Author-Inspired Fashion: Mark Twain

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

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If you read my column, you already know that I’m fascinated by classic works of fiction. However, my interest isn’t limited to the works themselves. I’m also intrigued by the reasons that these works have endured for so long. Mark Twain‘s works are among those classics, having delighted generations of readers with their unique, engrossing storylines and unforgettable characters.

Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemens in 1835, was known in the 19th century not only for his coming-of-age novels and darker short stories, but also for his biting wit that often scorched other authors of the time, such as Jane Austen. Although his books The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the sequel Huckleberry Finn started out being lighthearted and fun, Twain added social commentary to the works, giving them unexpected depth.

Though his personal life had its ups and downs — as did his career — Twain is widely considered to be among the most influential American writers in history. Let’s find out why in this week’s edition of Author-Inspired Fashion!

Adventure in the Wild

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The adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer can be found in school libraries across the globe, and for good reason. The classic characters, the creative plots, and the unique prose of Twain make them staples in every classroom. So it’s fitting that our Twain-inspired fashion post would begin with an outfit based on adventure. 

A boater hat and plaid dress capture the spirit of a Mark Twain hero, while a tote bag will carry all your adventuring essentials, from sports gear for the gym to a picnic feast for the park. Sparkly earrings are a nice, trendy touch while these sneakers are both affordable and fashionable.

Quiet Contemplation

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You might be surprised to know that Mark Twain could be quite philosophical at times. His stories weren’t just for children; he was interested in social commentary and the changing world around him, and he incorporated this into his tales.

For an outfit ideal for a quiet walk of reflection and solitude, pair a warm sweater and no-nonsense blue jeans with tall, velvety boots. A knit hat and a long necklace add a touch of personality to the final look.

Unusual Science

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Mark Twain loved science and was fascinated by the new technologies of the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was friends with famous inventors like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and his book A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court was an early science fiction novel.

Kitschy atom earrings are a perfect way to show off a love of science, while this cross-body bag will keep your hands free to work on your latest experiment. An academic-style dress and practical shoes will have you looking scientifically flawless!

Final Thoughts

Mark Twain’s unique writing style, worldview, and interest in science and social issues combine to make his novels and short stories classics that continue to enchant the world. We hope you take his works as your next fashion inspiration.

So what did you think? Which outfit was your favorite? What author would you like to see fashion inspiration for next? Let us know in the comments below!

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