Getting There in Style: The Perfect Basic Travel Outfit

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You've made the reservations, saved up your money and packed your bags. It's time to jet off to the shore, the city or another country for your summer vacation!

We all love showing up at our destination looking our best, but sometimes we feel the need to sacrifice style in the name of comfort and convenience. Knowing what to wear on the airplane or bus can be especially tricky since they tend to keep you confined to a small, unfamiliar space for hours on end.

In an effort to marry the two worlds of style and comfort, I've listed a few must-haves for an easy, chic, no-fuss travel ensemble:

The Outfit Essentials

Here are the items every travel-savvy girl needs in her wardrobe:


These are probably the best invention in the history of travel attire. They have the chic look of our stylish skinny jeans with all the stretch and comfort of our favorite leggings. Jeggings are also perfect for summer travel, because it's always best to avoid shorts on planes and buses. You can never be sure how clean the seats are or what skin irritants may be present.

The Boyfriend Tee

Cute and chic, these oversized tees are the perfect tops for travel. They're long enough to camouflage the elastic band of our jeggings, loose enough to fill our comfy requirement, and stylish enough to keep us looking trendy from Point A to Point B. Stick with black, white, grey, tan, navy, or beige, which can be paired with practically anything.

Oversized Cardigan

This wardrobe must-have is a godsend if you are traveling by airplane or by bus where the air conditioning tends to be cranked up to the highest setting. Just toss a cardigan in your bag if it's warm outside, then take it out when you need it. Plus, with all the awesome styles out there, you can really show off your own unique style.

A Colorful Scarf

Stand out in the crowd with a pop of color by adding a cute scarf to your look. It's a simple way to brighten up your ensemble and adds a cool, glamorous feel. (Think cherry-red convertible, large sunglasses and a silk scarf tied around your head.)

An added bonus? If you go with large scarf, it can double as a small blanket.

Flats or Boots

Between long lines, security checks and the occasional sprint to the gate, comfy shoes are a must. We recommend wearing a pair of boots if you're flying: they're easy to slip on and off at security and won't take up valuable space in your luggage.

If you'd rather not wear boots, stuff your heels in your luggage and invest in a pair of cute flats. They're ideal for wearing for hours and slip off easily at security checkpoints. One word of warning, however: If you're going to wear flats to the airport, bring a pair of thin, low-cut socks to wear underneath. Trust us, the last place you want your bare feet is on a dirty airport floor.

The Basic Travel Outfit

Basic travle outfit: Jeggings, plain white tee, cardigan, scarf, and flats or boots

Jeggings, Boyfriend Tee, Cardigan, Scarf, Flats

Tell us what you think!

What are your travel outfit essentials? Do you have your own "travel uniform"? If so, tell us with a comment below!

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