The Great Fashion: 4 Looks Inspired by the HULU Miniseries

Dress like royalty.

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Catherine the Great: Hulu Miniseries
Photo courtesy of Hulu.

Hulu’s recent hit show, The Great, tells the “occasionally true story” of the spitfire and fashion-forward Catherine the Great. This Russian Empress has been a major inspiration to women around the globe.

In Hulu’s reimagination of Catherine the Great’s life, we get to see how a young Catherine, played by the amazing Elle Fanning, adjusts to her new life in Russia as the wife to the cruel leader, Peter III.

Throughout the show, we see Catherine learning how to be a proper leader (in hopes of overruling her husband), so that she can advance Russia to a brighter future.

The Great is full of wonderful moments, hilarious dialogue, and women’s empowerment. Not to be overlooked however, is the costume design. The drool-worthy wardrobe was crafted by costume designer Emma Fryer.

The clothing in The Great is glorious. From ruffles to delicate frills to over-the-top skirts and wigs, this show is full of candy-colored style inspiration.

If you are interested in seeing modern day style guides inspired by The Great, keep scrolling.

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Hulu The Great Fashion, Outfit #1: Pastel Darling

Catherine the Great: Hulu Miniseries
Photos courtesy of Hulu.

Unlike most of the ladies at court, who are often wearing over-the-top dresses in jewel tones, Catherine usually settles for simpler styles in pretty pastels.

This style of dressing sets her apart from Russia’s society and highlights her personality. They also are a perfect disguise for making her appear sweet and innocent as she plots to dethrone the Emperor and rule Russia herself.

It’s easy to bring pastels into your own wardrobe, albeit in an updated way. Simple ruffles paired with pastels are a summertime dream.

Outfit inspired by The Great: blue a-line dress, pastel pink pointed toe flat mules, dainty gold jewelry, daisy clear purse.

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Want to co-opt Catherine’s fashion from Hulu’s The Great? Pick a simple dress in your favorite color. Then pair the dress with flat shoes in another pastel shade. This combination will be perfect for any summer event, whether it be a date night or a cookout with the family.

For accessories, keep it simple with a pair of stud earrings and a pearl headband. If you want to add a little something extra, go for a decorative purse.

Hulu The Great Fashion, Outfit #2: Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great: Hulu Miniseries
Photos courtesy of Hulu.

As Empress of Russia, there are many times throughout the series in which Catherine must appear as the head of society. To do this, she wears a few marvelous looks that showcase her royal status and her seriousness as an authority figure.

The royal looks she wears are often done in blue tones, with flower or fur details. These looks are a representation of her growth from being a young daydreamer to a serious ruler.

Outfit inspired by The Great: no-sleeve white tank with faux collar, baby blue pastel tulle midi skirt, chunky navy oxford heels.

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When it comes to getting Catherine’s royal look, grab your blues! For this style, we paired a feminine blouse with a tulle skirt to craft a modern-day empress vibe. Then, we paired the outfit with a blue high-heeled oxfords that are both sophisticated and casual.

To finish, a velvet clutch is a great option for making the look feel even more royal. A cute hair clip and a pair of diamond earrings are great, little extra details.

Hulu The Great Fashion, Outfit #3: Women of Russia

Catherine the Great: Hulu Miniseries
Photos courtesy of Hulu.

Catherine may be the primary focus of Hulu’s The Great, but there are still many other fashion-forward ladies on the show to gaze upon. The Emperor’s mistress, Georgina, and his Aunt Elizabeth, are very stylish and fascinating to watch.

The other ladies of Russian society are quite different than Catherine when it comes to style. These women are all about wearing jewel-colored dresses, huge fur wraps, and eccentric jewelry. It is often stated in the show, that where Catherine uses her smarts to get ahead, these ladies use their looks and gossip to win favor with the emperor.

Outfit inspired by The Great: marroon a-line dress with long sleeves, marroon cheels, green purse with gold chain strap.

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If you’re choosing to dress like a lady of Russia, you should be dipped head-to-toe in jewel tones and gold accessories. Start by wearing a burgundy dress and a matching pair of heels.

Get glamorous by throwing on a statement gold necklace, as well as a decorative headband. Then finish the look with a jewel green clutch to feel a little bit more sophisticated.

Bonus Outfit: Marial

Catherine the Great: Hulu Miniseries
Photo courtesy of Hulu.

Though she is certainly not the most fashion-minded character on Hulu’s The Great, Marial is one of the show’s strongest women.

Once one of the top ladies of nobility, she has since been shamed into being Catherine’s maid. Yet, throughout the show, she becomes close friends with Catherine and often encourages her to take over ruling Russia.

As a maid, Marial’s style certainly doesn’t stand out like the other women of the show. However, there is something about her floral bodice and puffy sleeves that seems perfect to wear even today.

Outfit inspired by The Great: white button up blouse, boyfriend jeans, black boots, straw circle bag.

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To capture Marial’s casual look, start with your favorite pair of relaxed jeans. Pair the jeans with a loose-fitted white blouse. This combination is ideal for hanging out with friends or running errands.

Keep accessories at a minimum. A floral headband, a pair of black heeled boots, and a basket bag are all that you need.

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