Video Game Fashion: Broken Age

Proof that you can look good on any side of the galaxy.

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Initially released in 2014, Broken Age is a game that stole my heart immediately. The series, which is broken up (pun intended) into Act 1 and Act 2, is one of the most beautiful, empowering and heart-warming games I’ve played in a while. 

The game’s premise is sweet and simple: We play as two teenagers that yearn for more in their lives. Though our two characters do not meet until the game’s end, their stories are interwoven in a way that will blow your mind. 

Much of the game revolves around the idea of breaking traditions, which is something a lot of people, myself included, have been trying to do fashion-wise this year. 

Breaking outdated fashion rules like “not wearing white after Labor Day” has become a big trend this year. Here at CF, we’ve always been about breaking these rules. So this game’s lack of regard for tradition fits right in on this fashion blog.

If you’re interested in breaking fashion rules too, scroll on down for three looks inspired by the characters of the beautifully crafted game, Broken Age.

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Shay is one of the main protagonists that we play as in the game. He’s a sheltered young man who lives in a spaceship and yearns for adventure. He also has a sweet-yet-domineering female figure in his life, in the form of an AI supercomputer that likes to be called “Mom.”

Outfit inspired by Shay from Broken Age video game: red, blue and black pom pom earrings, blue military button trousers, blue and black striped top and white sneakers

Products: Earrings – Bauble Bar, Sneakers – Kohl’s, Top – ASOS, Pants – Boohoo

Take some inspo from Shay by beginning with a trouser in his signature blue color. I went with a wide leg trouser with a military button style, pairing it with a striped blue and black top.

Next, accessorize with a funky pair of red, blue and black pom pom earrings for some added flair and even more color.

Crisp white sneakers have been trending like crazy this year, and no matter what rules say, they’re totally still wearable in colder weather. These Puma sneakers are versatile enough to wear with just about anything, including venturing off into space like Shay.


On the other side of the galaxy, a young woman named Vella lives in a land ravaged by giant creatures called Mogs. These creatures come to her town every 14 years to pick a young “maiden” to be sacrificed. Vella is chosen this time, and she soon concludes that the only way to deal with the Mogs is to fight back.  

Outfit inspired by Vella from Broken Age: pink, bell-sleeved dress, silver hoops, red crossbody, beige pom pom sandals, red lip from Limecrime

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Shoes – Nasty Gal, Bag – Nordstrom Rack, Lipstick – Dolls Kill, Earrings – Gilt

If you’re wondering how we’re breaking the rules in this outfit, look no further than the pink bell-sleeved shell dress itself. I paired it with a bright red lip because — guess what — you can totally pair pink and red. 

Finish the look with beige pom pom espadrilles, which you can definitely wear in the fall if you choose.


Mom is the AI supercomputer that sends Shay on juvenile missions and routines that inhibit him from venturing outside the ship. Though this sounds bad, she does it out of love and a desire to protect Shay.

Not only is Mom’s character depicted in the shape of a sun, but she’s very bright and sweet as well. She never gets angry with Shay, regardless of their disagreements on his future, because she just wants the best for him.


Outfit inspired by Mom from Broken Age: Yellow off the shoulder top, red ruffle button skirt, Quay yellow sunglasses and green patent leather dress sandals

Products: Sunglasses – Dolls Kill, Shoes – Nordstrom Rack, Top – Mango, Skirt – Boohoo

This outfit is perfect for anyone who’s ever been told not to wear too many bright colors together. We’re breaking that rule, and we’re breaking it now.

Begin with a bright yellow off-the-shoulder top as a reference to Mom’s cheery personality and pair it with a bright red, ruffle skirt. Accessorize with a pair of neon yellow shades to protect your eyes from those real-life UV rays. Lastly, slide into a pair of bright green patent leather heels to tie things together with another pop of color.

What do you think?

How did you like Broken Age? Did you like this game or it’s sequel better? Who is your favorite character and which of these outfits is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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