Music Fashion: BØRNS’ “Electric Love”

Strike your style with some electric love!

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Electro-pop artist, BØRNS, is taking the fashion and music stage by storm (no pun intended)!

Garrett Borns, better known by his stage name BØRNS, is an American indie pop artist from Michigan. A couple months ago, he released his glowing electro-pop track, “Electric Love,” from his debut album Dopamine, and ever since hearing it on the radio, I’ve been completely obsessed! 

Watch the official music video here:

What I found in the music video was not only an intoxicating tune and bubbling energy, but also some surprising fashion inspiration! This video makes use of several trends and pairs them in unexpected ways, making them visually-interesting and fashion-forward

Look #1: Black Light Fringe

Struck By Your Electric Love

Fashion inspired by Borns Electric Love: Lace dress, cobalt beanie, red and white plaid shirt, ankle booties

Products: beanie, flannel, dress, layered necklace, combat booties

1970s looks have made a huge comeback this season, but “Electric Love” presents them in a contemporary way, starting with the silhouette dancers. 

This look incorporates fringe and ’70s silhouettes and pairs them with today’s trends to keep them looking fresh and modern. To mimic the UV light from the video, I found a cobalt blue beanie and paired it with this ’70s bell-sleeved fringe dress. The dress is very romantic, so I balanced it out by pairing it with grungy accessories like the beanie, these black combat booties, and a tied flannel around the waist. Lastly, I added this whimsical longline and layered celestial necklace.

Look #2: Sequin Jacket

Baby, You’re Like Lightning in a Bottle

Products: sequin jacket, chain belt, jumpsuit, choker, ring, sandals

For the next look, I focused on what BØRNS was actually wearing, by finding a cool sequined jacket. To keep this from looking too flashy, I mixed the jacket with a simple black jumpsuit. I then added more trends from past decades, including a gemstone choker, holographic silver sandals, and a chained belt. As a fun accessory, I finished the look with a super unique silver statement ring.

Look #3: Psychedelic Funk

She’s Sweet Like Candy in My Veins

Products: leather jacket, earrings, graphic tee, skirt, skinny belt, cowboy boots

In my opinion, the most memorable part of the music video is that first drop into the chorus when the viewer is submerged in neon psychedelic images. The images are reminiscent of the kind you’d see in rock concert laser shows. (This is when I knew I had to incorporate Pink Floyd in some way or another!)

Pair your favorite rocker tee with a red printed skirt — I love this paisley one — and top it off with other ’60s and ’70s accents. I used a yellow skinny belt to bring out the yellow in this Pink Floyd tee, and I found a faux fur-lined leather jacket, peace sign earrings, and cowboy boots to finish this vintage rockstar outfit.

Look #4: Fuzzy Coat

As a special bonus, I found this acoustic video of “Electric Love,” featuring Zella Day, which, while filmed a little more casually than the original, is as beautiful and chilling. And once I saw what this female rocker was wearing, I knew I had to make a look about it! 

Watch the acoustic music video here:

Zella Day as the Modern “Penny Lane”

Products: faux fur coat, shoes, tank, flared pants, round sunglasses, textured hair spray, ring set 1, ring set 2

Zella Day reminded me of a Penny Lane character, which is something I really wanted to share as fashion inspiration. To create her look, I found this faux fur coat and paired it with a cream-colored Cali tank and printed dark red flared pants.

To add some texture, I found this hair spray to give you Zella’s waves and found some round holographic sunglasses and tall black cut-out boots. I also loved Zella’s layered ring jewelry, so I found these two rings sets that are easy to match together.

Final Thoughts?

What did you think of BØRNS’ music video? Any favorite looks? Surprising pairs? Or different ways you would wear it? If you liked anything, please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Music Fashion: BØRNS’ “Electric Love””

  1. BØRNS is absolutely amazing and I love all his music. The whole album Dopamine is great– I recommend giving it a listen if you like Electric Love! I’ve probably listened to 10,000 Emerald Pools three hundred times in the last month. I was super excited to see him featured here!

    • I love the album, as well. Borns’ music ALWAYS makes me wanna jump up and dance! Happy to hear from a fellow fan! Thanks for the comment!


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