage to Ariel’s grooming item of choice.


Blue Cinderella-inspired Workout Outfit

Products: Tee – Walmart, Sports Bra – Kohl’s, Shorts – Macy’s, Sneakers – Kohl’s

Channel Cinderella’s pretty signature colors in a light blue workout tee with a sports bra in a darker blue color. Add dark blue workout shorts and pair them with running shoes. Put them together and what have you got? A cute workout outfit. (Or bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!)

This is a great outfit for going out for a run, but make sure you don’t leave one of your shoes behind.


Princess Aurora Inspired Workout Outfit

Products: Tank Top – Kohl’s, Jacket – Kohl’s, Bra – Kohl’s, Shorts – Kohl’s, Shoes – JCPenney

Aurora’s look would make Flora, Fauna, and Marryweather happy — and that’s not easy to do! Start with a tank that matches Aurora’s dress and wear it over over a blue sports bra.

Think pink with running shorts and running shoes. Put on a pink ombre windbreaker that references Aurora’s dress changing colors. You can get your deep sleep on after you finish at the gym.


Belle-inspired workout outfit with yellow sneakers, yellow leggings, rose tank top, yellow sweat band. Disney princess workout outfits set

Products: Tank – Etsy, Leggings – Moschino, Headband – Amazon, Sneakers – Zappos

Look like a beauty and work like a beast in this perfect gym look. You’ll be the belle of the fitness center in a rose graphic tank and yellow leggings.

Add a mustard-colored headband to soak up the sweat. Finish with cool running shoes in a final shade of Belle’s signature color.


Princess Jasmine Inspired Workout Outfit

Products: Tank Top – ASOS, Sports Bra – Macy’s, Joggers – Missguided, Sneakers – Kohl’s

Start this spirited Jasmine-inspired gym look with a tank top featuring a leopard side panel, which is sassy like Jasmine. (And is a catlike nod to Rajah!) Rock the top over a sports bra in a color similar to Jasmine’s top.

Joggers with side stripes and light blue Nike sneakers finish off the bright monochrome look.


Pocahontas workout outfit with tan jogger pants, rose pink sports bra, beige pocket tank and jade metallic shoes - disney princess workout outfits

Products: Tank – Forever 21, Joggers – Revolve, Sports Bra – Fabletics, Sneakers – Lady Foot Locker

Paint with all the colors of the wind in a beige tank over a rose-colored sports bra with swirly details.

Put on some lace-up sweatpants to add a trendy vibe to your workout look. Add on bold turquoise running shoes (to reference Pocahontas’ signature necklace) and you’re all set!


Mulan inspired workout outfit - Disney Princess workout outfits - red and black leggings, red sports bra, teal hoodie, pink and black sneakers

Products: Hoodie – Macy’s, Leggings – TJ Maxx, Sports Bra – Macy’s, Running Shoes – JCPenney

Let’s get down to business in a look that references Mulan’s look from most of the film — aka, the look seen here. (Note: This is not the look seen in the snap of Mulan above.) Start with a teal hoodie and leggings with a rose pink, a reference to Mulan’s signature colors.

Wear a hot pink sports bra underneath for support as you break a sweat and add some running shoes with final pops of pink. You’ll outrun the guys any day.


Tiana inspired workout outfit - Disney princess workout outfits - outfit includes green workout leggings, a neon green tank, camo print workout hoodie and pale yellow sneakers

Products: Tank Top – TJ Maxx, Jacket – Forever 21, Leggings – Forever 21, Shoes – Saks Fifth Avenue

Naturally, we had to go for some frog vibes with this look, but we’re making sure to keep it fresh and functional — Tiana is a boss and she probably works out like one, too!

Layer a dark green jacket over a tank top in a lighter color of green. Add some trendiness to your look with mesh panel leggings. Finish off with some pale yellow sneakers so you can hop and jump.


Rapunzel Workout Outfit

Products: T-Shirt – Macy’s, Sports Bra – Kohls, Shorts – Kohls, Shoes – Kohls

Pink worn with purple? Best. Combination. Ever. (If you ask me — or Rapunzel.) So channel her look with this outfit that goes all out using the two hues.

Put on a purple workout tee over a pink sports bra and pair pink shorts with purple sneakers. This would be perfect for running — just be sure to secure your hair in a bun for maximum safety.


Merida-Inspired Workout Outfit

Products: T-Shirt – Nordstrom, Joggers – Nordstrom Rack, Sneakers – Kohls

Work out like a girl in tomboyish Nike shoes and black joggers with circle details. Break up the all-black color palette with a blueish-green t-shirt that hints at Merida’s signature color, teal. If you can wear this while practicing archery, A+, but the elliptical will do if not.

Do you like the outfits?

Would you wear any of them? Do you Disneybound? If so, how do you Disneybound? Who or what inspires your workout outfits? I’d like to know what you think in the comments.

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