How to Stay Cute in a Torrential Downpour

What should you wear on a rainy day? How about a SUPER rainy day?

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Rainy day fashion tips, ideas, and outfits, including waterproof makeup picks

Happy Thursday from Orlando, where it hasn’t stopped raining in almost two weeks. I’m talking nonstop buckets of rain, the kind where just having an umbrella in your bag isn’t gonna be enough.

Rainy days are fun when you’re indoors, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book, but they can be fun outdoors too… if you have a rainy day outfit that will keep you dry AND looking cute at the same time.

For me, the rainy season is the perfect excuse to pull out my strawberry-patterned raincoat, bright yellow rain boots, and lavender umbrella. As the rainy summer season sets in for good, I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite rainy day fashion picks:

Statement-Making Raincoats

Products: Green – ModCloth, Transparent – Boohoo, Yellow – Target, Pink Lace – Forever 21

First things first: The raincoat has to be the centerpiece of your outfit. Since it’s going to cover your adorable ensemble, it’s important that your raincoat be just as cute!

Green, yellow, and pink are some of my favorite bright, eye-catching raincoat colors for chasing away those rainy-day blues. I especially love the colorblocking of light and darker greens on this coat from ModCloth!

If your outfit is simply too cute to cover up, a transparent raincoat is the perfect way to show off your stylish side while still keeping dry!

For more on raincoats, be sure to see our guide to how to wear a raincoat the fashion girl way.

Adorable Umbrellas

Products: Transparent – Target, Floral – Charming Charlie, Mermaid – Unique Vintage, Transparent with Eyes – Kate Spade

Owning multiple umbrellas is the easiest way to shake up your rainy season look. As much as I would love to own a different raincoat and rain boots for every day of the week, I know it’s not feasible. What IS feasible is having a few different super-cute umbrellas on hand to shake up my color palette!

I personally own six umbrellas right now. (Don’t judge.) Here are a few of my other favorites!

Transparent umbrellas are very on-trend right now, and if you want to be extra eye-catching (literally), this eye-printed umbrella from Kate Spade is a good choice. Floral umbrellas are always a great idea and offer a bright contrast with dreary rain, while you can’t get much more elegant or stunning than this mermaid-inspired pagoda umbrella!

Cheery Rain Boots

Products: Black – DSW, Black polka dots – DSW, Blue floral – DSW, Floral flats – ModCloth, Red – Target

Rain boots are possibly the most important item in this post, because is there honestly anything worse than wet shoes and socks?

I like all of the cute rain boots above because they are neutral enough to match a wide variety of colors and outfits, but have enough visual interest to hold their own in a look.

Black tall rain boots are nice and neutral and can be paired with any combination of colorful raincoats and umbrellas, while red rain boots are wonderful if you want to make a brighter statement. I also love the idea of these floral waterproof flats as a nice substitute for often clunky rain boots. Finally, I especially love the short polka-dotted boots — they’re my favorite of all!

The Finishing Touch

Products: Living Proof Humidity Shield – Sephora, Bumble and bumble anti-humidity gel – Sephora, Tarte Waterproof Bronzer – Sephora, Too Faced Waterproof Mascara – Sephora, Smashbox Waterproof Concealer – Sephora, Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – Sephora

I know one of my least favorite things about rainy weather is how aggressively it makes my makeup melt off my face. To avoid that, I’ve rounded up some great long-lasting waterproof makeup options, including waterproof mascara, bronzer, and concealer!

(For more on this subject, see our picks for the best sweatproof and waterproof makeup.)

Hair is also very difficult to shield against the humidity that often comes with rainstorms, so protect yours with anti-humidity shield sprays or gels!

What do you think?

How do you stay cute when the weather is bad? What’s your favorite rainy day accessory? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Aw I was so excited for this post but there are no outfit ideas? All the items are really cute but can you do one with outfit variations for crazy rain? I feel like I just wear the same thing every day when the weather is bad.


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