I Love My PWT: Three White Shirts and How to Wear Them

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Plain white shirts and how to wear them

I love my sequin, lace, and graphic tees as much as the next girl, but sometimes it's nice to go back to the basics- enter the plain white tee (or as I like to call it, the PWT): a shirt so versatile that you can dress it up, down, or over the moon. It's the perfect go-to piece for your lazy days, and as such, I've chosen three styles of this classic shirt: the T-Shirt, Oxford, and V-Neck, and styled them for everyday chic.

Want to see how you can wear these classic pieces and look fabulous? Read on!

The "T-Shirt"

White tee shirt outfit

(Necklace, Ring, Shoes, Shirt, Cardigan, Jeans)

For my first outfit, I'm going to go with old faithful- the plain old basic crew neck t-shirt. While it's a classic, that doesn't mean it's boring. In fact, far from it. Since it is so simple, it gives you a great chance to play with the rest of your wardrobe.

To start off this outfit, I chose an awesome statement necklace. This necklace acts as the main visual in your outfit and works great when combined with this simple shirt. To complement the shirt, I chose a pair of sleek black skinny jeans, as well as a pair of cute strappy sandals. Then, to pull it all together and add some color, I scrounged up an adorable cardigan in sunshine yellow, as well as a cluster ring with a nice brick-red stone.

The Oxford Button-Up

How to wear a white button down shirt - example outfit

(Skirt, Shoes, Ring, Shirt, Jacket, Hat)

For outfit number two, I chose an oxford button up. Not only is this shirt another classic, but it's also an important staple in any girl's wardrobe. I believe that every girl should own at least one white button-up because they're slimming, well tailored, and make you look instantly put-together.

However, as we are college girls, it's important to avoid looking stuffy when wearing this shirt. To do that, I first paired it with a sweet floral skirt in a cheerful red color- which keeps the look young and gives the shirt a fresh, youthful attitude. Next, I chose some adorable brown loafers that are both comfy and chic, as well as a cute straw fedora to protect your head from the spring sunshine.

This look alone would be sweet and cute, but because I love to shake things up, I also chose a leather jacket and a snake ring to toughen it up. These two extra accessories jazz up the outfit and amp up that street smart look without compromising the flirty-fun of the rest of the outfit. Overall, I think it's a perfect look for spring!

The V-Neck

Outfit that shows you how to wear a white v-neck tee shirt

(Belt, Cardigan, Shorts, Shirt, Necklace, Shoes)

For my last outfit, I chose a relatively newer classic- the v-neck. While they're not nearly as popular as the classic crew neck tee, with the rise of American Apparel, Old Navy, and the like, v-necks are fast becoming wardrobe staples. Of all the shirts in this article, v-necks are my favorite because they are universally flattering: they show just enough skin and accentuate your neck while drawing attention to your face.

To start off this outfit, I paired a white v-neck with a pair of black shorts. I would tuck the v-neck into the shorts, then accent with a pretty brown belt like the one I chose. The belt adds some flair to an otherwise-boring outfit and also keeps your shorts from falling down! After belting the outfit, try slipping on a statement necklace like the floral one I chose, as well as some flats in a fun color like the teal ones above! Lastly, to put the cherry on top of the sundae, I chose a cute blue cardigan for those days when it's not too cold but not too hot!

Celebrity Inspiration

Celebs wearing plain white tee shirts - Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad and Kiera Knightley

(Some Celebrity Inspiration | Sources: 1, 2, 3)

Shirt Recommendations

Hanes Tee Shirts

(Hanes T-Shirt Pack, Hanes V-Neck Pack)

When it comes to white shirts, you can get them at absolutely any price point - from $10 to $100. But after lots of trial and error, I've found that Hanes will forever be my homegirl shirt brand.

Not only are Hanes tees cheap (about $10 dollars), but they also come in packs of 3-5 (depending on the quality of the shirt you choose). They're loose, but not too lose, and just the right size for lounging or going out for a walk in the park. If you wanna test them out, you can find these shirts for cheap at stores like Target, or just steal them from your boyfriend's closet (always fun!).

Plain white button-down shirt

(Classic Button-Front Shirt)

Unfortunately, when it comes to finding the perfect button-up shirt, the search not as simple. When looking for a button-up, you're going to have to put in more effort, and spend a little more money than when looking for a white tee. Try on different styles, and don't give up if one doesn't look right on you! Each button-up is different and will have a different cut, shape, and fit. But there WILL be one that's going to look right on you, and when you find it, all that hard work will have paid off!


Cute accessories to dress up a plain white tee

(Cluster Ring, Belt, Stud Bracelets, Green Ring, Floral Necklace, Snake Ring, Jeweled Necklace, Hat, Sandals, Floral Ring, Flats, Circle Scarf)

As with all outfits, your look is only as good as the accessories you wear. That said, accessories are especially important when you are wearing a plain white shirt! Your shirt is like a blank canvas; as such you will need to throw paint (or in this case, accessories) into the mix to take your outfit from boring to fun.

Easily Accessorizing a Plain White Shirt

There are many things you can pile on in order to dress up a plain white shirt; here are some key accessories that should be in any girl's wardrobe arsenal.

  • Scarves- Scarves are ridiculously easy to throw on when you don't have time to think about other accessories. For spring, look out for light scarves and during winter, look out for heavier ones in any color. They add a touch of color to your outfit and can be worn during any season depending on the material.
  • Rings- Rings are awesome, they add a touch of sophistication without distracting too much from the rest of your outfit. And since there are so many styles, they are a great way to express your individuality. Whether you're trying to show off your sapphire green heart-shaped diamond ring, or your studded skull ring, you can't go wrong with a little added sparkle in your look.
  • Bracelets- Bracelets, like rings, can add some interest to your outfit without being too showy. They look great piled on or just worn solo- especially with a plain shirt. If you're going to pile them on though, make sure that you don't overdo it with any other jewelry. Balance is key.
  • Necklaces- Necklaces  come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of that, it's important to have a collection of all types because you never know what will go with your outfit. When I wear a plain white tee, I love to rock a statement necklace, making it the focal point of my outfit - it's an instant attention grabber! The blue floral necklace above, as well as the jeweled black one, are both good examples of statement-making necklaces. They're fun and different, which will make your your outfit stand out from the rest.
  • Colorful or Different Shoes- When you are wearing a plain shirt, it's fun to step out of your comfort zone elsewhere in your look. Instead of wearing some boring old sneakers, why not go for some ruby red flats or statement-making high tops? The basic shirt will balance them out.
  • Belts- Belts are among those accessories that I love but often forget about. They're great because they not only keep your pants up but can also make your outfit way more interesting and put-together in one swoop.

When it comes down to it, you can rock almost anything with a white tee: just make sure it's unique. You want to stand out and not blend in; that's what makes your outfit cool rather than boring. So wear that cute headband you have been wanting to try on, or those red boots that are hard to style; your white shirt is a vehicle to take risks, so go for it!


Do you like plain white shirts? What do you wear yours with? Do you have a favorite brand of shirt? What do you think of the outfits I put together? Let me know your thoughts on PWTs; I can't wait to hear them!

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