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Inspired by... The Notebook

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The Notebook

The Notebook can be summed up by the film's catchphrase: "Behind Every Great Love is a Great Story."

The film, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, will take the reader on a whirled wind of emotions as he/she follows the lives of two love birds, Noah and Allie. The story is set in the 1940's, which is one of my favorite eras as far as fashion goes.

Inspiration can be drawn from a number of aspects in this movie, such as the natural landscapes of South Carolina or Allie's paintings. However, nothing compares to Allie (played by Rachel McAdams) and her wardrobe. Her look is feminine, proper, and polished, yet her quirkiness also shows through.

Inspiration #1: Florals & Red Tones

This outfit is inspired by the movie poster below. I really like Allie's oversized floral headband, and color-wise, maroon is a great choice for fall. If you're not into maroon, deep purples or brick reds will also look great! Check out my interpretation below. =)

The Notebook Movie Poster

Fashion Inspired by The Notebook

Product Information: Gray Swing Jacket- Charlotte Russe, Kassy Bootie- Rampage, Kimchi and Blue Quilted Bustier Dress- Urban Outfitters, Black Opaque Tights- Arden B, Preston and York Leather Gloves- Dillard's, Applique Headband- Wet Seal

Outfit #2: If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird

1940's swimwear is so adorable and inspiring. The message of this outfit is to show off your shape, while still being conservative. I also like the gingham, picnic style print of the bathing suit. Now that it's cooling down outside, I think it's best to use this picture as inspiration and interpret it into a fall/winter look.

Screencap of Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

Outfit you can use to dress like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

Product Information: Belted Dress by Twelve by Twelve- Forever 21, Opaque Tights in Gray- Urban Outfitters, Boyfriend Cardigan- Alloy, YOKI Porta Black Boots- Tilly's

Outfit #3: Pretty in...Blue

One of the movie's most notable scenes is the reunion of Allie and Noah under a shower of rain. Allie is wearing a blue dress that has become one of the trademarks of the movie. I wanted to play on the scene's romanticism with my interpretation.

Allie and Noah from The Notebook

How to dress like Allie in The Notebook

Product Information: Rhinestone Pearl Bracelet- Charlotte Russe, Valerie Solid Dress- Delia's, Samatha Lauren Wide Flat- CoutureCandy, Hannah Tote in Brown- Nine West at Zappos

Are you inspired?

Now that you've seen my interpretations, how are you inspired by The Notebook? Do you love Allie's wardrobe from the film? Let us know in the comments!

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