High School Fashion vs. College Fashion

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College girl shopping for a dress

I've been asked a lot lately about the differences between college fashion and high school fashion. With many high school grads getting ready for college in the fall, I think it's a question that lots of people are wondering about.

So what is college fashion like in comparison to high school fashion? What do people wear in college? How should college girls dress? What clothes should you bring with you to college, and what should you leave home?

As someone who wondered about this stuff when I was going to college, I understand. The whole transition to college is nerve-racking for everyone, but don't worry! I'm here to help you all out.

Understanding the differences between high school fashion and college fashion isn't that difficult - in some ways they're really similar, but in others, they're miles apart.


Let's start by getting rid of a few misconceptions about university fashion. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, these stereotypes are FALSE!

1. College girls don't care about fashion.

Some people have the idea that college girls are lazy and none of us care about fashion because we're so busy. This is completely untrue, as any stylish college girl will tell you!

While college life is definitely stressful, it's not very difficult to look good and deal with school at the same time. It's obvious that just a few badly dressed college girls are giving the rest of us a bad name.

2. We wear our college's hoodies every day.

College Hoodie Sweatshirt

Some people in college do wear their university sweatshirts on a daily basis (usually without washing them, ever!), but it's not as common as you might think.

There's nothing wrong with buying college sweatshirts - they're great for lounging around, keeping warm, and they're an essential part of the college experience. But most people don't wear them daily.

Hoodies are the most popular with guys as something to wear every day. While they are comfy and cozy, most girls I know really only wear them around the dorm and during finals week. We have cuter things to wear out!

3. We wear nothing but Victoria's Secret PINK.

Victoria's Secret PINK

Okay, this one might have some basis in reality - Victoria's Secret PINK stuff IS really popular with lots of college girls. I won't even lie - I do have a bunch of their stuff that I wear when I'm lounging around. But I don't wear it every day, and I don't wear it around campus most of the time.

While the stuff is really cute and I love it for lounging around the dorm, VS Pink shouldn't be the basis of any wardrobe. Jeans, jackets, tops, and dresses are too cute to ignore in favor of sweats!

Differences Between High School and College Fashion

Now that we've gone over what college girls don't wear, let's talk about what college girls actually do wear. High school fashion is different from college fashion in a few big ways.

1. In college, there are fewer rules and restrictions.

Girl Jumping

Photo by *Zara

The main difference between fashion in high school and fashion in college is that no one is telling you what to do anymore.

The freedom that comes with going to college is so much fun - you can really begin to figure yourself out, and with that, you can develop your own unique style out too!

Also, fashion in high school is much more restricted than fashion in college. There may be dress codes, parents telling you what to do, and even social pressure to dress a certain way when you're in HS. One of my favorite things about college is that this doesn't happen anymore!

Essentially, once you're free from high school, you can go your own way with fashion (or decide that you don't care about it at all.) It's your choice to make.

2. College frees you to be yourself without judgment.

Girl In Green Tights

Photo by studio.es

Social fashion rules in college are also way more relaxed than they are in high school. No one really judges you based on what you wear in college, and more than likely they'll think you're interesting if you dress differently. In most high schools, I'm sure this wasn't the case.

Also, there are so many social groups in college that you can always find like-minded people to hang out with. You'll probably know tons of people from many different social groups, and won't be completely tied to any single clique.

Basically, you don't have to worry about fitting in with everyone when you get to college. All you need to worry about is expressing yourself and being true to whoever that person is.

3. In college, you can become who you want to be.

Going off to college gives you a great opportunity to start off with a blank slate and really find yourself and your style. There are no rules, and it's up to you to be who you want. I say: use this to your advantage!

It doesn't matter if you were a total tomboy in high school - if you've always wanted to be chic, feminine, and glamorous, who says you can't change it up? Or if you only wore designer labels all throughout HS, channel your inner hippie chick if that speaks to you!

This isn't about trying to be someone you're not; it's about becoming the person you want to be and expressing yourself in a creative way. Also, have fun with it!

How To Bring Your High School Wardrobe to College

  • Know what to throw. While I'm sure you like your "Seniors '08" high school t-shirt, don't become one of those girls who wears it everywhere in college. Sure, bring it with you if you're sentimental, but don't start wearing it outside of your room.
  • Go through your wardrobe and find the pieces that are the most "you" - things you always find yourself reaching for, and couldn't be without! These will become the staples of your college wardrobe and will help you express your unique personality.
  • Denim, denim, denim. I'm sure many of you read my article on College Wardrobe Essentials, and if you have, you'll remember that I talk a lot about jeans. Denim is the number one thing you wear in college, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • Invest in cute dorm wear. This is especially important if you're living on campus. There's nothing worse than getting to college without cute sweats and tanks to lounge around in. You spend tons of time in your dorm, and most of your friends will probably be in yours! I'm going to be writing up an article on this soon.
  • When in doubt about an item, leave it home. Moving in to college is a huge pain as it is, and the less stuff you bring, the better. Your parents can always mail you that dress you never thought you'd wear again if you really want it later.
  • Consider the weather of the place where you'll be going to school. Even within one state, temperature differences can vary in a big way from town to town. Check your college town's weather forecast and pack accordingly.
  • Buy some new things that represent the new you. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but getting yourself a few new pieces will help bring you into a new state of mind and get excited for school. College is a big change in your life, and something as simple as a few new clothes will help get you psyched!

Your Thoughts?

Now that you know how to take your high school wardrobe to college, I want to know what you think.

Do you have any other questions about this? Is there anything I left out? What clothes are you planning to bring to college in the fall? I want to hear all about it, so be sure to leave a comment!

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