How to Wear a Crop Top (+ 4 On-Trend Outfits You’ll Love)

Crop tops are THE trend of the summer, and here’s exactly how to pull them off.

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This post will show you how to wear a crop top like a fashion girl.

Crop top from Princess Polly
Photo: Princess Polly

With summer in full swing, it’s about time you tried the year’s hottest summer trend: crop tops!

With scorching July temperatures sweeping the country, now is the perfect time to show a little extra skin.

Some of you may think crop tops are hard to wear, but I’m here to prove you wrong: They can be versatile AND insanely cute when styled correctly. Read on for my tips for wearing crop tops, as well as some sample outfits to get your inspiration going!

Tips for Wearing Crop Tops

  • Pick a length. Crop tops come in a variety of shapes and lengths, and depending on how daring you are, you can pick a top that shows only a sliver of your stomach or one that’s more like a bustier. Daring? Try a cute bralette or bustier top with your favorite jeans. More conservative? Try a top that hits just above your belly button (as seen above). When picking the length of your top, you should also consider what you’ll be wearing it with, and where you’re going!
  • Pick and choose the rest of your look wisely. Crop tops are cute, but their vibe is all in the styling. Each piece you pair with your top will evoke a different look. A higher waisted bottom paired with a crop top and blazer, for example, is a more sophisticated take on the trend. A cropped lace-trim cami and a pink mini skirt, however, will give you a trendy Y2K vibe.
  • Try it out! Still afraid to incorporate crop tops into your summer wardrobe? Try wearing one on the beach over your bathing suit! It’s an effortless, but totally tend-conscious choice that will have people talking! Still not convinced? Play around with different layers! Throwing a blazer or oversized mens shirt over a tiny crop top can make you feel more comfortable with this trend to start.

So those are my basic tips for rocking a crop top. Now, let’s get specific and talk crop top outfits.

If you are obsessed with crop tops like me, you probably have a ton of them stored in your closet. You may be looking for some new styling ideas, and if so, I’ve got you covered.

Here are four cute crop top outfits that are completely on trend this season:

1. Crop Top Outfit #1

Crop top outfit #1: Black leggings, Nike Air Force 1s, gold necklaces, white crop top, brown dad hat

Products: Top, Leggings, Sneakers, Hat, Necklace

This is definitely my go-to crop top outfit for everyday occasions — it’s super casual and extremely cute.

Start with a pair of black leggings (preferably high waisted). If you are tired of just the plain all black leggings, you could go for this pair which features a cool cross over design at the top.

Then, you will need to find the perfect casual crop top to go with these leggings. I highly recommend going for a graphic tee crop top. These are very in style right now and will make you look extra trendy in your crop top outfit!

For shoes, you can pretty much wear whatever kind of shoes you like for everyday outfits. If you want to keep up with some of the trends, I suggest going for some Nike sneakers like these Nike Aire Force 1 Shadows.

Also, don’t forget your accessories! To finish off this casual crop top look, you could add a cute gold necklace like this one with a trendy baseball cap like this brown one to match.

2. Crop Top Outfit #2

If you like to be comfy in your outfits, you will absolutely love this idea for how to wear a crop top. This outfit provides maximum comfort while also making sure you look trendy.

Start with a racerback crop top like this white one and some joggers to match. I recommend going for these green joggers — green is a very trendy color right now and this particular shade is so cute!

For shoes, you can totally go for comfort, too. Just add some dad sneakers like these all white Fila sneakers to match the outfit.

And don’t forget about your socks! Ankle socks with sneakers are trendy right now, so throw on some white ankle socks like these with your sneakers for a very of-the-moment feel.

For accessories, layer on a few necklaces (or cheat by buying this necklace that’s three chains in one).

3. Crop Top Outfit #3

Crop top outfit #3: Wide leg jeans, long sleeve crop top, square toe sandals, claw clip, mini hoops

Products:  Top, Jeans, Shoes, Hoops, Hair Clip

If you want a crop top outfit that’s comfy but also a bit fancier, this is the look for you.

To create this outfit, you will need a long sleeve crop top like this all black one.

Then, wear your crop top with some trendy jeans. I suggest going for baggy jeans because they are really in style right now and will balance out a tighter crop top. These high waisted ripped dad jeans are the perfect ones to go with this crop top outfit.

To make this outfit look a little fanicer, you can go for some fancier shoes — I love these trendy thong heels in black!

For accessories, you could add some cute earrings like these chunky gold hoops, and if you want to do something with your hair, just style it up with this cute claw hair clip that has a cool design.

4. Crop Top Outfit #4

Crop tops don’t just have to be paired with pants — I love them with skirts for fancier occasions, or just when you’re feeling extra girly.

If you are looking for a cute way to wear a crop top to your next fancy event, look no further than this pretty light pink floral satin crop top and skirt set.

Not only will this outfit set turn heads at your next event, but you will also nail all of the summer fashion trends at once!

To make this outfit even fancier, add some fun shoes and accessories to go with it. I recommend wearing some cute heels to match like these nude strappy heels.

For accessories, I would add a pretty silver necklace like this one with some hair barrettes like these rhinestone ones to make you sparkle!

Which crop top outfit do you like the most?

Is this a style you’ve been loving this summer? Would you wear a crop top? Have any advice for girls looking to try this trend? Let us know with your comment!

28 thoughts on “How to Wear a Crop Top (+ 4 On-Trend Outfits You’ll Love)”

  1. I’ve literally been living in crop tops all summer. However, I will only wear them with high waisted shorts or pants. I’ve gotten a bunch from American Apparel and they’re really versatile. I’ve even worn them over dresses to create a great layered look.

  2. One of the hottest summer trends??? I haven’t seen a single person wearing a crop top in Toronto this summer. I have a cute belly but I crop top sends out a message that isn’t worth showing it off that way. I’d wear the third outfit though, since it’s not a crop top (which raises the question of what it’s doing there in the first place).

  3. Thanks for the article; I love the crop trend. Ever since watching ’10 Things I Hate About You’, I’ve been dying for it to make a come back. Once the weather warms up a bit (Aussie reader here!), I’ll definitely be working a few crops into my look.

  4. Crop tops in the real life work about as well as sheer blouses over lingerie. I could see pairing a crop top with a high waisted skirt, but that’s about it. Too trendy and fleeting for my tastes.

  5. Oh man, I hate this trend. Haha. It sounds harsh, but I just don’t think it’s a very flattering look for most people. When I do see people wearing crops, the best to me look is much like #2, which is much like what I’ve seen people wearing out (to clubs, bars, etc). Otherwise I think they tend to look a bit awkward as Faith said above.

  6. I love crop tops! I have actually tried wearing them all summer and I think my favorite trend was taking my brothers old band t-shirts and cutting them for a grunge look.

  7. I like the second outfit, but most loose fitting crop tops make it look like your shirt shrank awkwardly in the wash, if you ask me.

  8. I like your picks and how the girls in the photo look like, but even though I guess my tummy is flat enough for me to sport this trend, I’ll rather pass.
    Sidenote: I’ve got identical pair of peacock feathers earrings for less than one dollar 😉


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