15 Black Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

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It has been far too long, but thankfully, black voices are now finally being heard.

The fashion industry is not immune to this. It has not done enough to elevate black voices and we all know what we have to do. This extends far beyond a simple “like” or the click of a follow button, but that’s a good place to start.

Social platforms like Instagram are places where so many black creatives can express themselves.

We have compiled a list of inspirational black fashion influencers that you should be following.

1. Aleali May

For a dash of edgy and sweet, Aleali is the woman you want to follow right now.

Her outfits are effortlessly gorgeous and cool. Each of her looks are just as compelling as the last, so it will be easy to find yourself going down a rabbit hole on her page.

2. Candace Marie

Candace Marie is as talented as she is fashionable.

Her feed is definitely a treat for sore eyes, and you will just love giving heart taps all of her endlessly beautiful outfits.

Marie also gives workout incentives if you are looking to for a little extra at-home workout motivation.

3. Jenee’

This influencer’s feed is everything you will need to feel inspired, especially if you are looking for fashionable looks on a friendly budget.

Jenee’ is elegant and chic, and you will not regret giving this queen a follow.

4. Kahlana Barfield Brown

Kahlana Barfield Brown’s fashion taste is everything you dream about and more. She is fashion-forward and knows her way around the beauty department!

Kahlana’s page is all you need to stay on trend with beauty, fashion, and the occasional motherly tips.

5. Sonjia Williams

Fashion designer and world traveler, there was no way Sonjia Williams would not make it on our list of black influencers to follow.

This Project Runway alum has a strong eye for fashion and styling, plus the very best outfits for all occasions.

6. Monroe Steele

If you are wondering where you can find fresh looks styled in unique ways, look no further! Monroe Steele is a New York based fashion blogger and YouTuber who knows a thing or two about clothes.

Steele has an amazing perspective so give her a follow if you would like to join her on the ride.

7. R. Gray

If you are obsessed with a clean and aesthetically beautiful feed like me – oh and with fashion of course – this is the account for you!

@ren.gray is a goddess among women and spends her days serving surreal looks and drool-worthy photos to show them off.

8. Devyni

Orlando-based style influencer Devyni cuts right to the chase. Her Instagram bio says it all, she is a “fashion lover sharing tips on how to look + feel Fab on any budget.”

Who doesn’t love a good look for less? Devyni is definitely one of my hot picks on this list of black fashion influencers.

9. Alexis Bennet

Shopping editor Alexis Bennet does not just keep up with fashion trends, she sets them.

Her Instagram is also a wonderful source for pursuing forward movement in life. She keeps up with Motivation Mondays and always tries to inspire her followers to excel and follow their dreams.

10. Chrissy Rutherford

If you’re looking for a thoughtful conversation with an old soul, Chrissy Rutherford will have heads turning with her words of wisdom, advocacy, and fashionable style.

She keeps her minimalist touch present, but she always adds a touch of spice, so get ready to take some notes!

11. Nikki Ogunnaike

One of our favorite black fashion influencers, Nikki Ogunnaike, is everything you’re looking for when trying to find someone new to spice up your feed.

This GQ deputy fashion director is also a workout and wine enthusiast. What more could you ask for?

Her stories are excellent sources for all things apartment hunting, decorating tips, and more!

12. Aurora James

Aurora James has an undeniable presence that speaks for itself.

James’s fashion is all things class and elegance, but her style is not the only thing keeping me hooked on her profile. She is a firm believer in fighting for economic equality and knows that her journey in life is just getting started.

13. Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade is a poet and writer that you will want to get behind now and always.

This advocate and fashion influencer will help you have healthy conversations about social justice, Black Lives Matter, and show you some fun style along the way.

Cleo’s account takes you on a ride of both outer and inner beauty.

14. Freddie Harrel

This beauty connoisseur is now one of my biggest obsessions on this list of black fashion influencers.

Freddie Harrel’s mission is to drive change in the beauty world and we can understand why she has the following she does.

This dreamer and believer is also a gorgeous fashionista with killer taste. Her style is both bright and fresh so you’ll find lots of outfits that will make your jaw drop every time.

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15. Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown serves you looks on looks! You won’t go without serious style inspiration if you give her a follow.

Bright colors and all the right accessories, Brown’s fashion is nothing short of perfection.

I can’t get enough of her adorable outfits and beautiful smile.

What do you think?

Thank you so much for taking a look at my list of incredible black fashion influencers. These women are truly empowering and if you are not already following some of them, it’s time to hop to it!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’d like to see another list like this in the future.

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